PieceWork November/December 2013

This issue is all about collecting and collections and about myriad treasure hidden everywhere, from museums to attics, whether located two blocks away or as far away as India.
Create your own treasures with our knitting, embroidery, crochet, and cross-stitch patterns!


Mary Lycan

Laurel Lohnson

Toni Rexroat

Lily Chin

Karsaniko Coaster
Mary Bush

Ida McKinley's Slippers Julie Holetz




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Features & Projects
Volume XXI Number 5


8 The Roosters in the Gore: A Connecticut Mitten Mystery in Two Museums Mary Lycan
12 Clara Barrows’s Mittens to Knit Mary Lycan

18 Big Lessons from Little Stitches: Needlework Magazines and the Education of Young Girls in the Early Twentieth Century Mary Dickinson Bird
21 For Young Embroiderers: Kitchen Towel to Stitch

24 Fabulous Flappers Kathy Augustine

28 Fox Traveling Bag to Crochet and Cross-Stitch

31 New World, Old Fear: The Story behind a Family’s Shawl and Quilt Veronica Patterson

36 Chinese Silk Baby Carrier to Knit Lily M. Chin

40 Maria Stavraka and the Embroidery of Karya Mary Polityka Bush
44 Karsaniki Coaster to Embroider Mary Polityka Bush

47 First Lady Ida Saxton McKinley and Her Crocheted Slippers Betsy Butler
50 Ida McKinley’s Slippers to Crochet

52 A Washcloth in a Suitcase Sara Lamb
54 Gladys’s Washcloth to Knit Sara Lamb

56 The Archaeology of Cotton: A Quest Cynthia Harvey Baker


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