Knitting Traditions Fall 2013

The seventh edition of PieceWork’s Knitting Traditions is all about lace—its magic and mystery and its ethereal quality—as expressed in knitting." —Jeane Hutchins, editor

Enjoy 148 pages filled with knitted lace perfect to knit in the summer and fall months. Find stunning stoles, scarves, shawls, an entire section with lace patterns from Victorian England, and lacy edgings, doilies, socks, and more. In addition to new patterns designed for this edition, our archives yielded a selection of older lace patterns that are no longer widely available. Plus, indulge in the inspiring and informative companion stories that frame the knitted lace projects in historical context.





Dutch Lace Crescent Scarf
Donna Druchunas


Lyanna's Shawl
Katrina King




Lacy Triangular Shawl
  Inna Voltchkova



Koloski Scarf
Galina A. Khmeleva


Meteliza Scarf
Inna Voltchkova


Lacy Afternoon Tea Blouse
Karen E. Hooton



A lace Edging
Mary Frances Wogec


Lacy Bag for Lingerie
Ava T. Coleman



A Niebling-Inspired Lace Bag
Mary Frances Wogec


 Janet Doily
Ava T. Coleman

 Star Doily
Mary Schiffman

Freda Frase Square Doily 
Mary Schiffman

Lacy Socks
 Nancy Bush

Latvian Socks 
Nancy Bush



Lacy Linen Socks
Theresa Gaffey


A Lace Sampler
Linda Pratt



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       •Abbreviations & Techniques
       • Sources for Supplies


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Stories, Projects & Techniques

An Elegant Beaded Lace Stole—Anniken Allis
Osprey Shetland Lace Cloud Stole—Anne Carroll Gilmour
Halldóra Long Shawl—Hélène Magnússon
Dutch Lace Crescent Scarf—Donna Druchunas
Lyanna’s Shawl—Katrina King
Cobwebs from the Steppes: Russian Lace-Knitted Shawls—Melanie Falick
The Lacy Triangular Shawl—Inna Voltchkova
Koloski (Ears-of-Wheat) Scarf—Galina A. Khmeleva
Meteliza Scarf—Inna Voltchkova
Buying Lace on a Russian Train—Joyce Walker

From Victorian England: Weldon’s Practical Needlework
Knitted Lace Mitten for a Lady
Lady’s Fancy Knitted Glove
Trellis Stripe for a Quilt
Star Pattern d’Oyley
A Knitted Nightcap
Bird’s-Eye Lace, with Mitred Corner
Twin Cable Border and Corner

Lacy Afternoon Tea Blouse—Karen E. Hooton
Rose Wilder Lane: From the Little House on the Prairie to Author, Political Activist, and Needleworker—Donna Druchunas
A Lace Edging—Mary Frances Wogec
A Lacy Bag for Lingerie—Ava T. Coleman
Herbert Niebling: Grand Master of Lace Knitting—Mary Frances Wogec
A Lace Bag Inspired by Herbert Niebling—Mary Frances Wogec
Anna Marie Jensen’s Janet Doily—Ava T. Coleman
Lacy Knitting Patterns from Mary Schiffmann’s Collection—Nancy Nehring
Star Doily
Freda Frase’s Square Doily
Lacy Socks—Nancy Bush
Latvian Socks—Nancy Bush
Who Was Miss Money? In Search of a Victorian Knitter—June Hall
Lacy Linen Washcloths—Theresa Gaffey
A Miniature Lace Tablecloth—Mary Frances Wogec
A Lace Sampler—Linda Pratt


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