Episode 1609

Jun 26, 2008

Cell Phone Case

Shay needle points a cell phone case using silk thread and pretty fabric from inspiration.

Mid-felted Purse

Cindy Taylor displays felted bags with silk taffeta ribbon yarn and needle felting and embroidered embellishments. She also shows us the newest ebony needles from Lantern Moon. All yarn and needles can be found at www.lanternmoon.com.
Lantern Moon
7911 N.E. 33rd Drive, Suite 140
Portland, Oregon 97211
(800) 530-4170

Crochet Squared

Marsha Polk, author of Crochet Squared, shows some of the garments and accessories you can make by just crocheting squares and rectangles.
F & W Publications,
North Light Books
(800) 448-0915

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