Knitting Traditions Spring 2014

In PieceWork’s eighth edition of Knitting Traditions, we pay tribute to determined individuals and an array of cottage industries and cooperatives that have turned to knitting for income.

In this issue, you will meet Ceceila, a Cowichan knitter in western Canada who recalls knitting into the early hours of the morning by candlelight, knowing the sweater she finishes for sale will keep her children from going hungry; and James Moar, an invalid in 1880s Shetland, who learned to knit from his sisters, so he could contribute to the family income. You will discover the powerhouse stocking knitting trade that flourished in Wales for over two hundred years and the knitting cottage industries of Macedonia that have thrived from the nineteenth century to the bustling markets of today. You also will meet the Swedish social reformer, Berta Borgström, who formed a knitting cooperative to help women in need and to preserve her country’s traditions. Enjoy their amazing stories and over 20 companion projects to knit!



Prince of Wales Sanquhar Gloves
Angharad Thomas


Winter: A Sanquhar Glove Pattern
Beth Brown-Reinsel




Welsh Socks with a Quirk
Judy Alexander



Kajakakiri Stole
Aime Edasi, Pille Källe, Nancy Bush


Binge Bjärbo Cap from Sweden
Carol Huebscher Rhoades


Vävnaden Handwarmers
Courtney Kelley




Colorwork Hat from Macedonia
Stanka Dimitrova


Barnim-Style Stockings
Anne DesMoines


Salish Fusion Fingerless Gloves and Salish Fusion Toque
Sylvia Olsen




Arctic Tundra Scarf
Donna Druchunas


Dainty Work for Profit







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Stories, Projects & Techniques

8 Aran Knitwear: The Myth and the Misty Reality—Anne Carroll Gilmour

13 Tree of Life Aran Vest—Anne Carroll Gilmour

19 Kempin Like Mad: Diary of a Shetland Knitter—Hazel Tindall

23 Slyde Cardigan—Hazel Tindall

27 The Telling Treasures of Uyeasound—Elizabeth Lovick

31 Uyeasound Table Runner—Elizabeth Lovick

33 By the Dexterous Use of Two Threads: Gloves and the Handknitting Industry of Sanquhar, Scotland—Angharad Thomas

37 Prince of Wales Sanquhar Gloves—Angharad Thomas

41 Winter: A Sanquhar Glove Pattern—Beth Brown-Reinsel

45 Knitting Stockings in Wales—S. Minwel Tibbott

47 Welsh Socks with a Quirk—Judy Alexander

50 Teaching the Poor to Knit: Knitting Teachers in England from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century—Lesley O’Connell Edwards

56 On the Promenade: The Lace Knitting of Haapsalu, Estonia—Nancy Bush

60 Kajakakiri Stole—Aime Edasi, Pille Källe, Nancy Bush

64 Binge: Industrious Knitting in South Sweden—Carol Huebscher Rhoades

68 Binge Bjärbo Cap from Sweden—Carol Huebscher Rhoades

71 The Industry of Women: Emma Jacobsson and Bohus Stickning—Courtney Kelley

74 Vävnaden Handwarmers—Courtney Kelley

77 Knitting in Macedonia: Survival and Creativity—Jasemin Nazim

81 Colorwork Hat from Macedonia—Stanka Dimitrova

83 Made for a Prince: The Sixteenth-Century Stocking Trade—Chris Laning

86 Barnim-Style Stockings—Anne DesMoines

90 Working with Wool: A Coast Salish Legacy & the Cowichan Sweater—Sylvia Olsen

96 Salish Fusion Fingerless Gloves and Salish Fusion Toque—Sylvia Olsen

99 Oomingmak Musk Ox Producers’ Cooperative: Qiviut Lace in Alaska—Donna Druchunas

103 Arctic Tundra Scarf—Donna Druchunas

106 Dainty Work for Profit

112 Ancestral Memory: Knitting in the Shadow of Mount Ausangate—Linda Ligon

119 Knitting with Dignity: The Molo Wool Project in Kenya—Gwen Meyer 

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