Episode 1606

Jun 26, 2008

Embroidery on Jeans

Shay uses a freeform pattern to embroidery flowers onto jeans


1606Barry Klein from Trendsetter Yarns and Laura Bryant from Prism Yarns come back to share their knitting knowledge with a ribbon knitting demonstration. Learn to make a ribbon boa, or add ribbon edging or embellishments to any project. Yarn featured can be found at http://www.trendsetteryarns.com/index.htm and http://prismyarn.com/.

Trendsetter Yarns
16745 Saticoy Street Suite #101
Van Nuys, CA 91406
(800) 446-2425

Prism Yarns

Knit Kimono

Vicki Square, author of Knit Kimono (Interweave Press, 2007) visit the editor’s corner with knitting lessons on how to make a classy knitted clasp and intarsia knitted detail to embellishment a kimono.Interweave Press
201 E Fourth Street
Loveland, CO 80537
(800) 272-2193

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cas wrote
on Jun 26, 2008 9:23 AM
It's very disappointing to visit a website for "how to" instructions on a project shown on an episode, then to be shuffled around to different areas, only to be offered a brief synopsis of the project with little or no instructions and/or more links. Martha Stewart, Carol Duvall, Scrapbooking shows, other knitting shows, etc. all offer complete instructions on projects shown on TV in an easy to access format, except for Shay Pendray's show. Not a popular policy in our group!
on Jun 26, 2008 9:23 AM
yeah really disappoiting!
yumjo wrote
on Jul 16, 2009 5:49 PM

Re: instructions for projects shown on TV...I wholeheartedly agree with "cas."  I expected instructions on projects.  I'm very disappointed to find nothing.  Again...not a popular decision and very discouraging.  It's really too bad because Shay Pendray's show is quite nice, but not worth watching without "how to" instructions!

JMoreno wrote
on Feb 24, 2010 5:52 AM

A-ha!  Does not Shay direct to follow this path in order to access instructions?  I was becoming frustrated in my search...  Thanks to the 'folks' who comment, now I know; and that's it for Shay and this site!  Goodness... I just learned more from the posted comments than from the show synopsis.  

DeborahC@44 wrote
on Jul 6, 2010 8:04 PM

I couldn't find instructions. I'm so disappointed.  Can't even find any info on how to order this one episode.

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