What Knitting Project Will You Fall In Love With?

Is this "The One"? Rosemary's Swing Jacket

It never gets old. One morning every few months, I walk into my cubicle, and there it is, sitting on my desk chair: a brand-shiny new issue of Interweave Knits. This time, it was the Winter 2007 issue, and as usual, my email went unanswered and my other work came to a standstill until I had looked at Every. Single. Page.

As with every time I go through a new issue, I am looking to fall in love. I want to turn the page, and fall hard, fall fast, fall passionately in love with The Sweater. THE Sweater. You know which one I mean: The Sweater that will look adorable on me, The Sweater that I will stay up into the wee hours to finish because I love knitting it so much, The Sweater that leaps off the page, takes me by the hand, leans in reeeeaaaallly close, and whispers in my ear: "Knit me. C'mon, you know you want to knit me…"

(Of course, sometimes it's not a sweater that I fall in love with, sometimes it's Those Socks, or That Bag. You understand.)

This time, this issue, I was lucky enough to fall in love not once, not twice, not even three times…but four. Four beautiful, lovely, perfect projects. I am dizzy with love, and I am crazy to cast on—but which one to do first?

What are your favorite projects?

Wait…wait. I must not be selfish. I must not be rude. I must remember to let others get a word in edgewise about their new-found loves. So, Knitting Daily folks: Tell me which projects you fell in love with. I'll share the results of this poll, plus the names of my new darlings, on Friday…so let me know what you think!

Those of you with more level heads will note the irony of discussing our collections of UnFinished Objects in gory detail over the past few weeks, only to now turn to a new knitting magazine, with the prospect of yet more projects on yet more needles to add to our works in progress.

Open the new Interweave Knits. I dare you not to fall in love.

Annie gets ready for her close-up

Coming Up: The Winter Knits Gallery!

Ever wonder how that beautiful sweater in Knits would look on someone shaped like you are? Just as we did with the Corset Pullover and the 1824 Blouson, a group of us around the Colorado office got together to try on sweaters from the Knits Winter 2007 issue, to show off how the sample sweaters look on folks of different proportions and sizes. We'll have photos and customization tips starting the end of November and running through the beginning of December. Come join the fun!

Your Hints on Losing the Ladders

I never cease to be amazed by the cleverness and resourcefulness of knitters. So many people came up with their own helpful hints about how to avoid ladders: Use 5 dpns instead of 4; tug the yarn tight on the SECOND stitch of the new needle, rather than the first; and more. Read through the comments on Monday's post for a little mini-tutorial on losing the ladders, courtesy of all you brillaint Knitting Daily members. Reader tip that works for me: Keep the ends of the working needles on top of the others. I've done this for years and it really helps. But what is the BEST way to lost the ladders? I shall give the standard Sandi response here: The Best Way is the way that works Best For You. Try several of the tips mentioned until you find your "best way".

Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

What's on Sandi's needles? I cannot tell a lie. I am looking for yarn for one of the Winter Knits sweaters, even though I have admitted publicly than I already have 14 UFOs. However, fear not: The Lace Socks are in the Meditation Bin for only a short time; there is one more technical problem which I shall share with y'all once I have meditated upon it for a bit.

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115 thoughts on “What Knitting Project Will You Fall In Love With?

  1. oh Sandi,
    The Swing Jacket looks great on you! You are so lucky to be able to try everything on! I can’t wait to see the staff model the projects; I think we’ll learn a lot about them.

    My favorites: I was surprised to be drawn to the turtlenecks: Bonbon pullover and the Citrus Yoke pullover. I am determined to finish my UFOs first though (see what you get for motivating us?) and by then it might be spring! 🙂

  2. You’re making us wait until the end of November for the “test drive” of the current issue’s samples? Well… that’s one way to keep us working on those UFO’s! I am itching to knit that Swing Jacket — which looks awesome on you! — but was waiting to see at least one review of it, or a FO pictured somewhere, and now I have! But… if that hadn’t been my favorite from the issue, I’d be waiting a while longer and I’m not sure if that’s all that cool, seeing as you’ve tried them on already! But hey, that *is* my fave, so off I go stash diving and swatching for it. Thanks!

  3. I am already making my own “Celtic Bag”, and have been looking for the perfect Celtic knot to use when I finish. Looks like I might just wait to get this issue, then use the pattern in it.

  4. As the saying goes – “Too little time, so many books or is that so many knitting(crochet)patterns” I am looking forward to winter – sitting knitting in front of a fire with my cat trying to sleep in my knitting bag.
    Socks and bags are my passion at the moment. But I MUST finish the sweater for my husband!! It keeps getting put aside for Christmas presents/toys/stockings….

  5. I didn’t even think about knitting the swing jacket until I saw it on you. It looks great! Please include the Henley Perfected in your modeling on different bodies. I’m hoping it will look okay on a busty babe! Hah!

  6. I received my new magazine yesterday, what a treat!!!
    I love the Henley Perfected and might try to knit it when I get done with my husbands vest that is supposed to be his Christmas present. I didn’t really like the swing jacket until I saw it on you, Sandi, it looks so nice.
    The assortment of yarns that you use for your projects, I never heard of. Where is it that you buy your yarn for these projects?

  7. Sandi, the Swing Jacket looks great on you. It’s nice to see that curvy girl can wear that kind of top. On a different note, did anyone else think the cover model looked like Jennifer Garner?

  8. I jsut commented on Monday’s post, but I repeat here since its so far down people might not read it, but I did not see my solution for ladders posted by anyone else, and I think it is worth repeating:

    I don’t pull the yarn tight on the stitch as I knit it, but use the needle tip to pull open the stitch I am knitting into a little on the firts two stitches. That takes up the slack in the ladder from the previous round and distributes it into the next two stitches on the row that has already been knitted. (I am sure that was clear as mud.)

    I don’t pull the yarn tight on the stitch as I knit it, but use the needle tip to pull open the stitch I am knitting into a little on the firts two stitches. That takes up the slack in the ladder from the previous round and distributes it into the next two stitches on the row that has already been knitted. (I am sure that was clear as mud.)

  9. I love the idea of seeing the sweaters on all size models. It’s hard to know what will really look good on! Being busty it’s hard to know what will look good. Can’t wait for your pictures. Thanks Phyllis

  10. On loosing the ladders, or “stretch marks” as I call them, I try to have the first stitches on the new needle be knits & I wrap the yarn the “other” way, thus changing the “mount.” On the following rows, the needles is inserted into the back loop of these changed mount stitches so as not to twist the stitches. This procedure becomes habitual & shortens the yarn length between the needles.

  11. You forgot one option in your poll: “Not a single one appealed to me.” A few were ok and/or cute, but I don’t think I’ll ever cast on a single project from this issue. The tutorial on sleeve caps made up for it though!

  12. One of the best issues yet! Too many great projects, I’ve been good and have been trying to get through my WIPs before starting something new, but now may be the time to use that gift certificate to my LYS that I got last Christmas. I’ve been good, but now it’s time to get BAD!


  13. It seems to me that patterns are getting better and better. This issue is terrific, and so are many of the new book. Even the advertisements are looking better all the time.

  14. First off Sandi, that sweater looks better on you than in the magazine!!!

    My favs were the cover sweater and the pg 48 pullover, but it was hard to choose because, yes, this was a very nice issue.

  15. My roommate at college physically took the mag away from me and locked it up until I had finished a major paper that was due the next day. *sob* I had to wait 14 hours to read it!

  16. Thanks–this is the first time I’ve had a clear sense of what that jacket looked like. And please please please please make Erin model that Gathered pullover if possible–I’m dying to see it on someone built like me!

  17. I agree that the sweater looks better on you than in the mag. That’s the one. I fell in love with the Gathered Pullover, though I wonder what it will look like on a more generous figure. Please try it on for us. Pretty please? Thanks.

  18. I fell hard for the Ivy League Vest. SO hard in fact that I didn’t even hesitate, ponder, or wait for others to do it as I normally do – I ordered my (substitute) yarn BEFORE I even had the magazine! I saw the preview online and KNEW I would have to start that one immediately so I ordered yarn in anticipation of the issue arriving in my mailbox 🙂 I have both magazine and yarn now. I have swatched and I just started the actual vest last night. I am in LURVE!!!

  19. I liked a lot of the patterns in this issue and I have already purchased the yarn for the Henley Perfected but the sweater I really want to do is the Kristin Nicholas design in the Nashua/Westminster advertisement.

  20. Oh arrrgggg! I have just checked off 7 projects and, be still my heart, I think I have the very yarn needed for the Gathered Pullover in my stash! But first I have to finish 2 birthday presents (socks & a baby sweater) by Thanksgiving. Hmmmm….one more UFO added to the pile won’t hurt, will it? Sally in New Orleans

  21. While I was intrigued by several of the projects, the one I really thought looked yummy for the cold months ahead was the “Fitted Jacket” in the Blue Sky Alpacas ad. I am on the project diet. Well… That is until I at least get the Modern Quilt Wrap part way finished!!!

  22. I liked several projects, especially after adding my own mental modifications (a long-sleeve ruched shell, anyone?) but the sweater I fell absolutely drop-dead, oh-my-god-gasp-that’s-gorgeous was the orange cabled sweater in the excerpt from Knitter’s Book of Yarn. I ordered the book the same day I got the magazine!

  23. As so many have already commented, the swing jacket looks fabulous on you Sandi – it did nothing for me in the mag, but now it’s on my list! I haven’t had a chance to do my ritual cover to cover read of Winter, but I have looked at the pictures! I have stickies on at least 7 of the projects in this issue… and am doing my best to refrain from acquiring the yarn to make. I’ve still got 5 UFOs and a lifetime of packaged projects (yarn & patterns pulled together ready for cast on…we’re talking TONS in queue). I’m doing my best to control myself…at least through the end of the week!

  24. That jacket looks so much better on you than it does the model! I didn’t even look at it twice when I got the magazine but now that I’ve seen your photo its on the list of ‘seriously consider making’ projects.

  25. The ONE that spoke to me is the “Brushed Lace” cardi. The colors shown are perfect for my fall wardrobe — chocolates and teals — and I’m hoping I can find appropriate yarns that will not strain my pauper’s budget (bugdet for yarn = <$50 per sweater). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  26. Me too! Me too! I can’t wait to get in the door and open the new issue and dream of those new projects. I’ve been saving up projects for my retirement for years now!

  27. Good evening from Germany 😉

    I fell immediately in love with the Celtic Tote because I am a “Rohan woman” by heart. It will suit well to my costumes.

    Gesche Johanna

  28. Let me enter a second (third, fourth…?) to the wish for a more buxom model to show us the gathered pullover! I started picking through my stash and thumbing the yarn catalogs the moment i laid eyes on it!

    Please, please, pretty pretty please with maraschino cherries on top?

  29. I have to admit that -for the first time since I began knitting several years ago – I’m very disappointed in this issue! I, too, look forward to each new issue. So when I had a chance to preview, I jumped on it! However, nothing I see inspires me. I’ll have to enjoy my fall issue and wait it out til spring!


  30. The Gathered Pullover, the Refined Aran Jacket and the Henley Perfected all speak to me. There are others I like, but those three really speak to me. I really hope at least one will be in the Winter Gallery. I truly enjoyed that feature from the summer edition. Thanks for doing it again.

  31. I hate to say that i was also uninspired by this issue, as far as patterns go at least. Very rare that not even one pattern makes me wish I had more free time, but that was the case with this issue. I am looking forward to having time to read the article on set-in sleeves, however.

  32. It is so helpful seeing the clothes on other people! I had barely noticed the Swing Jacket until I saw you wearing it!
    I haven’t got my copy of the magazine yet but I was a bit sad not to see any of the regular models in the preview. Where were they? And will they be coming back?

  33. My first post, and what am I commenting on…the fact that yes the cover model totally looks like Jennifer Garner! I seriously had to look hard and think logically that Jennifer Garner would not be modeling on the cover (her loss).

    Anyway, I love the Henley Perfected and hope to see that busty gals will look fabulous in it.

  34. I have a bad habit of falling madly in love with something completely inappropriate. The one pattern that first caught my eye? The Bonbon Pullover. I have very broad shoulders, and any yoked sweater makes me look like a running back (even worse, it has another horizontal band around the hips, my second widest point!), but even knowing this, that sweater (and the Harlot’s Bohus, and the yoked sweaters in That Laurie’s guest spots on The Harlot’s blog, and, and, and…) makes my heart do that little flip… you know the one? And even though I know perfectly well that I would look ridiculous in it, I WANT THAT SWEATER! Then a little further down, I found the Citrus Yoke Pullover, and with the vertical(ish) cable-lace runs down the yoke, I think that one might even do me some favours… I’ll keep you posted.

  35. I didn’t care for the swing jacket when I first looked through the magazine. Now that you’ve modeled it, I like it quite a bit more.
    Would you mind sharing how much ease in the sweater you’re modeling?

  36. I’m in love with most of them! But I’m jealous – I have to wait 6 weeks from the issue date until my mag hits here in Australia! But… there is one good point – we’re just going into summer here, so by the time I get my UFO’s out of the way, I’ll have plenty of time to knit these before it gets cold!

  37. I, too, was uninspired by any of the sweaters in the winter issue. But I really enjoyed reading the article about the various kinds of alpaca. Having knit with only wool,worsted and DK, most of my life I am going crazy trying out all the new yarns now available. I would like to see an article discussing the properties of other fibers, for example, bamboo, sea kelp, and chitin.
    My daughter-in-law can’t wear wool, so I would like some guidance with cotton yarns.
    Love your column, Sandi. It must be nice to be in a position to see all the newest yarns and patterns. Like working in a candy store!!!

  38. Wow – what a diverse group of knitters we must be. I’m so surprised to see people comment that none of the projects in this issue were particularly appealing. I had just the opposite reaction – I don’t remember ever seeing an issue of any magazine that had more “must knit” projects in it. The cover sweater, that fabulous Henley, the gorgeous Kilm mittens, the absolutely darling Farrow Rib cardi. My only problem is deciding which one to cast on first. To heck with that UFO count!

  39. Hi Sandi,

    Any chance that the Winter Knits Gallery could include the Gathered Pullover designed by Hana Jason? I’ve been going back and forth trying to decide if I’d like to make it for myself, and I think checking out a lineup of different people wearing it could help me out a lot.

  40. I want to knit pretty much the whole magazine! Isn’t that why it’s called yarn p***? I almost always see two or three projects I want to make, but in this issue, I think there is only one that doesn’t sing to me that siren song!

  41. No fair. I’m still waiting for my subscription copy of the Winter magazine to arrive. It seems to take longer to get here, than onto the newsstands. Maybe the border guards are reading it.
    – Donna A – Brampton, Ontario, Canada Nov. 7/07

  42. I was so disappointed!! Generally I salivate over my issue, but this one isn’t even dog-eared on a single page. It looked like the same old patterns, in the same old styles and the same old yarns… Same old, same old… Here’s hoping for Spring!

  43. I like the Henley Perfected – but that model must be a size 2 (maybe 0). I wonder where you put the slipstitch band if you are busty.I’m not great at altering patterns for me yet (great post on that before), but anxiously await your suggestions for making the Henley in a “real girl” size.

  44. So I was apparently away (in body or in spirit) when you posted the galleries of Interweave staffers trying on sample sweaters. Great idea! I come from a sewing background, so I am quite familiar with the concept of design ease. I have always been frustrated with knitting patterns because of their lack of information about the amount of ease intended by the designer. It’s nice to know the size the model is wearing, but without knowing what size the model is, it’s pretty useless. Thanks for giving us a heads up!

  45. Every single sweater was beautiful; however, I would love to know how a person knows what would look good on her. When you go to a store and try on a sweater that you thought you’d love and then look in the mirror – you think to yourself how could I have possibly thought I’d like that – now you, Sandi said in your blog and we saw a picture of you in “the swing jacket” – how do we know what we would look like or do we first go in a store & try on different types of sweaters first?

  46. I really like the ones I marked, but probably not for me to wear. I am not the size or shape that would work. The bag would work, of course, but I really don’t need to knit for me right now anyway.

  47. That DOES look marvelous on you! I suspected it’d be a case of “looks better on a non-model than it does in the magazine!)

    I’m torn; I love the Henley perfected, but would make the sleeves solid until approaching the wrist; 3/4 length solid, the rest, matching lace. Not sure about how hard of a knit this is, though.

    The gansey really caught my eye too! The charts involved put a little fear in me, but then again, the motifs don’t look very hard, either, and after a certain number of rounds and 2-3 repeats, I’m sure I’d have ’em memorized. It’s what I said I was looking for in a first top to make – not covered every inch in cables, yet interesting details that give it just that extra “something” that make it that x factor of why I’d knit it in the first place. Plus, seeing the patterns lengthen upwards as I go would add to the sense of fun of seeing it develop. As well as, being plus-size, the vertical line to these is helpful, yet they aren’t bulky like cables can often be.

  48. I think this was a great issue. I don’t expect to knit a pattern from every issue, but I like to drool.

    I liked the colorwork, the Ivy League vest and the Kilm gloves best.

    I also liked Jess’s Gansey, but what happened to the underarms? How about a few words on how to fix the fit there – is the armpit too high or what?

  49. Sandi —

    Why do we never see plus-size models in the magazine or the galleries? I’m drooling over the Refined Aran Jacket, but am hesitant to spend money on a project when I have no idea how the 50″ size hangs on a wearer — which is what I’d have to make… (sigh).

  50. I agree with Mary C–it would be great to know how much design ease was intended by the designer. Sally Melville did this with her books and it was immensely helpful.

    And by the way, why does the magazine list the wraps per square inch for each yarn, but does not use the new standardized catagories for yarn (1-for fingering, 2 for sport, 3 for dk, 4 for worsted, etc?)

    I liked the citrus pullover(easy),and the bonbon pullover (love color work). The article on sleeve caps looks like it will be very interesting.

  51. Just an idea, but the magazine would really stand out if instead of just your size sm and extra-small models, have the clothes modeled in your usual models and then a large model and a plus size. This would make EVERYONE happy and I agree, having the designers put info in on how they see the ease ( a term I am determined to learn more about and then apply) so that the design stays cohesive. Oh and not to be a pain, but if you do put on crochet things on the free project for knitters site, could you maybe also put knitting instructions too with it? That would make everyone do a dance of joy, I’m sure. We LOVE seeing the clothes on real people with real bodies. My knitting buddy is a small so I know that there is quite a market for slim knits, but we bigger or imperfect gals are unfortunately the majority and I know that in learning more as I knit more I am often discouraged away from a project because I cannot fathom how it would work on anyone but a skinny model. Yeah, I guess I could stop buying food and just buy yarn, but it doesn’t really work like that…I’ve tried -heh. Love the column! As I see your photos to come of some of the projects on the wonderful people of your office I am sure I will become more excited by this issues knits which I only got a second to peruse here online until my magazine comes. The photos of your staff however are the real selling point when it comes to clothes. Keep it up it is fantastic and really makes this site stand out from all the magazines, books and other sites. We love seeing real people in clothes since I cannot seem to knit myself the fantastic figure out of my buddha body, but if you know how to do THAT, Hey I’m in your debt and service forever!
    Thanks for the great posts.

  52. You have definitely sold me on the swing jacket, Sandi, but my heart belongs to Eunny’s Ivy League Vest. The most beautiful thing I have seen in a long while! The Celtic Bag also rocks hard. I have one complaint – why have all the models changed???? I loved your ‘old’ models – the ladies seem like friends to me.

  53. I was going to vote but there was no, “Nothing really grabbed me this issue” option. They are all attractive designs but they just didn’t call my name. I am finding the swing jacket more interesting after seeing it on you, however. Looks great on you.

  54. The Henley Perfected is clearly my project soulmate right now. I. Must. Knit. Now. Seriously, what a great name for it… the Henley Perfected is perfection itself!

  55. I liked many of the projects in this issue, but the sweater that really, really, grabbed me and will not let me go…is in the Holiday issue that I just got…I can’t remember what it is called, but it is the most gorgeous icelandic-type, drop shoulder sleeve seamed, made for big and little people (did I say gorgeous), I can’t wait to get it on my needles…sweater. Unfortunately, my UFO pile is rather high and I really want to finish (whittle it down) these things for Christmas presents….soooo, I will be (please God, grant me some self control) waiting till after the holidays to buy yarn and begin this project. Deedee Winters

  56. I love knittingdaily and Interweave knits. I find the tools informative and oftentimes fun. I also participate in the surveys and find the patterns practical. I believe this weeks survey should have left room to include other sources. My favorite pattern right now is Juliet (Zephyrstyle.com). It is fun, cute, feminine and its simplicity is wonderful. I don’t believe this would take away from this forum.

  57. I’m still making my way through the previous issue, although the swing jacket did catch my eye. I have been a knitter for more than 50 years, and I have rarely been as proud of and thrilled with a project as I am with my newly completed aran knee socks made from the Green Mountain spinnery yarn. I cannot wait until my daughter, newly emigrated to chilly Canada, visits for Thanksgiving, and I am able to give her this amazing pair of socks.

  58. Another plea for including the Gathered Pullover in the gallery. I think this is a great idea for those of us who have some extra curves on the top. Placed correctly that cable section could be very flattering. However, it appears to be pulling quite a bit on the skinny model so I worry that it will be even more distorted on someone with a more ample figure. Perhaps some suggestions for resizing and modifying also?

  59. This issue wasn’t very inspiring for me. I always look for the sock patterns, but it was hard to tell what the Tilting Cable socks looked like. The stripey yarn hides the pattern – definitely not a good choice.
    The Celtic bag with it’s great stich detailing was the only thing I’d think about knitting until I saw you in the swing coat. The magazine picture is too dark to see any of the details, so I just passed it by when looking at the mag.

  60. I think the swing jacket is lovely, but I have promised myself that I would not make another sweater knit entirely in seed stitch (moss stitch?). I quite like the cover cardigan and the gathered pullover though.

  61. Another vote for the Henley Perfected. (There’s some anxiety being expressed about what sweaters will be int the Gallery. Maybe next time you could wait to do the Gallery until after getting votes, and then match up the tested sweaters with the ones people are most intereseted in?)

  62. Hi!
    Living in the Netherlands we’ll have to wait for our issue quite a while, I fear. I’ve had a subscription for several years now, and like it a lot. But I don’t want to spoil the arrival of a fresh magazine by looking at the preview first. So sorry: I won’t take part in this poll!

  63. I’m making sweaters for my daughter so I saw several that I liked–the swing coat is one. I bought a pattern for one & it confused me, so I hope this one is easier to understand. Never mind the “plus-size models”–just someone whose belly & butt poke out due to having a sway-back. I would love a knit skirt…

  64. All the projects in the new Interweave Knits are lovely. The swing jacket, in particular, caught my eye. It will have to wait a bit though. I cast on last night for a new project……a double-knit hat for my hubby made from hand-spun camel yarn.

    I did find the posts on UFO’s very inspiring. So much so that I actually finished a sweater that I started over a year ago. Thanks!!

  65. Since finding this web site, I have decided to subscribe to a more challenging knitting magazine! I have been going with the simple magazines for years, but after seeing these sweaters, I would like to work on more challenging projects. Plus seeing the sweaters on women sized more like I am, tall – 41 inch bust, I realize that I am not “too big” for these sweaters! I have always felt that I couldn’t make sweaters for myself, because they were all made for small women. I am happy the recent patterns in magazines have sizes that go above a 38 inch bust! I was grateful for the picture of the tall woman who modeled one of the summer sweaters. I have the same problem with sweaters that are too short, and tight around the bust. It was nice to see that it was a problem that can be corrected!

  66. Just another thought, I agree with another writer that the real selling point for me on these sweaters is seeing them modeled on real people! Please try that with one of your future issues, and see if those issues don’t fly off the shelves!

  67. sandi, “rosemary” looks better on you than on the model, honest. on you the side lapel near the waist looks more “together” with the other one underneath, and that’s the only bad remark i have on “rosemary”, i myself would have liked the two lapels to come together at the waist, there MUST be a way to get it right, non?
    other than “rosemary”, i like “gathered”, what i like in it is what i call the “tantra knot” detailing, other than that i don’t like thos yoke that luch and the sleeves and the sweater and sleeves seems way too short to my taste, after all it’s winter time and a sweater is supposed to give some coverage from cold weather me thinks. well there’s a remidy, i could always knit just the “tantra knot” and make the rest up, haha.
    the celtic tote is also good for the its celtic knot as well.
    sandi, you’re very lively and reading your news letter is always such a pleasure, you manage to “communicate” TO your readers and that’s why this newsletter is a success.
    Zaz, paris

  68. Unfortnately I am not “in love” with any of the patterns either. The henley is nice and the swing jacket looks great on you Sandi, but I don’t need to make any of them. If I did, they would be UFO’s before I finished the first ball of yarn. I think this is why I am not a subscriber… too often more than 50% of the patterns aren’t appealing to me… The Subway mittens are the only possibility for me this time around… The technical articles are what will convince me to purchase this season.

  69. I loved the Henley perfected and the Selva skirt the most. I also thought the mittens pattern was intriguing as I ride BART every day and need somewhere to keep my card. The little paper ones tend to get de-magnetized if they go near cell phones and duh we all carry one in our purses. This might be just the solution! I am just finishing up the Tangled Yoke cardigan from the last issue of Interweave so this one arrived just in time to line up my next project. Say thanks to all those creative minds for us, Sandi!

  70. A friend wanted a wacking great hole mended in a heel of a wool sock. I picked up stitches above and below it, knitted several rows towards the center and kirtchnered them together. You have to fiddle the side stitches a little but it works. Have fun. Susan

  71. I actually was very disappointed by this issue. I felt like the pictures were unclear and I didn’t fall in love with any of the projects. However, saying that, it’s still way better than most of the knitting magazines out there. I just wish the holiday projects were in this one instead.

  72. I love your daily news, but hate it when one comes like this — all it does is advertise the items in Interweave books. First of all, most of us have the books already, and have no need to keep rehashing what we can see at any time by merey picking up the magazine. Contrast this with the very fun ‘what’s your favorite,’ or ‘here is me in it,’ which who wouldn’t love these? I feel like these shared ‘working through patterns and stitches’ entries are a partnership, and this is the newsletter I signed up for. Not like the one today, which is no more than a ‘cheap trick’ ad. Thanks!

  73. my all time/long time favorite model is the blond womanchild on the cover of the fall 2007 issue. she always looks like she’s hugging a secret amusement to herself and i want to know what she’s thinking…
    i hope she’s just taking a short, exotic vacation and will be back next issue.

    i carry my working yarn in my left hand and when purling, i slip it between the needles and catch it on my left thumb. i wrap the new stitch around the needle with my thumb. when i’m done purling, i let the yarn slip off my thumb and back between the needles, to be tensioned again by my left index finger. the resulting motion is kind of a gentle rocking of my left hand between knit and purl, and i’m one of the few people i know who actually likes ribbing and seed/moss stitch. so it’s rosemary’s swing jacket that has my thumbs itching to cast on. UFO irony all aside.

  74. The Jess’s Gansey is beautiful, would there be a problem knitting it with a cotton or one of the newer non-wool yarns. This just looks like a beautiful sweater asking to be knit in something other than traditional wool.

  75. HI – I don’t know who to ask about this – I am trying to download PDF file with ‘Flower Basket Shawl’ by Evelyn Clark and it gives me an error on page 1 – page 2 and 3 are ok
    can someone check on this

  76. Hi all – I too was a bit disappointed to see none of the garments in the new IK modeled on a larger-size woman. It seems that this issue created the most excitement and letters posted in the KD community. So it would have been nice to see that the editor/publisher (whoever decides on the models) actually listens to us.

    Aside from that I really liked this IK issue, especially the Brushed Lace Cardigan and the Henley Perfected.

  77. Although a lot of the sweaters in this issue are lovely, what really made my heart do flips is the Orange cabled wrap on the bottom of Page 12 in the ‘Discovering Alpaca’ article. Can you give us more of this? it looks delicious!

  78. I would like the Brushed Lace Cardigan, just because I love that kind of yarn and less because of the pattern, but the pattern doesn’t offer a small enough size for me. The Henley Perfected is beautiful and possibly does come small enough (but I’d rather have my Mom knit it for me since she likes to use small needles), the Forbes Forest Pullover is very sharp-looking, though probably too difficult for me to consider making (though it does seem small enough), the Celtic Tote looks great finished (but not sure I’d enjoy the work), and the Gathered Pullover is probably the project that would fit me and be easy enough to knit.

  79. I downloaded the pattern for Jess’s Gansey this morning and while doing that I found the link to Elizabeth Lovick’s website,northernlace.co.uk She has some yummy pattern there too. I can hardly wait to start on the catspaw scarf.

  80. I love Interweave Knits, truly I do. But this issue did not do what Sandi describes. This issue, there were NO items that reached out and begged me to knit them. It was a disappointment, ’cause I love that feeling. The only one that came close was the cover, which is really lovely. And, forgive me, but the models looked different, too–less like the real people, occasionally even people I know, who usually adorn your pages. If this issue represents recent editorial decisions, please reconsider. Thanks–Luisa

  81. Thanks, Sandi, for your wonderful, witty articles. Please keep on offering surveys, asking questions that beg us to answer them, and advertising books that newbies to this site probably haven’t heard of, much less bought.

    I’ve appreciated the Stitch of the Day. If this free service ran less time than formerly planned, that’s OK. Plans change.

    I love the Henley Perfected and want to make it as soon as possible, in some wonderful shade of purple, of course.

    Keep up the good work!

  82. This issue really looks good to me with many more practicle designs. I was delighted to see Jess’s Gansey as I have been looking for a pattern with the gage I could adapt to yarn I have. I’ll surely keep this issue for future reference since there were so many I liked.

  83. You’re right – more than one. Particularly the swing jacket, but it was the picture of you, Sandi, wearing it that sold me. I would have passed it right by in the magazine, thinking it hadn’t been designed as well as it might have been.

    It’s now on my list!

  84. Set-In Sleeves saved my life (and turned a UFO into a completed project) I live in FL so even tho I loved most of the sweaters (I LOVE CABLES)they aren’t practical in this heat unless I can convert them to cotton or a cotton blend.

  85. Hi!

    I was looking at Jess’ Gansey and I’d love to make it but I wondered if you could tell me about how much of that second cone I’m really gonna need for the 41 1/2″ size. The cones are $55 each and I’m on a limited budget so I’d like to buy the 100gm wind-offs if I can, but I’m not sure how many I’d need…


  86. I just read this post. Seeing the Swing Jacket on you, Sandi, along with others saying they are swatching or starting a project from this issue, has convinced me to start this jacket. Of course, I fell in love with it for three reasons: first, it looks easy; second, I love seed stitch; third, and most important, my name is Rosemary. I like the idea of having projects modeled. Also, can you include models in the magazine and online who have gray hair!

  87. Has anyone completed the celtic bag – I have always read patterns right to left but on row 35 – the pattern seems to be left to right. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions?

  88. I am presently completing the third pair of Nicholas fingerless gloves and may yet knit a fourth pair. They are all gifts. However, I have changed the name of the gloves to “Mommy” gloves. All the new mommies in my life are getting a pair PLUS the gothic young friend who would only wear black but mentioned she wanted a pair. Everyone is raving over the gloves. Both the recipients and admirers and those that see me working on the projects with all those needles say I am showing off. Thanks for the pattern.