The Winning Sweater!

And the winner is…

The Farmer's Market Cardigan, by Connie Chang Chinchio! Whoo-hoo!

Everyone please give Connie, the designer of this fine cardigan, a round of applause for designing something so unusual and so flattering. I love this sweater, and I'm thrilled that you folks chose it for me to make for myself! You have such good taste 🙂

Actually, I was very impressed at the level of comments that came in with your votes. Many of you took the time to go over various fit details of your choices, explaining why you thought that particular shape would flatter me. I was quite amazed, not just at the time you took (thank you!), but at the insights you all had into garment choice. I think, needless to say, we've all learned a TON about shaping and fit and body curves over the past three years. (Perhaps we all deserve a round of applause, too!)

So the Farmer's Market Cardigan it is. And by the way: If any of you would like to join me in knitting this cute cardi, the pattern is in the Fall 2009 issue of Interweave Knits magazine.

What's next? Well, we have to choose some YARN, my friends! I know I said I would ask for help choosing yarn…but I'm wicked. I've already chosen the yarn. Not that I meant to choose the yarn, you understand. I meant to have all of you make suggestions and then vote and all that…but I was in my local yarn shop, and, well, let's just say that some yarn fell on me. Yes, that's what happened, some yarn fell off the shelves and landed on me. Now, it landed very softly on me, a whole skein of it barely brushing my skin…and that's how I noticed how cushy it was, and how soft-to-the-skin it was.

I had a yarn accident. You understand. Maybe you've had one yourself in your own local yarn shop?

Now as it happens, there wasn't enough of the color I coveted any particular color for a whole sweater, so I put the yarn back neatly on the shelf. But I knew it was The Yarn–thus, I present to you Dream in Color Classy, a gorgeous worsted weight yarn that comes in all sorts of glowing colors. Why don't you go look at the colors here–and then would you come back here and tell me which color you think would look best (leave a comment; I really do read them all!)? I'll be honest and say right up front that I have a color already in mind, but I am open to suggestions. No, I won't tell you what color I am thinking of, I don't want to influence your thoughts on the matter. Suggest away! You never know; I might be persuaded to pick the color you suggest.

Once a color is chosen, I shall ask the wonderful Megan, owner of Lettuce Knit, my local yarn shop, to order the yarn for me! And whilst we await its arrival, let's choose a size and take a look at the schematic to see if I need to make any alterations for my particular curves. I'll blog about that process here–partly to demonstrate how I go about it, but also to solicit your advice and help along the way. I've learned that you folks often see things about myself that I cannot see because I am too close to that girl in the mirror. 🙂


Report: The Pretty Little Thing

I finished it! I finished the little cowl made out of my very own handspun, and it's drying now after being lightly blocked. Someone asked me in the comments how one blocks something knit in the round, as it is impossible to spread it flat in a single layer.

Answer: I lay the garment flat (as a double layer) on either my blocking board or a couple of towels. I gently pat it into shape, making sure that the bottom layer is just as carefully nudged into shape as the top layer. If there are points or scallops, I pull them out together so that they match in length. Either way, I make sure that the edges line up and the whole thing is even and as symmetrical as it is meant to be.

So my pretty little cowl is still drying. Once it's dry, then I can play with it a bit to see how much memory the lace pattern gives the 50/50 silk/alpaca blend. So far, though…I love how it turned out! (Pattern: Pretty Thing, the Yarn Harlot's lace cowl design.)


There's more I could blog about–a little Bolero comes to mind–but I made quite a stellar mistake in that cute little mini-sweater, and I need some time to recover my dignity before I post about it. Next week, I promise.

Knit with joy…

– Sandi

P.S. Let me know what you think! You can email me at or you can leave a comment.


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39 thoughts on “The Winning Sweater!

  1. Whatever color you pick is going to be gorgeous, but I’m a fan of In Vino Veritas.

    (that may be because I want a sweater in that yarn, in that color for me. But that doesn’t prevent me wanting one for you, too!)

  2. Oooohhhhh – I truly can’t decide which I’d use for sure. Such lovely colors………..okay, after much deliberation, I feel it’s a toss-up between Nightwatch in the 200 series, or Dusky Aurora in the 300 series.

    Gee – as if I don’t covet enuff different types of yarn already!! LOL

  3. Hello Sandi! I love the Farmer’s Market Cardigan and am looking forward to the later discussions!

    In response to the other’s reader’s query about blocking things in the round, I wanted to share a tip from the book “Arctic Lace: Knitting Projects and Stories Inspired by Alaska’s Native Knitters”. To block their lovely, precious qiviut cowls, the artisans use a triangular prism (of cardboard or whatever) as a pinning surface – I find that really works to give an item a good hard block!

  4. For me I like Cloud Jungle … it’s a collection of neutrals so it would be versatile without being boring. Good Luck Jade and Chinatown Apple are nice earthy fall kind of colours that are still relatively subtle. If you want a “WOW … Look At Me” colour for your cardi then I think either Lipstick Lava or Happy Forest. Have fun choosing (that one of the best parts for me)!

  5. I love the yarn you chose!! And the colourways are soo gorgeous!

    I suggest Summer Skies – it’s a beautiful colour that will look gorgeous with your skin tone and hair colour; it’s got a brightness that will pick you up on the dark, cold winter days in Toronto; the name alone bears hope for blissful things.

    Have fun choosing!

  6. I second the motion for Gothic Rose. I think it would be a flattering color, and with all the subtle variation, it should have great versatility for what to wear it with. That said, I also love the boldness of the colors Romeo Blue, Gold Experience, and Cinnamon Girl. I’ve been considering making this cardi myself. I should cast on once I finish a couple more projects!

  7. My suggestions are: Lipstick Lava in 200 series, Chinatown Apple in 300 series, or Cinnamon Girl in Semi Solids. If my assumptions are correct, most of your clothes are still in the subdued “that makes me look slimmer” colorways and one of thes colors would really make you glow. If you could find a color that matches the top you are wearing in your picture, I would definitely vote for it! Take Nicholas with you – he knows what colors bring out the lovely you!

  8. This is so great! I’m sure whatever color you choose will be lovely, but you asked for my 2 cents worth, so …

    I pick Purple Rain or in Vino Veritas because reds always look so good on you.

    Whew! Now I can go back and shop for myself! Thanks!

  9. SOO many delicious choices!! How about Nightwatch?
    (how about ALL of them!!! 😛 )

    i would imagine they ALL would look fabulous…..!!!? Happy Knitting!


  10. There are SO many colors that I think would look beautiful so it’s tough to choose just one. I probably wouldn’t recommend a very dark shade because the texture in the front might not show as well. But if my computer monitor is reflecting the brightness of the shades accurately (since I haven’t seen the colors in real life), I think almost all would work fine. I love the rich tones of Nightwatch so that would be my first choice. Dusty Aurora and Good Luck Jade are tied for second choice.

  11. I wish I could finish anything, but the dreaded UFOitator has latched onto me and I think he’ll be taking his sweet time wreaking misery upon the land of my knitting before he’s done with me.

    Until he does let go of me, I’ll tag along on your beautiful accomplishments, pretending that they could be mine, okay? The My Pretty cowl is pretty delightful, to begin with. If I can’t knit enough to knit a cowl, I’m quite sure the cardigan is really out of the question.

    However, since I’m riding along on your accomplishments, wouldn’t Midnight Derby be just the best thing to have to wear? Imagine it with blue denim jeans, perfect! Or how about black instead? And imagine it over a purple long sleeved tee. . . purple is THE color this year, you know . . . This would be a great way to add elements of a trendy color in a piece that is quite classic.

    Have fun with it, Sandy. You’re knitting for some of the rest of us, too.

  12. JeanneO wrote
    LOVE Dream in Color. I am working on the Wheat Ear Pullover from Interweave in Dream in Color Nightwatch. It is glorious yarn – lovely, soft, knits up like a dream. I returned Vino Veritas to my LYS for Nightwatch to make my niece a sweater in that color for her semester in Scotland. It is cold up there in January! Enjoy whatever you choose!

  13. Hey Sandi,

    What a great choice. I have been admiring this pattern since it was first published. I think it would look beautiful on you. As for color, I tend to lean more towards colors in the purple spectrum. However, it all depends on what you feel comfortable in. BTW, I have been very tempted to give this pattern a try and challenge my skills. I may just have to cast on… hmmm LYS here I come.

    Happy Knitting,


  14. Hi Sandi,

    I’m thrilled this will be the sweater and am very interested in your comments on how it all goes. Have fun with it!

    I like the Chinatown Apple color. I don’t know about you, but being a New Englander I like to have some bright, cheery colors to wear in the bleak months of the year to warm me up and bring a smile to my face, reminding me of warmer weather and pretty flowers. I also think it would be very pretty compliment to your features.

    If you’d rather something more neutral, I think Good Luck Jade is very nice, too.

    All the colors are so pretty … I just bought more yarn and now I’m thinking of buying more! Oh well, maybe I’ll put some on my wish list. 🙂

  15. Purple rain, maybe? There are many lovely colors to choose from … I’ve experienced Dream in Colors sock yarn (Smooshy, methinks) as one of the nicest yarns I’ve ever knitted with – a joy to knit, an even bigger one to wear. Hope you’ll like it as much as I did (well, still do…). Andrea

  16. Sandi – I spent many hours a few weeks ago drooling over Dream in Color Classy colors to make my MIL a pocket shawl she hinted about for Christmas! It is the most lovely yarn! I finally selected Some Summer Skies, as she wears a lot of blue – but it does have more purple in it than you see in the DIC website swatches! (Thought I would mention that since you are a fan of purple.)

    For your sweater, I would also suggest Wisterious or November Muse. But they are all so beautiful, can’t wait to see what your favorite is!

  17. Dear Sandi,

    I absolutely love Knitting Daily! I am the main care taker of my 97 year old father, who has dementia and other issues and rely on your website for a bit of knitting knowledge and support., humor and advice. We exactly don’t have a huge fan club here…
    In regards to your double left sleeve, I would definitely keep the extra sleeve as is, (unless you don’t have enough yarn left over for a right sleeve). Just think, someone else might see you wearing your finished bolero, want it in the same color, and, voila — you can give them an extra boost by offering your perfect left sleeve.
    Thanks for sharing your mistakes — we all have a ton of them up our sleeves, huge embarrassments, reminders of our human faults that also serve as inspiration to go beyond that point. The finished product, after all, wouldn’t be as thrilling if the ride were easy.
    O.K., now back to those mittens I was making (crocheted thrummed mittens from Interweave), which should have been done before April, but were, um a bit, challenging.

  18. Hmm, Sandi, well at least with your 2nd arm, you can frog it, whereas if it was a sewing project and you cut 2 left arms and there wasn’t enough material left, then you would really be in trouble, right? I read your Knitting Daily when you were editor and enjoyed all you wrote. So pick up your scattered pride my friend and Just Do It. Your fiber friend in now snowy Cheyenne, WY, Helen H.

  19. Whenever I do a big ” :O-NO” like your sleeve problem mentioned in your blog, I have found that putting the project away for about three days does the trick. By that time my whining is over, I have regained my senses, and I have gained the “where-with-all” to proceed in a grown-up manner. I rip out the sleeve and look forward to the actual knitting process again. My “grown-up” brain really doesn’t care if I am knitting again or on a new project. It’s all knitting, right?