Episode 1710

Jun 26, 2008

Plimoth Plantation

Travel with Shay to the Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and see beautiful pieces of historical embroidery. Also, learn how Plimoth Plantation cares for these small pieces of history.

Plimoth Plantation, a Smithsonian Institution affiliate, is a living History museum located in Plymouth Massachusetts with four major exhibits including the Wampanoag Homesite, 1627 English Village, Crafts Center, and MayflowerII, a reproduction ship modeled after the 17th century sailing vessel that brought the colonists to Plymouth in 1620.

Open daily 9 - 5,
March 22 through Thanksgiving,
Plimoth Plantation
PO Box 1620
Plymouth, MA 02362

Embellish Your Knitwear

Embellish Your Knitwear - Needle Arts Studio
Editor of Interweave Knits Magazine Eunny Jang is back in the studio demonstrating how to embellish your knitwear, whether it’s embroidery, appliqué, or needle felting, some garments just call for a little extra sparkle. Eunny shows examples of embellished knitwear from Folk Style and Bag Style, both books published by Interweave Press.
Interweave Press
201 E Fourth St
Loveland, CO 80537
(800) 272-2193

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JudiP wrote
on Jun 26, 2008 11:21 AM
Dear Shay, This episode was aired here locally and I want to really thank you for something having to do with embroidery with wools. I know that knitting and crochet is really hot but some of us do crewel, needlepoint and stumpwork! I have watched your program for many years and I wish I had had the equipment to record them what a library of surface stitches that would be. Thank you for the millions of stitches that you have pulled through some fabric or other to enlighten and inspire all of us who go giddy at the sound of a needle full of thread popping through drum tight fabric. I know that Kathleen Sams' company is a sponsor but that woman talks so much I get up for another cup of tea because it is a guarantee that half the program will be devoted to her patterns and it is not that the patterns are not quite lovely but Kathleen is like a dragonfly on a hot summer day taking 15 minutes to say 5 minutes worth.

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