Vickie Howell is the new host of KDTV!

We’re so excited to welcome DIY lifestyle and needle arts expert Vickie Howell as the new host and co-executive producer of Knitting Daily TV!

“I’m truly thrilled to be joining the KDTV family, and can’t wait to be back in fellow stitchers’ living rooms sharing my passion for yarn-crafts and the vibrant community surrounding it,” says Vickie. Well-known to many in the craft industry, Vickie was the host and creative consultant of the DIY Network and HGTV’s show Knitty Gritty for eight seasons. Additionally, she was the co-host of DIY’s Stylelicious, Lifetime Television’s web series CRAFTED, as well as several craft-based TV specials.

“We are so excited to have Vickie join us as the new face of Knitting Daily TV, said Interweave’s Yarn Group Editorial Director Karin Strom. “She will continue to bring viewers the in-depth needle arts programming they expect, while adding her own fresh and accessible approach.”

Working with familiar Knitting Daily TV guests as well as a new lineup of the best knitting designers, authors, and instructors, Vickie’s role as host ushers in a new chapter for the venerable Interweave brand. “Her thoughtful approach to sharing the love of knitting and crochet drew us to her,” said Strom, “and we’re excited that she’ll help us share that same love of needlework with over 140-million potential viewers across the US!”

Vickie’s knit and crochet designs have been featured in hundreds of publications worldwide, she has a regular column in Interweave Crochet magazine, and she has authored numerous bestselling craft books. In addition, Vickie is International Spokesperson for Bernat Yarn, with whom she has launched three co-branded yarns: Sheep(ish) by Vickie Howell, Sheep(ish) Stripes by Vickie Howell, and Cotton(ish) by Vickie Howell.

Vickie is a board member of the Central & South Texas Chapter of the Epilepsy Foundation and founder of the Purple Stitch Project to benefit children with seizure disorders. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her family.

Knitting Daily TV, currently in its eleventh season, is the longest continuously running knitting program on public television. Formerly known as Needle Arts Studio with Shay Pendray, it became Knitting Daily TV in 2010 under host Eunny Jang, and will now be named Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell. Guiding viewers on how to make fun yet stylish knitwear and crochet patterns and projects, Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell maintains the show’s spirit by sharing great tips, techniques, knitalongs and more.

Eunny will be hosting one more series of KDTV, which begins airing in July, and Vickie will begin hosting starting with the shows that will air in January, 2014.


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48 thoughts on “Vickie Howell is the new host of KDTV!

  1. It is so sad to hear that the series beginning in July will be Eunny’s last. To me, Eunny IS Knitting Daily. Her knowledge, instruction, presentation and delivery is unmatched. I’ve learned so much from her and it is partly because of her instruction and watching her that I was able to complete and secure my first registered copyright on a knitted item. I will miss you Eunny. You are the best!

  2. I have watched knitting daily for so long and like others Eunny is the face, however I loved Kitty Gritty on DIY and look forward to the new show. While it will be new, maybe not a bad thing?

  3. Needle Arts Studio with Shay Pendray, I can remember watching Shay for a long time and then Life jumped in and I stopped watching.. but one day last year I came across Knitting Daily TV with Eunny Jang, and was hooked again… and was glad to see that Shay was still with the program. and enjoy watching Kristin Omdahl with her designs…… and now to have Vickie Howell as host will be great.. I’ve watched her as well, off and on hosting Knitty Gritty. So this combination is going to be great.

    Will Eunny Jang still be a part of Knitting Daily TV??

  4. Eunny keeps me connected to knitting, even when I am not able to knit due to my rheumatoid arthritis. But I tune in to see Eunny and it keeps me connected. I hope she has a website or facebook page.

  5. I loved Vickie Howell on Knitty Gritty. Sorry to see Euny go — maybe she can do some guest appearances. I look forward to watching the new show.

  6. I vastly prefer Eunny Jang, to Vickie Howell. I hope Eunny starts up a blog or something to follow, she has class, and elegance. To me Vickies projects are beginner projects with cutsie elements that I would never make, and because I liked her yarn, I have looked at a lot of her projects. If Im going to knit something, or crochet it, I want it to be a style that will be wearable for more than a few months.
    I also just dont care for Vickies personality. Other people can watch Knitting Daily TV now, I wont be.

  7. I will really miss Eunny. It was surprising to hear that she stepped down from Interweave Knits, but am happy for her to move and grow to new adventures at Craftsy and love of quilting and sewing. I owe a lot to Eunny & Knitting Daily TV for excelling my skill level over the years, and owe my switch-over to continental (from English) to Eunny. Her knowledge and skill level is really unmatched on TV and teaches and explains things really clearly. Best wishes and success to you, Eunny, and you will be missed!

  8. I am saddened to read the negative comments about Vickie! She’s great and I’m looking forward to seeing the direction she takes the show in:) Best wishes to Eunny and I’m really hoping you all give Vickie a chance before you cast her off. As far as her designs, I like them and have knitted many. I think that Vickie’s personality makes it comfortable for new knitters in our craft to not feel intimidated. Many years ago when I was a beginner I watched Knitty Gritty and loved that she always seemed to ask the questions I wanted to ask of the guest. I think she will be good for the show by bringing in new viewers. I’m really hoping that she does not take to heart the negative comments and knows that just some people don’t welcome change.

  9. Very happy to hear that Vickie is going to be on KDTV! I would suggest that all the nay sayers give her the chance that Eunny got when Eunny took over as the knitting expert.
    Change people – It happens, Knit happens – Embrace it!

  10. Goodbye Eunny, I will really miss you. I won’t bother saying Hello to Vicke, as I’ll not be watching the show after Eunny’s last season (and thank goodness there is one more!). Vickie’s style, both in her overly cute designs and overly bubbly/simplistic hosting, seems to be aimed at a juvenile group – perhaps 8yo thru tweens?. Not for me.

  11. If it weren’t for Vickie howell and Knitty Gritty, I would not be the knitter I am today!! I didn’t even know that this show existed, but I am ecstatic that she has her own show again.

    She is not juvenile!! She is an innovative, fun and creative! I can’t believe the negative comments I’ve seen here. She is an amazing artist and teacher. you teally should think about what you post about people before you post rude and ridiculous things about people!

  12. So sorry Eunny is leaving. She is the reason I record and watch the episodes over again. I often learned something new and useful from her and with all my years of knitting that is saying something! Everything changes but I’m not ready for this one.

  13. Just today I got an email from Knitting Daily advertising availability of the Knitting Daily TV Series 1200 on DVD featuring Vickie Howell as host. 🙁 So sad to lose Eunny , she was the reason I became hooked on the show. She knits LIKE ME most of the time (Continental style), it was so much easier for me to follow. Maybe I’m too old to appreciate Vickie Howell’s perky attitude and patterns (and it appears she is an English style knitter) . I’ll check out the show when it airs but am not looking forward to it like a new season with Eunny. Might be one less program set to auto DVR.

  14. I got back into knitting because of Vicki Howell and Knitty Gritty, then I also became hooked on Knitting Daily w/Eunny Jang. It’s nice to see different styles in knitting. No Vicki is not Eunny, but neither was Eunny Shay Pendray!

    Here’s a suggestion to all the “NAY SAYERS”, try to think OUTSIDE THE BOX, sometimes change is a good thing. I am happy that Eunny will be at Craftsy’s since I am a member as well. I still have my VHS recordings of Knitting Gritty that I use as my “go to” when I want to refresh my skills as well!! I am happy to say, WELCOME VICKI HOWELL!! I for one will still watch no matter who is hosting since it’s the KNITTING/CROCHETING I am interested in, heck a duck can host as long as it has GREAT knitting skills and educates me in the craft!!! If I don’t like the style, then I do not knit it….I can and will still PICK AND CHOOSE!!!

  15. Love watching Eunny on Fridays when I work from home, and I will miss her. I had no idea that Eunny was leaving? I discovered the show on my local PBS station in season 11 and I was debating on whether I should buy the 11 seasons of DVDs tonight… This cinched it. Looking forward to all the episodes I missed over the years and watching her wonderful techniques over and over again for years to come.

    I am sure Vickie will also be fabulous, I just You Tubed her and she is wonderful! So glad someone thought of producing the show and airing it, I really enjoy it.

  16. I too love Eunny, her calm easy style makes me say, I could do that. She has great chemistry with Clare Parks and guests. I will really miss her. Perhaps Someone else will have her host a new show.

    Vicki is not my style. Too cute and young. I want to see more difficult traditional knitting done in new ways. Just rewatched Junny’s shaped intarsia show. Going to play with that today.

    Good luck to you Junny, we will be watching to see what you’ll do at Craftys.

  17. I too love Eunny, her calm easy style makes me say, I could do that. She has great chemistry with Clare Parks and guests. I will really miss her. Perhaps Someone else will have her host a new show.

    Vicki is not my style. Too cute and young. I want to see more difficult traditional knitting done in new ways. Just rewatched Junny’s shaped intarsia show. Going to play with that today.

    Good luck to you Junny, we will be watching to see what you’ll do at Craftys.

  18. Just watched my first episode of the new season. I am not averse to change and enjoy learning from multiple teachers in multiple formats. I must say I am sorely disappointed in the new format and Vickie as host. Sad to know that one of my “go to” knitting resources is something that now seems like a waste of my precious time rather than a resource I enjoy relaxing with and learning from. And so it goes.

  19. I too am disappointed to see Eunny go. Her graceful style enabled all to learn from her, from beginner to advanced. She did not waste time on frills, and the non-flashy style let her fill her segments with signficant amount of new skills, clearly explained and shot with excellent and clear visuals, the right camera angles, crisp lighting, etc. I love knitting, but stopped watching Knitty Gritty years ago because it was much more simplistic and flashy and “trendy,” and not very substantial. Vickie Howell seemed to be aiming to a much younger audience with cutesy talk that really got in the way of content. Also, when skills are taught by conversation, rather than as Eunny did, by showing it herself, so much time is wasted. I appreciated that Eunny got right to it and showed us so much herself. You could truly learn new things in each episode, because of this. With Knitty Gritty and the flashy graphics and frilly chitchat, with many episodes I realized I had not learned anything new and just been frustrated with the “undelivered promise” of what it might be. I stopped watching, but seldom miss a Knitting Daily with Eunny.

    When I saw the first episode of series 1200 with Vickie, I thought it was a msitake, an old knitty gritty. The set and lighting seemed so unprofessional, as well. I can not understand change that takes an excellent thing and moves it to mediocre. This is no offense to Vickie, her style is fine for a younger cutesy audience but not those who came to love the professional respectful approach that Eunny had for teaching across the spectrum of all knitters.

    I find it interesting that this change did not just change the show, but to the title as well. It seems so odd to not call it “Knitty Daily TV with Vickie Howell.” I fear that this is an indication that this new show is more about personality than substance. I am disappointed. I will miss Eunny, as well as the serious, respectful approach of those who designed the show to really teach, with flash.

  20. I LOVE VICKIE HOWELL. If it weren’t for her show “Knitty Gritty”, I would not be the knitter I am today. I didn’t know anyone who could teach me to be a better knitter and youtube was not as popular for tutorials as it is today. I love her TV personality and the projects that she chooses. I now own a yarn/craft shop and LOVE teaching others to knit.

    I can’t believe how negative people can be. Someone said she is “too cute” and “too young” Are you kidding me? She’s not a tween. But the negative comments in this article sound like they are coming from a bunch of cyber bullies.

    Vickie – You rock! Keep doing what you do best!

  21. I am trying to locate the knitting chart holder that was shared on the ‘cables’ episode the week of January 20th. . . The gal who demonstrated said to go to this page, but I cannot find it. It was able to be folded into a tri-fold, soft-sided rectangle that could easily go into one’s knitting bag . . . Some help please !

  22. This morning I saw the first episode with Vickie Howell as host and thought it was a rerun of a very old show. I believe they spent too much time on chit chat rather than getting to the lessons, and that they made the already bad theme music even worse. I wish they would get a cameraperson who knows knitting, because it seems he/she doesn’t know when to do a closeup on the knitting. Also, the camera jumped from the guest (Carol Feller) back to Vickie, just so she could say one word, and then back to the guest. That was distracting. I didn’t dislike Vickie as host, but I will miss Eunny.

  23. This morning I saw the first episode with Vickie Howell as host and thought it was a rerun of a very old show. I believe they spent too much time on chit chat rather than getting to the lessons, and that they made the already bad theme music even worse. I wish they would get a cameraperson who knows knitting, because it seems he/she doesn’t know when to do a closeup on the knitting. Also, the camera jumped from the guest (Carol Feller) back to Vickie, just so she could say one word, and then back to the guest. That was distracting. I didn’t dislike Vickie as host, but I will miss Eunny.

  24. This morning I saw the first episode with Vickie Howell as host and thought it was a rerun of a very old show. I believe they spent too much time on chit chat rather than getting to the lessons, and that they made the already bad theme music even worse. I wish they would get a cameraperson who knows knitting, because it seems he/she doesn’t know when to do a closeup on the knitting. Also, the camera jumped from the guest (Carol Feller) back to Vickie, just so she could say one word, and then back to the guest. That was distracting. I didn’t dislike Vickie as host, but I will miss Eunny.

  25. I miss the old cast of KDTV. The set is distracing and the they should make sure the yarn colors for demonstration contrast with counter color. Intro is too long and the music is awful. Too much chatting not enough demonstration. Web interviews are poorly done and if they are planning to show a sample it should be in studio so it can be properly seen. The new expert guests are stiff and again too much chatting about backgrounds and not enough instruction. When Vickie shiuld letting two stitches judt hang I thought she was going to show something new to prevent pissibly dropping them but instead I said ” really? No kidding”. I hope they plan on bringing back the regulars for demonstration. f you are going to show tools of the trade how abiut ideas where they are available or a price range? They are easy to understand and follow. I wish Vickie the best but if things dont settle down I’ll go to youtube, craftsy, and Eunny.

  26. I saw my first episode with Vicky yesterday and really enjoyed her as a host. She seems very natural and at ease on camera where the show used to have a bit of an amateurish aspect to it with the old cast. That being said, I didn’t like the on line chat with the designer in Ireland. It was a useless waste of time to hear them talk over each other and the image was too blurry to see anything properly. I think it must be difficult to judge when too little useable, interesting, information is conveyed in banter or if the audience is really interested in snippets of information about the guest. I’m sure some of those things will reveal themselves as the show goes forward. I wish Vicky lots of good luck with her new venture and I hope the producers take note of all of the posts placed by loyal watchers and help her to guide the show in the direction of terrific content. Half an hour isn’t long enough to throw too much empty content out there without paying the price through loss of audience.

  27. Please bring back Eunny – always looked forward to Saturday morning. Show with Vickie is so disappointing. Have been knitting for 5o years, but always learned something on the episodes with Eunny. Vickie’s demonstrations and talk are very uninformative, also a knitting show should be knitting, not crocheting, and do we really care to watch 20 minutes on stuffing a toy? So please – rethink this show.

  28. New show a big step backward – looks like the aftermath of a corporate coup that turned out badly for the production. Vickie doesn’t have the knitting skills to host this show – she’s more of a moderator.
    – Show has lost so much of its substance
    – Looks like you fired the entire production company and replaced them with a cheap and unprofessional alternative
    – Set is busy and cheap
    – Did you fire the camera crew, too? We’re getting wobbly and poorly framed HANDHELD shots!!! Seriously? They are lined up oddly and wander during the shot. Direction odd, too – we bounce out of technique closeups for a single inane comment from Vickie just when you are starting to follow.
    – LIghting is awful, pooled, blotchy and insufficient
    – Basic rules of showing knitting are broken – they actually showed a gray yarn on a gray background in soft and uneven lighting. Useless for the attentive viewer.
    – Going cheap and using Skype instead of real location shooting makes for blotchy and choppy segments that are too light on content to make it worth suffering through the buffering delays, weird lighting at the other end, and inexplicably blotchy picture of Vickie. If you’re going to do this via Skype, at least have your host in the studio.

    Where are all the other people we’ve been spending our Saturday mornings with for years? Kristin Amdahl? Clara Parks?

  29. Hi,

    As a performing arts professional, I am stunned by the deterioration of KDTV with the new host and cast. Every performing arts element seems to have dropped from the show’s reliably clear, albeit very basic, production values to something that seems to have been created by interns.

    Lighting, set design, camera work, content, direction, and the replacement of a cast with professional skills and fiber-world bona fides with a pleasant but inexpert host, a ‘yarn expert’ who not only lacks the substantial credentials of Clara Parkes, but is awkward and amateurish on camera, and the contributions of guests and the slightly ditzy but nonetheless professional Kristin Omdahl with blotchy and pointless Skype interviews that just make the show look cheap and underfunded – why?

    The blatant product placement of mass-produced Bernat yarn is inappropriate for PBS, and a stunning reversal from a show that featured a wide variety of sophisticated fibers that inspired a knowledgeable audience.

    You had a show that was working. So maybe you lost the host – but why did you apparently fire the whole production company and replace it with amateurs?

    I am going to recommend to my local PBS affiliate that they drop the show. It is not worth the investment.

    I am so disappointed. This was my weekly treat to myself. I would settle in with my coffee and knitting to spend some time with Eunny and her team. I was expecting that seeing some cast member attrition, like the retirement of Shay Pendray, was a reasonable amount of change, but this seems like you took an axe to the show.

    My recommendation is that if you want to save this show, you reinstate as many old cast members and regular guests that you can, that you re-align the show with fiber world standards (away from mass market, focus on the artisanal, local, and affordable), and please, please PLEASE reinstate the old set and professional production crew because this wobbly, underlit, badly directed, and content-sparse debacle is just about unwatchable.

    Knitters are a well-educated and perceptive bunch, and you have just insulted their intelligence and taste, possibly fatally. I would recommend that you start by acknowledging the many technical flaws of the current production, and let us know what steps you are going to take to bring the show back to its former level.

  30. I miss Eunny and the old cast, too. I liked learning new things and needing a pen and pad nearby to write down the episode number if I needed a hard copy of the steps. Seeing Eunny demonstrate stitches and techniques made me feel that I could do them, too with practice. I like Vicky and loved Knitty Gritty, but I can’t seem to get into this new show. It seems to be for beginners. Why can’t there be two shows– one hosted by Eunny for those of us who want a little more sophistication in presentation and content, and Vicky’s for those like this new version. I agree with much that previous commenters have said.

  31. What happened to the show??? I used to enjoy it, now it is hard to watch. It is like a whole different show. Sadly I wont be watching any more. I’d rather read books on knitting.

  32. I am so disappointed with the new host and cast. The music is awful, and i don’t feel like I’m learning anything. I was especially annoyed with the charity knitting episode where the ” yarn expert” tells you to use acrylic yarn for charity helmet liners. Check with the charity before you knit. The helmet liner sites specifically say to use 100% wool because it is not as flammable. Acrylic yarn in a fire or explosion will melt into the skin and cause horrific pain to a soldier.
    I learned so many great things from Eunny and either Vickie I feel like I could teach her a few things. Bring back Eunny!

  33. Hi Vickie happy to find you online I was huge fan of the Knitty Gritty. You show turn me into a knitting wizard love learning new things, I starting watching literally only knowing knitting and purling. I have returned to knitting after shelfing it about four years ago. But upon returning I have terrible neck and back pain I never had before, I do not want to quite knitting because I love it so much, but I don’t know what to do. Please help! Looking forward to the new show!

  34. I’m very pleased that you have returned to PBS to share your knitting talents with people like me. I watched the show this week and welcomed the new techniques that were demonstrated.
    Welcome back!!!! I missed you.

  35. Missing Eunny! She was excellent teaching new skills. Watched Vickie in the past and she never focused on teaching. Missing the quality of Eunny’s show.

  36. I try very hard to give things a chance. I used to buy the magazines just so I could follow what they they were teaching or the pattern that they were working on. Not any more. Eunny did more in 1 half hour show than I’ve seen all season on this. And no complete pattern instructions. And the skype crap is the worst. If maybe they showed a stitch or something but just talking to whoever really bites. And it isn’t just me. Where I live my KET station is showing eunny on Friday and the other on Saturday . Used to stay home and watch but not any more. Watch Knit and Crochet Now. Thanks, Marti

  37. I’ve discussed the new host and new format of Knitting Daily and we’ve all agreed at how disappointed we are. There was so much information in the old show. I, for one, watch the old episodes over and over as MPT2 shows it weekdys at 9 am. I’m always picking up little tidbits from Eunny, Kristin, Clara and their guests.
    As for the new show, the word I would use is TEDIOUS! I keep waiting for something to happen but they talk and talk and show almost nothing. Vickie is perky but shows nothing and can seem to do nothing. The Space to Space section is a disaster! Blurry and uninformative, who wants to listen to people talk? We want to see knitting and how to do it better.
    I’ve been knitting for years and consider myself to be more than intermediate level. I continue to learn from Eunny but have wasted 13 sessions with the new crew. I’m not sure I will keep watching. How many times can I be so disappointed?
    Can you not bring back Eunny? If not, can you find someone as knowledgable and personable as she is?
    Please listen to the vast majority of these posts. It’s not just a few of us.. It’s most of your following.

  38. Not as good and informative as when Eunny hosted this show. The ‘tools of the trade’ lady seems very nervous and the reviews she gives seem incomplete and useless. And the communication with a guest in ‘far away places’ via Skype(?) – why? Video on the segment is bad.

    Also, Vicki often interrupts the guest and I rarely can catch the end of the guest’s comments. Vicki just seems too be trying too hard to be ‘mod’ (not necessarily ‘modern’) and the video quality lacks in sharpness, clarity and is often too shaky so that I can’t focus on what’s being demonstrated. Eunny’s shows’ videos were beautiful, clear, and focused on what was being demonstrated without shaking. I’ve only seen a few of these new ones (trying to give it chance and hoping that it would get better), but I’ve seen enough to know that I will probably not view any others. When Eunny was the host I rarely missed an episode and learned quite a bit although I am an avid, advanced knitter (who also crochets, tats, and cross stitches). Eunny’s version of the show seemed more ‘thought out’, professional and organized and kept the show ‘ on point’. The new version of this show doesn’t hold my interest enough to even WANT to learn anything from it.

  39. I prefer Vickie’s personality over Eunny’s, but I do find the content of the new show sorely lacking. The yarn expert is anything but, and although the Skype visits are interesting, they take valuable teaching time away. I would recommend making those features web only content, and stick to teaching knitting in the precious 30 minutes that you have. I hope that the production issues will shake out with time.

  40. I like Vickie Howell, I just don’t think she’s suited for this show. I don’t come away learning as much as I did before. When I began watching the show with Eunny I learned. Eunny and the others would spend the time showing us how to do things. And there was always time for the guests to show their skills. Now, I find it hard to watch. The Skype is awful and takes away time that could be used teaching. There seems to be an abundant of interruptions in the form of questions to the guest, that I feel would be answered if they were allowed to continue without interruption. The yarn expert, before would give you information on the yarn origin, how to care for it, what projects would work well with it. The new “expert” talks more about the notions than the yarn. She seems nervous and unsure. Up until now I’ve bought each season’s dvd, don’t think I’ll be buying this one.

  41. I have loved “Knitting Daily” with all the hosts except for Vicki Howell, she sticks out alone like a sore thumb . . . I really hope that you are looking for someone else. The instruction isn’t there, instead we get a rambling venue of her wasting time talking about her coffee, interrupting then rushing her guests, really bad FaceTime or Skype interviews and then her seemingly to insist on presenting Crocheting as if it is more relevant than Knitting (and I do both). Augh! I went from frustrated with the show to not being able to tolerate her voice any more. The only reason I am bothering to write is because I LOVED and looked forward to “Knitting Daily.” I gave Vicki 2 years of chances and she is only getting worse. At this point, I have given up and hope my PBS and Community Service TV stations that carry this type of show finds another knitting show to air.