What Knitting Mood Are You In?

Mood BoardSometimes, no matter how much we love to knit, it can be just plain tough to get inspired to actually commit to cast on. There are so many beautiful patterns out there (ahem–particularly in Interweave publications, right? Of course, right!), and oodles of skeins, balls, and hanks of gorgeous yarns. When faced with such an amazing bounty of knitting wonders, the Perfect Project that fits our mood NOW can sometimes elude us.

What to do? Well…how do you find out what kind of knitting mood you are in? How do you know what inspires you to knit, and how can you find a way to tap into those inspirations when it seems like you have tons of yarn but nothing to knit?

Michele Rose Orne came up with a way to inspire herself and her knitting, a tool she calls Mood Boards. This week, we'll be exploring the concept of Mood Boards in order to help spark our knitting imaginations and get the fall knitting season off to a great start!

What is a Mood Board?

A mood board is a collage of items that tells a story–that sets a mood, in essence. OK, that doesn't explain it very well. So: Let's hear Michele tell us in her own words what a mood board is. That link will take you to an excerpt from Michele's new book, Inspired to Knit, a book full of knitting patterns and ideas based around Michele's own mood boards.

And now I have a question for you: What kind of knitting mood are you in? Read the excerpt from Michele's book, and maybe you'll want to create a mood board of your own to find out. Meanwhile, leave a comment and let us know what your knitting mood is.

Working on your own mood board?
Join us online in our Mood Board Project and KnitAlong! And check back later this week, when Michele will show us the original mood boards that she used as submissions for her book! I got to see the boards in person, and they are truly stunning. Don't miss this chance to see "behind the scenes" of how an author presents an idea for a new knitting book.

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Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily. Packing trumps knitting right now, unfortunately, but I'm valiantly trying to have the Camisa, worked in String of Pearls yarn from Muench (prettypretty not to mention sparklysparkly!) done before I leave for Canada. (Canada countdown? 14 days till we get there!)

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60 thoughts on “What Knitting Mood Are You In?

  1. For me it isn’t the mood it’s the time! I knit when I can and make what I can when I can… usually small things (mittens, socks, hats, baby items), so that I can give them away at Christmas time. I like making caps for cancer donations because they are so quick and easy. Trying to find time for a larger project is more difficult.

  2. What I knit depends on whether I can give it my attention or not. So I have right now OTN a man’s sock that just needs 9″ of stockinette. So I’ll do that when I have company or am listening to something important. I also have OTN a ladies sock with a lace pattern that takes more concentration – I’ll take that out when I’m not going to be disturbed. So difficulty trumps mood for me.

  3. I am starting my Christmas gift knitting. So, that is my mood – gift knitting. I am knitting fingerless gloves — at least 3 pair, on size 3 DPNs, my first DPN project.

  4. I always carry my “mood board” in my head. For me, knitting is all about Fall and Winter; the colors, the light, snuggly knitting, comfortable sweaters that are loose enough to layer other things under.

    Fall is my favorite time of year and everything I make tends to be for that season.

    For everyone else who said they can’t read the article because of the small print: there is a plus sign on the upper left of the bar. Use that to “embiggen” the text. Once you’ve done that, there will be other arrows on the page that let you scroll around the page.

  5. ” …it can be just plain tough to get inspired to actually commit to cast on…”

    I had to laugh when I read this. Planning a project, getting the colors, moods, etc. is not a problem. My issue is Startitis. With about 16 projects going (that I’ll admit I can find), Startitis is what I suffer from. Maybe I can make a “mood board” with all my WIP’s on them.

  6. I do have a monitor the size of a TV and was able to read the excerpt. At first, I discounted this overly ‘artsy’ process, that I felt would take too much time, but then when I finished, I thought about the baby hat and booties I just did with bamboo yarn in overly bright primary colors (tuti Fruiti Crystal Palace bamboozel) which I throughally enjoyed! I realized that my mood was for “bright” in ordinary things (if that makes sense). Next time I am at a loss for where to start, I may try this mood board thing.

  7. Hmm, I have a mouse with a magnifier on it (for my son) and finally used it. Anyway, I knit in the Dr;s office, in the car, occasionally watching TV. I do have WIP’s I am afraid, but love Knitting Daily. Helen H

  8. What I’m actually knitting and my knitting mood aren’t really connected … my actual knitting is guided by upcoming (or slightly gone already) birthdays, and bigger projects that I still want to finish but that belong to a previous knitting mood. So while I’m still enjoying knitting the complicated cable hoodie I started in early winter (interspersed with gifts that I can knit while in the car etc. — beanies and felted bags & slippers), it’s nearly spring here and so I’m itching to get started on the Molly Ringwald, and thinking about what type of yarn, what colour etc. to use for that.

  9. In order to enlarge the catalog “pages” so they are readable: there is a long gray horizontal bar just above the first catalog page (on the left end of the bar it says “Front”). Just to the left of the word “Front” there are two little magnifier icons, one with a + and one with -. Click the + icon and voila! It makes the page larger! Now even we over-40-ish types can read it!

  10. I like the idea of a mood board and can’t wait to try it! My biggest problem is that I tend to buy yarn and “stash” it away hoping to find a project at a later date. Now I am overwhelmed by how to pick a project for a particular yarn. I finally decided to make afghans for the grandkids to trim down my stash.

  11. Summer is my favorite season, so I’m not in the mood to think about fall knits or fall colors yet. But I am in the mood for something vintage-style to knit, and would like to make some scarves for accessories (not the winter-warmth kind, but the lacy decorative kind).

    Unfortunately, I can’t knit as fast as I get inspired about things, so I’m finishing last fall’s cardigan and dreaming of a summer scarf that I probably won’t finish until this fall. But perhaps a mood board would inspire me to knif faster and catch up on the few WIPs, so I can knit something I am in the mood for at the same time!

  12. My favorite project is men’s socks in a self striping yarn in a simple pattern, knit 4 purl2 they fit great and my husband loves them. Cotton dishcloths are another favorite I must have 10 books full of patterns, nice to do in the summer when it is too hot for wool. they make great hostess gifts.
    Adult sweaters just take too much timefor me.

  13. Help!!! i have never EVER run out of ideas…since i was 6 and had my first crochet hook and knitting needles. MY PROBLEM IS THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT….i.e., flitting fm dfivine project to divine project til there is a room fulll of bags with unfinished symphonies of all sizes, colors and shapes. I am not kidding. There are about 36 of these babies…..sweaters with 4 pieces needing to be made into their intended garment……baby blanket with incomplete edging and unfinished matching hat….ponchos….scarves…..wallhangings….afghans….and on and on. sooo much yarn; sooo many hours; so much $$$$$ invest….and soooo LAST YEAR & boring that i don’t want to finish them. Anybody know
    a. how to break this habit. and b. who/where i could donaste all these adorable orphans???
    thnx. bev jackson bev@millcoveharbor.com

  14. I’m with DebbieA. I can’t knit fast enough for all the inspiration I get. I’m in a cool-colors, short-sleve mood at the moment and trying out cotton yarns for the first time. I love the idea of a mood board, though, and would love to make several.

  15. Perhaps I’m still waking up, but I can’t really see how to take the mood board concept for designing and use it for what I want to work on next. I *am* doing some designing, but I find it requires more thinking and awareness than following an existing pattern. Sometimes, I’m just in the mood to knit and listen to my audiobooks—in fact, I cast on for another sock the other day for just that reason.


  16. Oh, I like the idea of a mood board, not only to inspire my knitting, but to inspire more of my ART/YARN ‘fusion’ ideas that have been percolating for several months, but seem to have stalled out. So perhaps a small mood board or two will jump start me.

    Right now my knitting mood is quiet and frustrated:

    Frustrated because the last ball of yarn for my almost done vest has wandered. Quiet with the fun of an easy project, Dumpling Bags! BTW, any internet resources for the lucite rings for that pattern? I’m coming up with nada!

  17. I am knitting dishcloths right now….I’ve frogged three projects, finished one (with medium results), am working on another and still have one in the naughty box. I don’t think the wool for the second project will withstand one more frogging (maybe a flogging!!!). Anyway, diagonal dishclothes help me go back to my knitting happy place and forget about my knitting dissatisfaction.

    I often gather a collage of images and styles that inspire me (ie empire waist garments and Elisabethan ruffs after watching a ERI period movie. I save them in the “paint ” program or photo file on my computer and then run them as screen savers. It would be nice to have a more tactile board, but I don’t usually get that far. I love watching the inspirational images float by me during the day, though. It helps me get over the drama of the frogging and onto other thoughts.

    Patti P

  18. Pul-LEEZE! Who has time to make a cute little “mood board?” I barely have time to knit! It basicially boils down to (a) Do I have time to knit? or (b) Do I not have time to knit? Then I work on whatever’s on the needles.

  19. I’m in the mood to knit a lacey scarf in fine soft yarn that will be the envy of my girfriends on our annual shopping trip in November.
    I’m in the mood to finish my father-in-law’s second pair of socks out of Cascade Yarn’s Fixation (‘coz he loves them). I’m in the mood to knit my son a sweater but he doesn’t want one, so that gives me some free time to make one more lacey scarf.
    Sorry, no room for a “mood board”. I have moved to a smaller home with my husband and all the mood stuff got tossed. I look out the window at the lake now instead.

  20. I’m in the mood (sorry, no mood rings or mood boards to guide me) for something wooly. I have Japanese Feather lace on the needles, but it just doesn’t move me. In the meantime, I knit a seriously rustic small bag, a pair of alpaca and wool cabled mittens, and today I cast on (twice!) for Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed’s Koolhaas hat in the same alpaca-wool mix. So I guess I want small, finite, and fall-ish projects. After Christmas, I hope to do the sweater with the angled cable in your Fall issue, and another sweater from KnitSimple, for myself. But late summer/early fall is gift knitting time, and that’s my mood as well.

  21. I agree, who has time today to do mood boards. My OTN is a stash afghan on #11 needle. When this is done, next mood is buying yarn for Christmas presents.

    Sorry, no room for “mood board.”

  22. Hmmm. I managed to expand the print. Enjoyed the exerpt. I’ve not really done much in the way of design re: knitting, but have definitely used this sort of technique to design fibre art (art quilting or embroidered pieces)….Very useful! I like the ‘mood’ aspect; till this moment, I hadn’t paid attention to my mood as a variable in the process, but it undioubtedly is. I think mood is also important in the *motivation* to a) design; b) implement a design; c) finish a designed project. Thoughts?

    Marg in Calgary

  23. One of my vices is buying magazines – I finally have gone through all of them and cut out what I wanted to keep and it all fit in one 3″ binder (those plastic see through sleeves are great). I have also started a binder for all the wonderful patterns that I get from Interweave …. my biggest problem is that I want to try all the different patterns, different stitches etc. I usually use a worsted weight yarn to knit (I inherited most of it from my mother) so now when I want to swatch (not for size) but for trying out the pattern, I have two colours chosen (cream, and a slightly darker beige) each time I want to try out a new stitch or pattern, I use one or both of these yarns and try to make the swatches approximately the same sizes – after a while you have enough squares for a full size afghan (to equalize the squares, you can crochet around the edge till you have the size then sew them all together), add a border or fringe and voila. Diane

  24. sorry, have another comment …. this time on “moods” – I have a few WIP’s depending on my mood and when/where I’m knitting. For the car, I have an afghan done in strips to work on – good for travelling. My sitting room, I have several baby outfits (sweater/hats/booties) to make. I am sort of starting a hope chest for my four boys ages 20 – 26 who (although they each have a full size afghan – man colours) will now be getting a wedding afghan – all variations of the aran knitting – sample afghans but full size for a couch. I am also stocking up on baby afghans and matching outfits for gifts (when the time comes). Have to look ahead, I work full time and knit at lunch time, at night after all my chores I reserve from 9pm-10pm for knitting/crocheting. Eventually it all gets done. Diane

  25. Right now the mood is projects that are portable and can be done with lots of distractions around me as I have been travelling for the last 3 weeks and I am currently at home for a quick respite, then back on the road again.

  26. I am a novice plus size knitter who is learning quickly through trial and error how to adjust existing patterns, so my knitting mood embraces not only the flow of the pattern and my imagination such as scoring through for that perfect rib or lace to incorporate and thus make the pattern truly my own. For this reason and for the thirst of knowledge, I have several on-going projects each that reflect for me my knitting mood; a simple washcloth for mindless, carefree, and light knitting, a scarf for learning new and exciting stitches such as feather and fan, or a sweater for when I am really in the mood for a challenge. All of these are my moods.

  27. I am expecting my fourth baby in the next 6-8 weeks so I am definitly in the baby knits mode. I just finished knitting Kate Gilbert’s Peapod Set, soooo adorable and quick (about a week and a half of knitting).

    I also just got a new book, Anne Modesitt’s Romantic Hand Knits, which has inspiring project’s for after the baby.

    I agree with some of the posts on not so much needing inspiration to knit but time. However I usually barter with myself if I clean the house for 20 minutes I get a 20 minute knit break (a clean house and knitting).

    As for completing projects, I am working hard at only having one project at a time so that I finish things. Also, I am working on knitting through my stash of yarn, again bargaining with myself if I use that yarn I can buy more yarn for another project. That is what works for me, and good luck to everyone to stay motivated and to start and finish projects.

  28. First, I tend to but 1 or more skeins when I ‘m inspired to. I store my stash by color and sometimes by fiber. When I am looking for inspiration, I gather yarn that wants to live together into a separate bag until I find out what it wants to be. So I currently have one bag that will become a Chris Bylsma Crayon Box Jacket (but I can’t start it until the evil yarn eating cat loses interest), and another “red” one that will be something mitered. And then I take the yarn my mom can’t see to work anymore and do her projects, which are usually ones I wouldn’t to for myself.

  29. Inspiration is really not a problem…having enough time to knit it all is. I do knit according to mood – sometimes I’m in a finishing mood, other times I NEED to start something fresh. Sometimes it’s a project with a deadline – a new baby to celebrate, Christmas gifting or ‘just because’ knitting…Where I am also tells me what to knit – road trip knitting, summer holiday knitting, shift work knitting, red light knitting, tv knitting…Somedays I want to be challenged, other times I need a mindless, meditative knit. Sometimes I have a colour whim that needs to be satisfied ( I’m currently entering a blue period, I think.) And other times the seasons dictate where my craft goes.
    The end result of all this, is a plethora of available (ie. unfinished) projects at my disposal. Hopefully then this will quell that horrible, unsettled, listless feeling of wanting to knit something, but not knowing what it is. This usually results in expensive trips to LYS or midnight prowls online trying to find that elusive, but perfect project.

    Whatever is going on in my world, it always includes knitting . Whenever I feel like I am hanging onto my sanity by a mere thread – rest assured it will be a lovely merino, a soft -as-a-cloud alpaca, maybe a delicate silk…or a tweedy, textured wool… some glorious handspun or a funky hand-dye begging to become socks…

    No, inspiration is not a problem, but I do like Michele’s book all the same – more fuel for the addiction…

  30. I started knitting about three years ago. Well actually I was taught by my mother much earlier than that, but didn’t ever do any thing with it until later. About five years ago, I got some nice gray wool yarn and some needles (straight, unfortunately) and a diy knitting book. I sat down and made one very nice mitten. The second one never materialized. A couple years later my lovely mother started talking knitting to me on the phone. She has knit for some time, but had recently started knitting like a fiend. She kept telling me about the beautiful yarn she was working with, a new website she had found, an exciting new pattern. See I had always been a quilter not knitting. So with my mom whispering tantalizing things in my ear and lots of patience and encouragement, I actually started knitting. The thing I have found though is that my “mood” for knitting isn’t necessarily lacking inspiration, but just season. I am a fall/winter knitter, by late spring my yarn and needles go into a bag and back into my stash to be rediscovered and relearned in the fall. Only a small sock project might stay out over the summer for a few rounds to be knit here and there.
    Is anyone else like that? a seasonal knitter?

  31. i find it difficult to knit in the Summer,something to do with the feel of the wool in hot weather . So although i have a lot of inspiration there is no follow through . I tend to start lots of projects and then put them down until Autumn. This is when i need the inspiration to complete all the projects started. This usually takes the form of a trip to my favourite wool shop there is nothing like the buzz of shade arranged displays to give you the push you need. The only downside is that i usually come away with another future project

  32. I could not read the print either so printed it out, it was a good insperational article for me. I intend in using this method on my every day things so I can find more time for my knitting, which I love to do.

  33. I was so thrilled to read that cutting out ideas, saving scrapes of this and that, and found objects is not just some weird idiocyncrasy that I have. I am so inspired by what I see around me, I am always sketching something, or putting a treasure in my pocket, and sometimes these things I find all come together to help me create my little personal master pieces. This passage helped me validate my stash of found object inspiration.
    Oh, don’t people know that the magnifying glass icon enlarges the print?

  34. I was so thrilled to read that cutting out ideas, saving scrapes of this and that, and found objects is not just some weird idiocyncrasy that I have. I am so inspired by what I see around me, I am always sketching something, or putting a treasure in my pocket, and sometimes these things I find all come together to help me create my little personal master pieces. This passage helped me validate my stash of found object inspiration.
    Oh, don’t people know that the magnifying glass icon enlarges the print?

  35. What I knit depends on the yarn I want to use. When I find a beautiful yarn, usually I immediatly imagine the completed item. Then, I just have to find the right pattern matching both the yarn quality and the final image I have in mind.

  36. I’m in a finishing frame of mind. I have at least five WIPs. But part of that is the seasonal thing too. I’ll put something down if the season for it is passing and start something new for the next season. That’s why the WIPs.

    I’m hoping to finish a light weight lacy sweater and then pick up the shawl I put down last year when I got to the border with over 500 stitches per row in a lace pattern. Then the kidsilk haze vest in an Arctic Lace pattern, and the Pie R Round ruana that I decided to add lace to. The ruana was a bit much for me and it got relegated to the ‘later’ list.

    Meanwhile, I’m working on my first pair of knee socks [Quidditch Socks] and an Arctic Lace scarf. If I get too overwhelmed, I’ll do something quick like a diagonal scarf in funky/furry/fuzzy yarn. Makes me feel like things are moving along really well and I can go back to the big WIPs.

    I love the finishing mood time as I tend to get very focused. The Olympics are helping as I’m up later watching the events and the needles are moving right along.

  37. I’m a knitting mag and book enthusiast! That is where I get my inspiration or mood. When I find something really cool to knit I sometimes buy the yarn for that project and put it aside. I do one project at a time. I knit faster that way knowing I have another great project waiting in the wings. When I use to knit more than one project at a time, I was getting too overwhelmed! I’m not quite advanced enough to make up my own patterns, but, I have no problem finding cool sweaters, etc. to knit. Maybe in the future I’ll be able branch out and make my own bonafide mood board. I look forward to the day!

  38. I love the mood board concept. I guess I’ve been doing it all along in my head…just never actually found objects and placed them on a board. But I do keep a “notebook” of all of my current/finished projects and that mood board picture would be a wonderful addition. By George….I’m going to try it!

    Lately my mood has been to knit a small items like lace scarves, socks, mittens, etc. because I can’t believe how HUGE I’ve become – I don’t want to knit a sweater that would actually fit me. So, I keep telling myself….when I lose my 20 lbs, I’ll make another sweater.

  39. I agree with the writer with startitis who laughed at “not knowing what to cast on.” Not a problem here, folks! What knitting mood I’m in is driven by gift projects, but since there are at least 5 or 6 of those going at any given time, I can pick and choose by complexity of the project, and what yarn I like that day (minute?) I did put together a knitting journal within which I journal, record projects and have an idea section. I put my design drawings in there along with photos from magazines, catalogs, etc. If my muse is not doing her job, I go to my journal to get ideas, and/or to flip through my binders of knitting books and patterns. Then, it’s time for a trip to the yarn closet to see what’s there and if it’s applicable to the ideas I have.

    Right now my mood is to finish the Piku Piku sweater (pattern from Berrocco online) for me, the All American Aran Afghan for my son’s wedding gift, and the pair of socks for me that I started a year ago and forgot. I usually finish one or two projects and start a new one…

  40. I am in a sock mood. I am just staring to make my first sock and I’m very excited. I hope they turn out okay!

    I am in love with this mood board project. I am going to start my board today. I think that you can see it, you will create it. Thank you!

    Knit On!

  41. I have no trouble finding inspiration. When I see a beautiful pattern…and one that I can envision as an article of clothing for myself or a loved one, then I become obsessive about knitting it. This leads to buying yarn (must have yarn to make project, after all) and starting projects. I really do love starting projects…getting the feel of the yarn….seeing how the piece is going to come together. But then I find myself with 3, 4, 5 or more projects started and not enough time to make fast progress on any of them. I do like having at least a couple things going at a time…with something easy to do when there are a lot of distractions and something more complicated to do when I need the challenge and interest. But getting too many things started becomes problematic. Once I get to that point, then I have to reign myself in. No more new yarn and no more starting another project until I get a few done. Plus if I have too many projects going, I find that the needles I need for one project are often in use on another one!

    Anyway…I bought Michele’s book. It is beautiful and filled with many lovely patterns that I hope to work my way through over time. I enjoyed the articles and hope someday to design something of my own. Maybe then I will use the mood board idea. In the meantime, it is interesting to see how she brings an idea together. Currently I am working on the Winter Wonderland Coat. That is the pattern that caused me to buy the book. It is coming along nicely and makes the idea of the approaching fall and winter seem kind of exciting!

  42. Sometimes when I cannot decide which project to start (there are so many) I take one of my favorite articles of clothing out of the closet and think about what I could knit to enhance an outfit. I have a beautiful handmade chenille jacket and I have knit two fancy scarves to go with it. I have a collection of jackets and try to spend time making accessories that enhance what I already have. I am thinking about a black sparkly top to go with a long black wool skirt. So, instead of a mood board, I look in my closet and see what inspires my interest. Currently I am working in the color orange making hats and scarves for friends to wear to Giants Games.

  43. The idea of a mood board is very creative and I am glad that it works for some knitters. Frankly, it’s too elaborate and time consuming for me – as well, I have many projects in my head that are waiting to be put on needles, so I don’t need a board to help my creativity.
    Mood plays a part in my knitting only to the degree of deciding which project when. For instance, I have 3 afghans on needles – 1 is extremely simple color blocking and I knit that when I feel like knitting but know I will have a number of interruptions; the other 2 have stitch patterns that require more attention, and time and attention dictate which one when. I have 2 skirts on the needles as well, and once again, which one I knit depends on time and attention. And, yes, I have other projects on the needles as well – it can be daunting to keep track… but that’s the way I knit – I rarely knit only one project per day – it’s usually at least 2 and often 3 projects that get my attention in any given day. So, I don’t need (or have time for) a specific mood board. I do keep a color wheel on my bulletin board (and look at it often) – I also have many scarves and pieces of material that I have on display in my knitting area, and while knitting (or picking the specific color(s) for a project), I find those objects offer enough motivation and inspiration.
    I will add that I think many of us find inspiration in unusual ways, and often without realizing it – e.g. I have some “house blouses” that I throw on when I’m at home. There is one that I reach for more often then the others – and that one is patterned, and the pattern is quite ugly (it was on sale) – but I still find myself reaching for it more often than the others… Now the point – one of the skirts I have on the needles right now involved several different yarns and several colors, and I am enjoying the look as it unfolds… Yes, once again, I grabbed the “ugly print” blouse from my closet, and wondered why… then realized that the blouse has the same colors as the multicolored skirt that I’m knitting – so, although the blouse’s print is ugly, the color scheme was unconscious motivation when choosing the colors for that skirt.

  44. As someone who has a great fondness for making handmade books and altered books, the idea of a mood board greatly appeals to me. However, as a slow knitter with a full-time job, mood boards would greatly cut into my knitting time. It’s hard enough for me to be motivated enough to take photos of my finished work and upload them to Ravelry!

    And yet, maybe the thing that distinguishes designers from knitters is the willingness to make or take the time to deslgn.

    I’ve only been knitting for 2 years and already I know I love to work with natural fibers in bright pinks and reds and purples.

  45. Sandi,
    I’ve got the Fall 2008 magazine, and just love the Sunrise Circle Jacket…Is there any chance KD can make the pattern available again? I don’t know how I missed it the first time around…maybe I was just to afraid to try it…so let it pass. But now I think I might be “Fearles”

  46. My knitting mood right now is one of wishfulness…I had carpal tunnel surgery about 8 weeks ago and I am only really knitting for an hour a day. I used to knit non-stop in my free time. So, now all I currently will do is one repeat of the Undulating Waves scarf pattern a day, which I should finish in two weeks. Then, back to socks, which will be slow going.

    I’m really looking forward to being able to knit a lot again!

  47. I have been knitting and crocheting “again” for about a year and a half …

    Often, as I knit or crochet, I am not just creating a project, but also creating peace in a life cluttered with responsibilities. Sometimes, it is a treat at the end of a day that deserves one. Always, it is a part of me, the voice for the aesthetic part of my creative spirit.

  48. Bought the book a few weeks ago, and I sort of have my own process for this as I mostly knit for the special people in my life. I have gift bags tacked up around my room and when I come across a pattern or yarn that screams “I’m for…” I slip it into the appropriate bag. Then when I’m preparing for their birthday (I do birthdays and not Xmas, as birthdays are all spread out and Xmas everything is “due” at once), I go to their bag and see what I’ve collected for them. About half the time the pattern and yarn that best suits is in the bag already. The other half of the time I have one or the other and then get to go “hunting”. Not that I object to a good yarn hunt , of course…!
    For myslef I try to find odd patterns: funky constructions that make people stop and go “What?!”

  49. My knitting mood is, like others, driven by what’s happening in the family life. Right now I’m in the “I’m going to be a great- grandmother (and I’m only 62!!!) mood.” So, for the first time for a new family member-to-be, I can cast on pink yarn!!!! Yes, it’s a girl so I’m in a frilly, ruffly, pink mood (and maybe lavender since that’s her grandmother’s favorite color!). Just finished an afghan and a cap, and I have other projects in mind. Mood board?? Don’t need one right now — maybe later.

  50. I know I should be thinking about knitting baby stuff for the arrival of TWO grandchildren (any day and end of Nov), but I get so easily side-tracked by another new project. My son says I was a crow in a previous life and that shiny things distract me too easily…and string, give me lots and lots of string.
    I guess I am in a Fall mood….coffee colors, pumpkin, deep green and golds (ewww, that sounds like the 60’s harvest gold and avocado etc.). NO WAY. I am so ready for cooler weather….I do project boards and am inspired by what is happening outside….weather, blue sky, black clouds…I am knitting a double knit, gradation alpaca scarf, baby blankets and a sweater made with stripes of sock yarn and Manos bulky….sounds weird,but really neat (and fast). Don’t ask what I am NOT knitting….that would fill a book
    Enough said.
    Happy Knitting.