PieceWork July/August 2014

This issue of PieceWork is all about discovery. Imagine opening a trunk and finding your grandmother’s satin wedding gown as well as a special linen duster with lapels and cuffs worked in exquisite Irish crochet that belonged to your great-grandmother. That’s what happened to Laura Esther Ricketts, who tells her story in “Edith Graham Mayo’s Linen Duster with Irish Crochet Accents.”

Bart Elwell discovered Yap Lace, an intriguing edging combining crochet and needle lace, in an 1874 issue of Peterson’s Magazine. Although he found it a “brain-teasing maze of parts that build upon each other,” he advises that “the results are well worth the effort.” And they (shown at left) certainly are.

PieceWork’s ongoing exploration of needlework’s past is filled with new discoveries. Delve into this issue, discover more about needlework’s history, and satisfy (or further whet!) your own curiosity.


Laura Esther Ricketts

Mary Polityka Bush

Katrina King

Bookmarks to Net  Rita Bartholomew

Bart Elwell

Lita Rosing-Schow






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Features & Projects

Volume XXII, Number 4

10 Edith Graham Mayo’s Linen Duster with Irish Crochet Accents
Laura Esther Ricketts

15 Irish Crochet Cuffs to Make
Laura Esther Ricketts

20 Catherine of Aragon Wasn’t the First: England’s Blackwork Embroidery
Mary Polityka Bush

23 A Moorish Motif to Embroider in Double Running Stitch
Mary Polityka Bush

26 Compass Rose Shawl to Knit
Katrina King

30 Giant Bobbins, Cords, and the Franciscans
Angela Peel

33 Honiton Lace: One of England’s Loveliest Laces
Jo Ann Eurell and Laurie Waters

40 A Chain of Netting
Rita Bartholomew

44 Bookmarks to Net
Rita F. Bartholomew

50 A Yap Lace Edging in Crochet and Needle Lace
Bart Elwell

56 The Icelander Sweater from the Faroe Islands
Lita Rosing-Schow

59 How to Knit an Icelander
Lita Rosing-Schow



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