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Triumph of Butterflies

Jun 3, 2014

A butterfly alight on Karen Brock’s larkspur.
Spring is marching triumphantly towards summer here in Colorado. The iris are showing off in my backyard, sage and lavender have returned stalwart and fragrant as ever, and  the giant stand of larkspur is readying itself to bloom uncontrollably. Larkspur blossoms mean butterflies. I see them out there in the summer hovering around those flowers as though they just can’t get enough. Butterflies seem to capture us with their delicacy, their individual beauty, and perhaps the startling and harsh way they enter into the world. Possibly because of their temporary nature, we like to commemorate them.

Butterflies always have been popular subjects in needlework. We work them into our knitting, crocheting, tatting, and embroidery, and we incorporate them into every variety of lace.

Karen C.K. Ballard’s Flora Klickmann butterfly to crochet.
To honor this tradition of paying tribute to the butterfly, we have assembled a delightful kit to capture the grace of these fleeting beauties: Karen C. K. Ballard’s spectacular butterfly to crochet from PieceWork's May/June 2011 Lace issue. The pattern is inspired by early-twentieth-century writer, editor, and skilled needlewoman, Flora Klickmann. You can read all about Klickmann’s extraordinary life in the full issue included in the kit, which also comes with the pattern and thread to crochet the butterfly.

Just in time for summer, we hope you’ll enjoy making this project as well as the articles and seven other lace projects in the issue.

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A Flora Klickmann Butterfly to Crochet Kit

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Crochet Flora Klickmann's delicate butterfly motif with this needlework kit. This kit includes one ball of Presencia's Fincrochet cotton thread in size 30.


Piecework MayJune 2011

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The extraordinary story of Lace.


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