Knitting Traditions Fall 2014 Preview

In PieceWork’s ninth edition of Knitting Traditions, we explore the practical and creative evolution of knitting. Beginning with a visit to the Orkney Islands, we learn how gansey and lace stitch designs evolved there both through everyday life and because of its particular geography. Then we sail to The Netherlands where, through the colorful lives of fisherfolk, ganseys and their stitch patterns developed into a rich Dutch tradition full of its own symbolism and history.

And there are other sorts of adaptions in this issue. You will discover how one knitter used an eighteenth-century embroidery pattern as inspiration for a stunning colorwork mitten design. Another knitter translated a 1920s golf stocking pattern into a stylish, yet practical, liner for a pair of Wellington boots. And yet another knitter acquired an intriguing pair of slippers at a farmer’s market that were knitted in Iran with handspun yarn. She reverse engineered a sweet pattern perfectly connecting cultural tradition with contemporary design. Galina A. Khmeleva combined elements of Orenburg knitting with Scandinavian design to create the gorgeous shawl that graces our cover.

In this issue, I hope that you’ll discover your own knitting connections through the people and their land, the culture, the history, and best of all, the beautiful knitwear.




Jess's Cushion    Elizabeth Lovick

Vlaardingen Trio: Gansey, Hat, and Socks
Stella Ruhe and Bianca Boonstra

Skolt Sámi Mittens
Laura Ricketts


Swedish Jämtland Mittens
Carol Huebscher Rhoades


Islamic-Patterned Shoulder Bag in Indigo and White
Chris Laning




Persian Slippers
Donna Druchunas



Fritillary Mittens
Heatherly Walker


Wellington Boot Liners
Laurie Sundstrom


Mademoiselle Riego’s Work Bag
Lesley O'Connell Edwards




Musket Mittens


A Civil War-Era Sontag
Colleen Formby


Baby’s Christening Set: Gown, Bonnet, and Stockings
Eileen Lee




Baby Booties from a Vintage Pattern
Nancie M. Wiseman


Classic Gossamer Triangular Shawl
Inna Voltchkova


Evening Stockings for a Young Lady
Nancy Bush




Snowflake Lace: An Elements-of-Orenburg Scarf
Inna Voltchkova



Fire and Rose Shawl
Galina A. Khmeleva








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   124 Abbreviations & Techniques

   128 Sources for Supplies


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Stories, Projects & Techniques

8 Ganseys and Lace in the Orkney Isles—Elizabeth Lovick

15 Jess’s Cushion—Elizabeth Lovick

18 Fisherman’s Bounty--Dutch Traditional Ganseys: Sweaters from 40 Villages—Stella Ruhe
23 Vlaardingen Trio: Gansey, Hat, and Socks—Bianca Boonstra

30 Skolt Sámi and Their Knitting Legacy—Laura Ricketts

36 Skolt Sámi Mittens—Laura Ricketts

40 Red Mittens from Sveg, Sweden: Tracing Their Story—Ingela Fredell

44 Swedish Jämtland Mittens—Carol Huebscher Rhoades

48 Islamic-Patterned Shoulder Bag in Indigo and White—Chris Laning

50 Persian Slippers—Donna Druchunas
54 Fritillary Mittens—Heatherly Walker

58 Wellington Boot Liners—Laurie Sundstrom

60 The Prolific, Enigmatic Mademoiselle Eleonore Riego de la Branchardiere—Lesley O’Connell Edwards

65 Mademoiselle Riego’s Work Bag— Lesley O’Connell Edwards

68 Reaching Out: Knitting during the American Civil War—Beverly Gordon

72 Musket Mittens
73 Commend Me to a Knitting Wife: Resources & References for Civil War Knitting —Colleen Formby

78 A Civil War-Era Sontag to Knit— Colleen Formby

82 Baby’s Christening Set: Gown, Bonnet, and Stockings—Eileen Lee

87 Baby Booties to Knit from a Vintage Pattern—Nancie Wiseman 
90 How My Mother Learned to Knit—Marian Gold

94 Classic Gossamer Triangular Shawl—Inna Voltchkova

104 Evening Stockings for a Young Lady to Knit—Nancy Bush

108 Snowflake Lace—An Elements of Orenburg Scarf—Inna Voltchkova

117 Fire and Rose Shawl—Galina A. Khmeleva

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