The Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits

Look through the eyes of Downton Abbey with this new special issue from PieceWork magazine. Enjoy knits inspired by the lavish sets and styling of the hugely popular television series, which tells the story of the Grantham clan and their servants at England’s Downton Abbey.

This special issue will include:  Knitted garments and accessories—gloves, shawls, sweaters and vests, blouses, hats, purses, and more—for both those upstairs and downstairs. Learn about knitting for the troops during World War I and enjoy articles detailing aspects of the Downton eras:  fashion, history, and culture.




Garden Bouquet Shawl
Kyoko Nakayoshi


Stunning Sunflower Lace Stole
Galina A. Khmeleva


Dressing for Dinner: Lady's Waistcoat
Sarah Wilson





Luxurious Lacy Overdress
Anniken Allis




Glamour with Silk: Gown Gloves
Vicki Square


For High Tea: Cuffs and Jabot
Andrea Jurgrau


Following the Code: Mourning Blouse
Annie Modesitt


Elegant Scrollwork Traveling Coat
Vicki Square


English Garden Wedding Kimono and Hat
Annie Modesitt


Fetching Fair Isle Cap
Anne Carroll Gilmour


Genteel Beaded Finger Purse
Kristine Byrnes


Suffragette Beaded Drawstring Bag
Kristine Byrnes


Gentleman's Golfing Stockings
Laura Sundstrom



Comforts for the Troops:Hot-Water Bottle Cover
 Susan Strawn

V is for Victory: Lady Denman's Vest
 Joanna Johnson


Oval Brim Hat for the Fair
Annie Modesitt


Sunday-Best Felted Cloche Hat
 Eileen Lee

Two-in-One: Warm Hat or Cravat 
Anne Carroll Gilmour



Chilly Morning Cosycoat
Laurie Sundstrom


Walking Out Eyelet Panel Blouse
Amy Gunderson

1918 Style: Bolero Jacket
Laurie Sundstrom



Half-Day Off Mitts
Sara Lamb


Vest for the Cricket Match
Annie Modesitt



The Last Word: Recommended Reading 


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Articles & Projects 

The Life and Times of Highclere Castle—Christina Garton
For Richer, Not Poorer: Marrying an English Lord—Mary Polityka Bush
Mrs. Beeton: The Making of a Household Word—Karen Manners Smith
Knitting Comforts for the Troops—Susan Strawn
God Speed the Plough and the Woman Who Drives It: Lady Denman and the Dawning of the Women’s Land Army—Joanna Johnson


Sunday-Best Felted Cloche Hat—Eileen Lee
Two-in-One: A Warm Hat or a Cravat—Anne Carroll Gilmour
Chilly Morning Cosycoat—Laurie Sundstrom
Status Symbol: Footman’s Vest—Annie Modesitt
The Walking Out Eyelet Panel Blouse: Amy Gunderson
1918 Style: Bolero Jacket—Laurie Sundstrom
Half-Day Off Mitts—Sara Lamb
Oval Brim Hat for the Fair—Annie Modesitt
Vest for the Cricket Match—Annie Modesitt

World War I
Comforts for the Troops: Hot-Water Bottle Cover—Susan Strawn
V Is for Victory: Lady Denman’s Vest—Joanna Johnson

Lighter-than-Air "Chiffon" Blouson—Vicki Square
Garden Bouquet Shawl—Kyoko Nakayoshi
Dramatic Evening Ensemble: Brocade Vestment—Vicki Square
Stunning Sunflower Lace Stole—Galina A. Khmeleva
Dressing for Dinner: Lady’s Waistcoat—Sarah Wilson
Luxurious Lacy Overdress—Anniken Allis
Glamour with Silk: Gown Gloves—Vicki Square
For High Tea: Cuffs and Jabot—Andrea Jurgrau
Following the Code: Mourning Blouse—Annie Modesitt
Elegant Scrollwork Traveling Coat—Vicki Square
English Garden Wedding Kimono and Hat—Annie Modesitt
Fetching Fair Isle Cap—Anne Carroll Gilmour
Genteel Beaded Finger Purse—Kristine Byrnes
Suffragette Beaded Drawstring Bag—Kristine Byrnes
Gentleman’s Golfing Stockings—Laurie Sundstrom

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on Dec 19, 2013 1:01 PM

This episode of Knitting Daily TV with Vickie Howell is about knitting items from the Downton Abbey era

njgirl56 wrote
on May 12, 2014 12:52 AM

Your website is inaccurate in regards to what is actually filmed in the episode and what you have on the website. Episode 1207 features Annie Modesitt in the Skype portion not the show guest. I wanted more information on the lace that Tannis Gray showed in her segment and nothing on the web!  Vickie Howell did not show Kitchener stitch in the final segment of episode 1207 or and portion of the show. She showed adding a crochet edging to fabric!  NOTHING on your website!  I'm so totally disgusted with InterweaveTV. Such lack of consistency. Your competitors in the knitting world should have shows!  They would do so much better. Not this lack of professionalism just to sell your magazines!