Knitting Traditions, Spring 2013

Knitting Traditions Spring 2013 brings together knitting traditions from around the world and across time. This issue features over 20 knitting patterns with inspiring and informative companion stories that frame the projects in cultural and historical context. Patterns include a vintage pucker-stitch knitted sweater, Orenburg lace scarves, gorgeous gloves and mittens, a miniature silk bag based on one from the 14th century, a sweet sweater and mitts for baby, and more! Plus, you'll find poignant stories about special knitters and a look at knitting schools in Elizabethan England.

Learn about the history of the Jack Frost Yarn Company and its popular, now-vintage knitted pattern books. Enjoy photographs of early Jack Frost pattern booklets and create your own vintage baby cardigan with the Jack Frost Baby Cardigan knitting pattern. Join Galina Khmeleva in an exploration of different types of Russian knitting needles and create your own set with instructions for personalized knitting needles. Try your hand at the challenging Honeycomb lace motif with Galina's knitted scarf pattern. Learn about the history of Waldorf schools and their practice of teaching children to knit in the first grade to improve hand-eye coordination, concentration, and creativity in students. Create your own Waldorf-inspired knitted horse toys to foster creative and imaginative play for a child in your life.

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Naomi: An Anna Marie Jensen Doily
Ava T. Coleman


Jack Frost Baby Cardigan
Heather A. Vaughan





Toy Horses
  Angela Davis



An Aran for Füles
Marika Simon


Olga’s Learning Socks
Rachel Russ


Grandmother’s Finnish Socks
Tuulia Salmela



Grandfather’s Stockings
Donna Druchunas


Nordic Mittens for Baby
Susan Strawn



Miniature Sion Bag
Chris Laning


Ancient Riga Mittens
Barbara S. Plakans

Latvian Usinš and Sun Mittens
Lizbeth Upitis


Groenlo Mittens
Bianca Boonstra

Moose at Sundown Gloves Annemor Sundbø

An Aran-Stitch Vest
Anna Zilboorg



An Orenburg Honeycomb Lace Scarf
Galina A. Khmeleva


Summer Flowers Gossamer Scarf
Inna Voltchkova

Remembrance Socks Heatherly Walker



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Stories, Projects & Techniques

Pucker-Stitch Jumper—Debbie O’Neill
Myrtle-Leaf Scarf—Ava T. Coleman
Interpreting a Vintage Knitted Tie Pattern—Donna Druchunas
A Vintage Knitted—Tie Donna Druchunas
Naomi: An Anna Marie Jensen Doily-—Ava T. Coleman

The Jack Frost Yarn Company and Handknitting in the United States—Heather A. Vaughan
Jack Frost Baby Cardigan-—Heather A. Vaughan
Sasha Dolls—Ann Louise Chandler and Susanna E. Lewis with Anne Votaw
Sweaters for Sasha Dolls—Susanna E. Lewis

Knitting Schools in Elizabethan England—Lesley O’Connell Edwards
Knitting in the Amanas—Susan Strawn
The Knitting Tradition in Waldorf Education—Angela Davis
Waldorf-Inspired Toy Horses—Angela Davis

The Handwork Heritage of an Escapee—
Marika Simon
An Aran for Füles—Marika Simon
Learning to Knit Socks in Latvia—Rachel Russ
Olga’s Learning Socks—Rachel Russ
Grandmother’s Socks: Traditional Finnish Knitting— Tuulia Salmela

Grandmother’s Finnish Socks—Tuulia Salmela
My Grandfather’s Stockings—Darlene Watson
Grandfather’s Stockings—Donna Druchunas
The Storvik/Johnson Family of Norwegian Knitters
Laurann Gilbertson
Nordic Mittens for Baby—Susan Strawn

Medieval Masterpieces: The Purses of Sion—Chris Laning
Miniature Sion Bag—Chris Laning
Centuries-Old Mittens from Latvia—Barbara S. Plakans
Ancient Riga Mittens—Barbara S. Plakans
Role of Mittens in Latvian Marriage Rites—Lizbeth Upitis
Latvian Usinš and Sun Mittens—Lizbeth Upitis
Almost Lost: The Pattern for Groenlo Mittens—Bianca Boonstra
Groenlo Mittens—Bianca Boonstra
Universal Language in Norwegian Knitting—Annemor Sundbø
Moose at Sundown Gloves—Annemor Sundbø
An Aran-Stitch Vest—Anna Zilboorg
Knitting Needles from Orenburg—
Galina A. Khmeleva

Make Your Own Orenburg Knitting Needles—Galina A. Khmeleva
An Orenburg Honeycomb Lace Scarf—Galina A. Khmeleva

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