The Silver Lining: A hat tutorial (plus a 10-cent download!)

The Silver Lining Hat (click here to download the free pattern!)

There's such a thing in knitting as "deceptively simple." This phenomenon happens in all crafts, actually, and it's such a pleasant surprise.

The Silver Lining Hat in its "football" stage

The Silver Lining Hat, by Kirsten Hipsky of Valley Yarns, is one of those deceptively simple patterns. When it's done it's shaped like a football that's two different colors, which, I think you'll agree, doesn't look much like a hat (photo at right).

The deal is that you work from the top down, and then you switch colors and work from the bottom up.

At the end of the process you have a double-layer hat that has a different color lining that can be worn with either color showing and the other appears as the contrast color when you fold up the brim.

The only tricky part of the Silver Lining Hat is at the very beginning, where you start knitting in the round with just a few stitches. And it's not really hard, it's just awkward for the first few rows.

to get you over that hump, Knitting Daily TV host Eunny Jang walks you through the first few rows (and then she shows you how to knit the rest of the hat!) step by step.

Here's the clip from KDTV episode 802!

Isn't that great? I hope you'll try the Silver Lining Hat, and the other hats in KDTV episode 802, too. It's available as a single episode download, so check it out!


P.S. In the video, Eunny is wearing the Off-Rib Cardigan from knit.wear magazine.

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55 thoughts on “The Silver Lining: A hat tutorial (plus a 10-cent download!)

  1. Obviously Eunny knows her stuff, however for a person trying this out, one cannot make out what she is doing with those needles and stitches, she is moving too fast, picture is not clear, I do it the hard way on double ended needles, it twists and turns, or leaves a hole, soooooo I simply put a pompom on the completed hat…

  2. This is a beautiful pattern. I prefer to work on four needles to work faster and it’s lighter for my fingers. Managing all those markers is a little irritating with a little amount of stitches, I think.

  3. This is a beautiful pattern. I prefer to work on four needles to work faster and it’s lighter for my fingers. Managing all those markers is a little irritating with a little amount of stitches, I think.

  4. what a great hat. I would love to make it! But I must agree with the previous comment. The tutorial goes way to quickly for somebody totally unfamiliar with ‘magic loop’ like myself; the camera views are not good; and it’s very difficult for me to figure it out. i am sorry to say that i’ve decided to stop watching the videos from this site. eunny is a fantastic pro but i truly don’t think that she understands how to teach a beginner. she goes way too fast most all of the time and hardly ever (if ever) alternates her methods of knitting so that those of us who throw vs. pick can see what it looks like as well. i get far more out of random youtube videos and some of the other knitting site w/videos while i leave this site’s video as well as the tv show feeling nothing but frustrated. sorry to have to say this but it is my opinion.

  5. Perhaps using a heavier weight yarn for demonstration purposes would have been valuable. Also using a white yarn with a black background or a dark yarn with a light background makes it easier to see the stitches.
    I prefer using two circular needles to start knitting in the round using only a few stitches.
    Thanks you for sharing the pattern. Comments were only made to be helpful, not critical.

  6. I would consider myself an advanced newbie..I’ve done cables, multi-colored calbes, fair isle, brioche etc..I have yet to try making a hat and got very excited when i got my newsletter with a video on how to make this simple but very cool hat..Truth be told the video is way to fast..I prefer to throw but purposely suffered for 2 weeks teaching myself how to knit continental. The video is too fast, and its I see why others felt frustrated when theyve purchased episodes and why the crafters left the previous comments they did…Over to Youtube I go..

  7. I don’t think this is meant to be a “class” i.e. teaching you magic loop, or how to start a small circumference from the top down, knitting Continental or not. The show is meant to give us inspiration, and if we’re not familiar with the techniques, jot them down and go to YouTube or wherever to get help. It’s actually nice if you can find help “live” and the person can help you at your personal sticking points. Even videos on YouTube go quickly sometimes or have poor camera angles. Once you find a way to learn magic loop, however, I’ll bet you never go back to double points! I haven’t used them in years and years. Keep doing what you’re doing KDTV!!

  8. The pattern is available at the link just under the picture, where it says….. The Silver Lining Hat (click here to download the free pattern!)
    I don’t agree with the previous posters at all about the video being too fast. This is the great thing about a video, you can stop it and re-watch it at any point.
    This hat is so easy, I love it. Thank you for the free pattern.

  9. I cannot bear to watch Eunnie knit. The tight way she holds her yarn with her left index finger so tightly bent– it makes me cringe! I see a strong likelihood of tendinitis in her future if she doesn’t learn to relax her hands more when she knits. Sorry, Eunnie! Learn to take care of your fingers, Hon, says one who has been a Continental knitter for nearly 60 years.
    (P.S. Whoever filmed this segment might have thought not to film brown yarn against a brown table. Hard to see anything that way, folks.)

  10. While, I agree that the video may work well as an inspiration, it is touted as a tutorial. I’ve watched a few of Ms. Eung’s tutorials and find that she is a bit hard to understand as she talks and moves too fast. I still appreciate the video and can go elsewhere to find further instruction, but none-the-less, I think it is simply a constructive criticism to say that she may want to work on her delivery. I know it’s only .10 here, but this video is free on YouTube. As Mags247 stated the download link is placed right under the picture of the modeled hat: here is as a direct link….

  11. I love this pattern!! I want to try this one right away! You can do it in any yarn and just stop the increases at the point where it will fit your head shape! I have knitted and crocheted hats again and again and again and never tire of them. They are a very rewarding process with fast results. I look forward to this one!

  12. I personally enjoy Ms Jang’s quick delivery and knitting style. I do not knit fast, but I have little time to watch tutorials, let alone look them up via Youtube. Her fast talking/knitting style enables me to get the gist and move along. The 10 cent episode link seems to be broken however. 🙁 Thank you for the pattern however. It is a simplified version of Meg Swansen’s Dubblemossa fair Isle hat. When you finish with this, challenge your self to Meg Swansen’s version!

  13. hi

    i purchased a pattern for knitting the curtains.

    I cannot figure out what ssk means. if i do slip stich knit, at the end of the
    knitting i’m getting extra stiches.

    please assist me … i’m stranded.

  14. I use circs almost exclusively, so this magic loop method and the pattern was easy for me to follow. There are terrific, close-up, large-needle-and-yarn YouTube videos to explain all of the steps needed: long-tail magic loop cast on, increase front and back, decreases, etc.

    Helpful tips:

    • When I cast on with the magic loop method, I cast all the stitches on, slip the whole group to the middle, bend the cable in half and pull the cable out in a loop to separate stitches in half. Good circs have really flexible cables.

    • Use small brass markers with small needles.

    • Leave the cast-on tail hanging out to know where the round begins (in this pattern I would pin it to one side; the division in the magic loop then indicates the round start).

    • You’ll know the needle to pull out by where the yarn coming from the ball is—that’s the pull-out needle.

    •I knit entire projects on circs, never switching to doubles. That way I never drop or lose needles in mid-stream. I also find that I don’t have as much trouble with “ladder-y” stitches between needles with circs. Maybe that’s just me, though.

    • When sewing the ending tail through the loops on the needle, sew through one needle, slide the stitches on the other needle to the opposite end of the cable and continue to complete your circle in the right direction. That way you always have your knitting needle and sewing needle point-to-point.

    Once you’ve done this a few times, you may just fall in love with the process! This is a terrific pattern, a great hat, and the perfect meeting-buster project.

  15. Love this hat and Eunny, as always, makes it looks so easy to get started and complete the pattern…thank you. When I first looked at the hat as it lay flat on the table and then as it appeared on the model, it seemed that the lighter color was knit longer than the darker color so that you would not need to roll the brim to get the contrast. I think I am going to knit it this way.

  16. I just checked the printed pattern; does anyone know if you really need 1700 yards to make this hat? Seems like an awful lot … Would anyone who has actually finished this project share an estimate of actual yarn used? Thanks!! I’m hoping some of the tasty sock (bad phrase) yarn I have in my stash would make great hats.

  17. The link to Episode 802 is not working – you get an error when you click on it. I’d love to download to make this hat – looks tricky at the beginning. Appreciate if you can fix the link… Thanks!

  18. @jutts12: SSK, is the abbreviation for Slip, Slip, Knit… Slip the next two stitches (individually as if to knit) onto the right needle (if knitting right-handed) then insert the left needle into the two slip stitches and knit them together. Basically, slip, slip, knit the two slipped stitches together. This is also known as a right-leaning decrease. Simply knitting the two stitches together (K2Tog), without slipping them knitwise first, will create a left-leaning decrease…..

  19. This is more a demonstration than a tutorial. Eunny Jang’s delivery is fine with me, but the knitting close up is not good. It’s not close enough and the background (the table) is distracting and doesn’t help. Dark yarn, dark background, not enough light…. I can’t see the detail of what exactly she is doing but can picture it in my head because she is verbalizing it well and clear. It would help if we could see the individual stitches while she is demonstrating and if she would at least do the first stitch slower. If you’ve seen Nici McNally’s Beginner’s knitting DVD, the closeups in that were fantastic. I can’t getting Knitting Daily TV were I live and would love to see more episodes but it’s pointless if I can’t see what she’s doing.

  20. Think Ms Jang needs a show of her own if she is going to teach something that is quite difficult as the silver lining hat in Episode 802. Some of us knitters really need to see more of the pattern worked than just a couple of times and you are left on your own to complete the hat. I would love to make this hat but the method Ms. Jang used seems difficult. Perhaps if she showed other ways to start this hat would solve this problem for me. I enjoy the show, but it is just too quick before you can grasp a pattern it is over and you didn’t see much of it before they move on to something else. Please consider extending each segment. This would be great!

  21. What a clever pattern! And thanks, everyone on this blog, for your enthusiasm and your informative tips! I would love to try this in rainforest and redridinghood to brighten up some otherwise gloomy winter days!

  22. I took advantage of the ten cent download for episode 802. I would love to knit the Silver Lining Hat with Valley Yarns 2/14 Bluemist and Lichen. I already bought 4 needles from Webs as a head start.

  23. Unable to access your link – it’s coming up as not available for the entire last week and I see I’m not the only one that’s been unable to access it. I’m disappointed that your response to fix it still hasn’t happened – I would hope you have someone monitoring these communications. Thank you for your attention to this issue.

  24. I can’t access the download either. I did enter a comment for the WEBs yarn, in Blue Mist and Storm Cloud, but would have liked the pattern. Will check back to see if it becomes downloadable.

  25. Hmm, let’s see if my comment gets added this time.
    Great pattern, so simple! I’d make it in seaglass and storm cloud and I’m sure it will be yummy.
    And same with me, tried again for the download and link went directly to the knitting daily shop main site.

  26. if you are logged in the download is at the top of the screen, above where you would sign up for subscription. They also hide the link this way. To me this is annoying and I always have to search to find the download

  27. I love watching Eunny’s segments. Eunny herself has made me a more adventurous knitter. I watch her and feel, “I can do that.” Now, I may have to frog a project a couple of times, but I still try. Thanks, Eunny!

  28. I really hate these videos. In the time it takes another tab to open, the usual ad to play and the sentence or 2 of content, I could have read and understood an entire, well-written article.
    Does the video teach how to start the hat using the magic loop technique? Reading the comments seems to indicate those that didn’t all ready know the technique weren’t able to figure it out from the video and that’s the only part of the simple pattern that needed explanation.

  29. Thanks for offering another great free pattern and another give-away! I enjoy Eunny’s videos very much except for one point that I agree with several other comments here – the table color needs to be white to contrast with dark yarn colors please. I don’t mind that she goes fast – doesn’t ‘dumb it down’ – sorry but I have only knitted for about 3 yrs and have crocheted for 35+ and am very tired of all the tediously slow crochet segments like we are teaching everyone how to crochet as beginners in every single segment. I also agree with some other comments here that it appears to me that “Knitting Daily” doesn’t aim to teach beginners with every show/segment but that it is continuing inspiration & these days people who want a thorough ‘how-to’ video for a beginner are going to find what they need on You Tube. Thanks again Knitting Daily!

  30. I would use cornucopia and seaglass for myself and for my husband I would use slate and storm cloud. They are lovely colors and what a combination – alpaca and silk.

  31. This is one great pattern. I believe I will use Valley Yarns 2/14 silk alpaca in the solid color of congac (sp?) and the hand dyed variety of rosegarden. Won’t that be versatile and lovely! I believe I will use circular needles for the whole thing – no double points. I am knitting my first hat now. I’ve never used double points. But I think it will work using the magic loop method or as I’m doing right now using a 16 in circular needle with a join. What fun.
    Margaret Semple

  32. This is a great pattern! I do all my ‘in the round’ knitting on two circular needles and find it much easier, quicker and less fiddly than using double pointed needles. Knitting Daily is great and I love all the free patterns, I just wish someone would do something similar in the UK (I live in England) – keep up the good work!!!