The Top 5 Knitting Daily Posts of 2008

Here on Knitting Daily, we love YARN!

Which posts did you like best? I took a look at which emails had the highest “open rate”–meaning the emails you opened and read versus those you left unread and unloved in your inbox (or worse, those you deleted!). And here’s your Top 5 Most-Read Posts of 2008:

1. The Booties Are Back! The Booties Are Back! (May 30)

2. Come Play On Our New Site — Including FORUMS! (May 23)

3. Tips for Working Tricky Armholes (May 28)

4. Are You In A Box? (February 25)

5. The Knitting Tools That Lurk In Your Closet (February 11)

So what do those tell me about what you want to see on Knitting Daily? You LOVE it when we make a beloved but long-out-of-print pattern available online, especially one that is as cute as those little felted booties. You were excited about the “grand opening” of our new KD site. You really like tips and techniques, especially anything that helps you knit better fitting sweaters.

And you REALLY hope that there are, in fact, hidden knitting tools lurking in your closet. (I’m not really sure why asking “Are you in a box?” got everyone all excited. I mean. Did you folks just really need vacations?)

But the post that says the most about who we are as a community is the one that generated nearly 1700 comments, the highest number of comments ever on Knitting Daily: the post titled Are You A Yarn Collector? (from April 21, 2008). That one told me the following:

We. Love. Yarn.

Well, it’s a good thing you like patterns, techniques, tips, and yarn, because there’s a whole lot of all of that coming up in the days ahead on Knitting Daily.

  • A video tip for knitting colorwork patterns more easily;
  • Information about the wonders of knitting sweaters without seams;
  • The new Spring Knits preview;
  • Some fun behind-the-scenes shots from the Spring Knits photoshoot;
  • Our traditional Knitting Daily Galleries, as well as a new Gallery showing you different ways to rock the new Spring styles!
  • All that, plus more video techniques, richer forums, more photos, and more fun.

Oh yes. And more yarn. Because, when you’re
Knitting Daily, it really is all about the yarn.

— Sandi



Soon to Be a Winter Wardrobe Favorite: Knitted Jackets by Cheryl Oberle

Baby, it’s COLD outside! As I am writing this, the temperature is 12 degrees Fahrenheit here in Canada where I live; it is 30 degrees Fahrenheit in Loveland, Colorado, where the main Interweave offices are. My town is buried under a foot of blowing snow (I’m beginning to understand the entire reasoning behind having a snowblower oh-so-much-more-clearly now!). And I’m dreaming of warm things, lovely, lovely knitted warm things…

What could be nicer than a handknit jacket this time of year? A book chock-full of patterns for gorgeous hand-knitted jackets, that’s what, which is exactly what we have for you this winter: Cheryl Oberle’s Knitted Jackets. I’m already in love with the Northwest Celtic Jacket pictured here; there are twenty patterns in this beautifully photographed book for everything from lace wraps to simple coats to warm you against the chill.

No one designs wraps like Cheryl; I first met her years ago when I fell deeply in love with her book Folk Shawls (also available from we nifty folk at Interweave Press). The shawl I knit from one of the patterns in that book has become a cherished friend on cold days like today.

So. Now all I have to do is figure out if I have the time to knit that beautiful Celtic jacket…Ah, well. It’s good for knitters to have patterns that inspire our dreams of yarn and long evenings by the fire with our favorite projects in hand.

Look Inside Knitted Jackets: 20 Designs from Classic to Contemporary

Look for Knitted Jackets at your local yarn shop; or buy it online from us.


Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

What’s on Sandi’s needles? Did I finish my mom’s Leaf and Nupp Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush? I don’t know. I’m writing this ahead of time so I can have Christmas off.  All will be revealed sometime early in Janaury 2009, I promise…



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25 thoughts on “The Top 5 Knitting Daily Posts of 2008

  1. Sandi, It’s not fair to mention the free pattern of the Old world Booties and then not make it available again for free! oh and happy new year!, love the new hair!

  2. I agree with Suzala…imagine my disapointment when I looked at the Old world Booties, loved them and wanted the pattern, but it wasn’t available. It’s not nice to tease us like that! Unfortunatley I wasn’t a member back in May and didn’t have the opportunity to download it then. Could you let us know where we can get that pattern?
    Thanks a bunch…I do love your web-site and newsletter. Thanks for all your great work!

  3. I have been reading your newsletter, posts, and even saw you on TV, I’ve never posted before and not sure how I post something directly related to the Old World Sock Pattern? My question relates as well to many many comments there on how to enlarge the pattern for big people–please direct us to this information–Thank you.

  4. Even though I enjoy the site daily – there have been a few times when getting in touch with someone at the site would be helpful…. helpful to the site! Knitting Daily needs a “contact us” reference. I’ve spent over 15 minutes trying to find how to get in touch with someone at the site – perhaps Sandi Wiseheart could have an email link! Soooooo frustrating.

    Case in point, I tried for many minutes to down load the “Old World Booties”. The link to download is missing.

    Updating the site with several references to “contact us” would be most appreciated.

    Thank you for listening.

  5. What?! the Galleries are not the top favorites? I can’t tell you just how much this format has encouraged me… I’m learning to SEE how to make a garment fit BEFORE I’ve put all that time into one that isn’t quite right.

  6. Sandy, Help! I now have three knit items, a vest, an afhgan and a shawl, all with seed stich hems. And all three hems roll to the right side. What does one do to prevent that? All three hems were knit on the same size needles as the main body. Vest is chenille and has three rows for hem, afhgan is mohair and has 5 rows for hem, shawl is acrylic and has 5 rows for hem.
    Thank you for you help.

  7. I have a request rather than a comment. My hands and upper arms (espectially my right thumb and my left bicep) get very sore after several days of knitting. I have several projects on the go and want to knit every time that I sit down. Does anyone have any suggestions for relief other than putting everything aside for a week or two until the flare-ups die down?

  8. Sandi,
    I read every email knitting daily sends out, and as I only consider myself a beginner-intermediate, I save every one that has tips, tricks, or suggestions to help me learn better.

    The only emails I don’t like are the ones sent that are basically an advertisement. I am sure this pays a good part of your budget, and they are still read, but as the economy has hit me hard, it’s depressing to see such gorgeous books out when I can’t afford to buy them. 🙁

    I will get a subscription one day though! I will! 😀

  9. Sandi, I have been knitting and crocheting for 50 yrs but have never gotten so much helpful info as I have from your e-mails. I have started a binder to keep the info to be passed along to my 12 yr. old granddaughter who is learning to knit now. Thank you, THank you, Thank you!

  10. Happy New Year Sandi,
    I am looking forward to spending time again with KD. The newletter has become something I look forward to reading every other day or so. I think it is your wonderful smile.
    I can’t wait to get a copy of the new Cheryl Oberle book. Her shawl book in absolutely beautiful.
    Thank you for another year of KD.

  11. Hi Sandi,

    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for all the hard work that you put into KD. I have found a wealth of information on this site and always look foreward to getting the latest post in my e-mail. Since you mentioned patterns, is there any chance we might get the pattern to the Orenburg Lace Shawl from IK Summer 2000 (by G. Khmeleva) in the pattern shop? Please, pretty please, with a basket of qiviut on top… 🙂 I have been looking everywhere for it, but no dice. Thanks again.


  12. Well, it’s really not fair to say that those were the posts that we liked best. Opening the email isn’t an indication of that. What it IS an indication of is interesting titles. I think that that is why “Are You in a Box?” was number 4 on the list, despite the post itself only having two stars. The box question could have led to a lot of places! I’d like to see the top five rated. Entires with five stars and lots of hits. I think that would be a better indication, even though I only read them in my inbox and never rate. I would say top five commented, but just because we commented a lot doesn’t mean that we liked it. It could mean that we hated it! Or you posed a question that we all felt the need to answer.

    Anyway, I love seeing the posts that I can use in order to relate to crochet. The posts don’t necessarily have to be all about crochet, but like shaping — I can adapt that to crochet methods. And thinking about knitting short rows has gotten me interested in seeing if I can make crochet short rows; I’ve never seen a pattern call for them! The galleries are always interesting to look through and helpful, but of course I loved the crochet gallery! It’s too bad that the first post about the crochet galleries didn’t feature some of the more stunning works!

  13. Happy New Year! I’ve run out and gotten paper and printer ink and am in the process of printing out all those free patterns. No more “snooze, you lose” for me. Even though some pages clearly state that the pattern will be free for a short time, I always forget and think oh, it will still be there. Now I know it will be there because all I will have to do is get out my binder.

    I appreciate the magazines and the website. You keep me entertained. Keep up the good work. Thank you. 🙂

  14. I love the look of the new Jacket book, but alas, no sizes are given in any of the write ups. It would be really nice if the book description included a note on sizes included, like up to 54 inches or something like that. I am a larger person, and hate ordering a book only to find out that none of the projects go big enough.
    Just a suggestion…


  15. Sandi, I too am new to your site, great patterns, also thought the old booties were free but it’s ok, I am planning on purchasing the pattern. Where do I find a “code” before I go to checkout?…..Shirley

  16. Sandi,

    Thank you for your thoughtful and kind words of encouragement over the year. You definitely live up to your name – Wiseheart!

    I enjoy most everything – in particular the Galleries.

    But – my most useful tip is the grafting on the needles. I LOVE it!! I just could never seem to get grafting to look good before despite various videos, books, diagrams. What a wonderful amazing process – to knit it rather than using a sewing needle. Thanks much! I just finished off three pairs of socks and a moebius scarf with your method, and now am confident in my abilities (though I needed to adjust for a garter stitch approach – just repeated the front needle instructions on the back – perfect!!!)

  17. Sandi, Thanks for all the daily posts. Sometimes I don’t get to them right away but eventually I do. Thanks for all the free patterns and the help that comes with all your posts.
    Welcome to the north country. If you think that T.O. has lots of snow and cold, come on up to cottage country where we have had 7 feet already this year. Remember, when it is snowing, it will not get too cold, as in -30C. I would like to invite you to Muskoka, a 2.5 hr drive from Toronto to meet the wonderful knitting community that we have up here. If there is too much snow, come up in the summer to experience why we feel so lucky to be living here. Dana Gibbons, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada

  18. Hi Sandi! Thanks for the wonderful job you do on KD. I love getting the KD e-mail so much.

    I too wish that when you promote a book, you would list the sizes available. I am leary of purchasing a book when I don’t know if it will include anything that I can knit or crochet in my size. I make a lot of things for others, but I have made a commitment to myself to make more for me. Because I am plus sized I have only made 2 items for myself in the 40 years I have been crocheting and 6 years that I have been knitting. So it is important to know what sizes are included before I buy.

    Beverly, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, USA

  19. Hey Sandi. That’s not too cold. It’s winter, enjoy it. What better encouragement to knit warm scarves, hats, great sweaters. We’re supposed to get a dumping of snow tonight, maybe too much to go to work tomorrow?? I could spend the day comfy on the couch knitting. hmm. I enjoy the daily e-mails, learning something new or putting a smile on my face, often both. Thanks. Donna, Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

  20. i am so disappointed thst our PBS does not show your show any more. I looked forward to it each Sat. How do we get it back? They’ve took all the craft shows off.