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  • knit.wear Fall/Winter 2013

    The Fall/Winter issue of knit.wear takes sumptuous to a new level with 24 thoughtful designs worked in luxury fibers. Drape, silhouette, and texture combine in unique knits, from the dramatic in Cocoon to the smart in Midtown Original, from the skewed in Angle Intrigue to the simply pretty in Natural Grace. Learn about setting cables on the bias, how to prevent pilling, and the art of colorblocking for your body type. 

    Pre-order the physical issue or purchase the digital edition now! On newsstands October 1.

    knit.wear Fall/Winter Sources

  • knit.wear Spring 2013

    Celebrate the beauty of knitting with the Spring 2013 issue of knit.wear. Angular silhouettes and sleek textures make the most of spring fibers. Take inspiration from knits with strong lines and soft color (“White Lines”), long, lean silhouettes (“Soft Geometry”), modern, versatile shapes (“Open/Close”), simply pretty lace (“Lace Deconstructed”), and vibrant, youthful color (“By Numbers”). We’ll also take a look at a new way to shape intarsia, a deconstruction of handkerchief hems, and fiber artist Johan Ku. The building blocks of knitting, made new.

    Pre-order the physical issue or purchase the digital edition now! On newsstands April 2.


  • knit.wear, Premiere 2011

    With a sophisticated sensibility and a range of projects that challenge knitting convention, knit.wear celebrates authentic luxury for every day. Each issue features sleek, simple, artful handknits for the thoughtful knitter, in-depth technique articles that refine tradition, design how-tos and inspiration, and much more.

    Check out our brand-new knitting issue: knit.wear, simple handknits for the thoughtful knitter. We're focusing on conceptual, wearable knits with a clean, modern aesthetic—built in unusual ways and with interesting techniques. Interesting to knit, easy to wear.