Knitting Traditions, Fall 2012: A PieceWork Magazine Special Issue

Here's a glimpse of what's in Knitting Traditions Fall 2012.  This is the 5th edition of this special issue from the editors of PieceWork.

Jeremina Robertson Colvin left her home in the Shetland Islands in 1885 for Cowichan Station in British Columbia, Canada. When Jeremina met Mary Edwards, a Cowichan, the two women formed a bond that remained steadfast throughout their lives: knitting played a major role in their friendship.
Jeremina and Mary's story is just one of many compelling accounts in this fifth edition of PieceWork's Knitting Traditions. Other passionate knitters whom you'll meet include Cornelia Mee, a nineteenth-century English author of knitting books and certainly one of the first knitting entrepreneurs, and the American poet and knitter Virginia Woods Bellamy, who received a patent for her "Number Knitting" in 1948.
You'll also learn how the surprise discovery in an antiquarian bookshop of a color illustration from a nineteenth-century French book led a designer to develop her Bavarian Leg Warmers project. Our nine vintage patterns (six sweaters, a hat and scarf set, and pair of mittens) were knitted using the original instructions from vintage magazines. They are reproduced here exactly as they originally appeared.

It seems that knitting traditions and connections are everywhere, sometimes in the most unlikely places.




Butterfly Wrap
Susan Strawn


Bare Shoulder Stole
Susan Strawn




Divided Triangle Neckpiece
Susan Strawn



Hand & Arm Coverings

Quince and Vine Half Gloves
Carol Huebscher Rhoades



Victorian Lace Sleeves
Ava T. Coleman


Traditional Lithuanian Pattern Mittens
Sonata Eidikiené

Gloves from Muhu Island
Nancy Bush


Suffragette Collar and Cuffs
Ava T. Coleman




Feet & Leg Coverings

Orenburg Wedding Socks
Galina A. Khmeleva

Jeune Fille d'Aibling en Bavière
Donna Druchunas


From Weldon's: A Knitted Sock or Stocking with Provision of a Second Heel and Toe
Ann Budd

Head Coverings

Dear Little Baby Hat
Anne Shoring

Archival Knitting Notebooks: Ursula Bund Lace Edgings
Elizabeth Semper O'Keefe



A Victorian Lace Snood
Donna Druchunas




A Bead-Knitted Bag
Connie Grevers

Household Items

Wordsworth's Knee Rug
June Hall



Swedish Pillows
Karin Kahnlund



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     • Sources for Supplies


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Stories, Projects & Vintage Patterns

Triangular Snowflake Shawl--Galina A. Khmeleva
Persian's Walk with Faroes Shawl--Karen E. Hooton
A Gossamer Scarf--Inna Voltchkova
Virginia Woods Bellamy: Knitter and Poet--Ann W. Braaten
Number Knitting: The New All-Ways Stretch Method--Susan Strawn

A Vintage Skating Scarf and Alpine Hat

Bead and Lace Knitting for Everyday and Festive Occasions--Carol Huebscher Rhoades
Quince and Vine Half Gloves--Carol Huebscher Rhoades
Fashion Forward: Detached Sleeves through the Centuries--Ava T. Coleman
Victorian Lace Sleeves--Ava T. Coleman
Traditional Lithuanian Pattern Mittens--Sonata Eidikiene

The Colorful and Textured Knitting of Muhu Island--Nancy Bush
Gloves from Muhu Island--Nancy Bush
Knitted Collars and Cuffs--Ava T. Coleman
Suffragette Collar and Cuffs--Ava T. Coleman
Vintage Norwegian Mittens

Orenburg Wedding Socks--Galina A. Khmeleva
Jeune Fille d'Aibling en Bavière--Donna Druchunas
From Weldon's: A Knitted Sock or Stocking with Provision of a Second Heel and Toe--Ann Budd

Peruvian Knitting Right Side Out--Linda Ligon
Knitting Notebooks from the 19th Century--Lesley O'Connell Edwards
Archival Knitting Notebooks: Ursula Bund Lace Edgings--Elizabeth Semper O'Keefe
Dear Little Baby Hat--Anne Shoring
Snoods through the Ages--Donna Druchunas
A Victorian Lace Snood--Donna Druchunas

Cornelia Mee: A 19th-Century Knitting Entrepreneur and Writer--Lesley O'Connell Edwards
Shell Knitting for a Bag in German Wool--Lesley O'Connell Edwards
Bead-Knitted Clasp Bags from the Netherlands--Henny Abbink, Anke Grevers,and Connie Grevers
A Bead-Knitted Bag--Connie Grevers
An 1849 Purse

Simple Comforts at Dove Cottage, William Wordsworth's Home--June Hall
Wordsworth's Knee Rug--June Hall
Swedish Knitting Traditions--Karin Kahnlund
Swedish Pillows--Karin Kahnlund
Miss Pruden's Lace Diary--Janet Johnson Stephens

Jeremina Colvin and Mary Edwards: Sharing and Creating a New Tradition--Susan A. Burden
A Vintage Jacket-Wrap Sweater
A Vintage Striped Slip-On Sweater
Vintage Lady Betty Sweater
A Vintage Norfolk Jacket
A Vintage Two-Toned Sweater
A Vintage Little Sweater for the Little One

The Knitting Mania

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