Sock Knitting For Beginners

Do you consider sock patterns untouchable? Do you shudder at the thought of double pointed needles? Does the thought of picking up gusset stiches strike fear into your heart?

No longer! Kate Atherley is here to help you overcome and lose your fear of knitting socks. That’s right; anyone who’s willing to try can learn how to be successful at knitting socks.

This isn’t your typical online course though; this is the experience of an in-person class without the costs of attending an event. In Kate’s course, Knitting Socks for Beginners, she will be there each day for the entire month to answer your questions and help you troubleshoot as you knit your first two pairs of socks. Did you catch that? You’ll not only learn how to knit socks, but will have two pairs in just four weeks.

It gets better. Kate has broken down the often complicated nature of knitting socks into five manageable lessons, available for attendees to easily access and view. This means you won’t bite off more than you can chew, and easy online access means you learn at your pace, at your convenience.

The first pair of knitted socks will help you learn the process step-by-step, from casting on and gussets to closing the toe and everything in-between. These thick and quick baby socks will help you to get used to knitting socks on double pointed needles and let you practice techniques on a small scale. After a little bit of practice Kate will then walk you through knitting your first pair of adult socks from the top down.

But Kate’s guidance won’t end there. She covers patterns, sizes, yarn types, and where to go next so you’ll never go wandering around yarn shops wondering which pattern to choose or what kind of yarn will be suitable. You won’t find this level of flexibility, support, and knowledge anywhere else. By the end of this 4-week online course you will be ready to jump right in and knit your next pair on your own!

Kate is sure to be one of the most qualified and enjoyable instructors you spend your time with; check out more about this course instructor.





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Workshop Length:

4 weeks

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Who should take this course:

  • This course is perfect for beginning knitters who have mastered the basics and experienced knitters who want a guide as they venture into the world of sock knitting.

What you’ll learn:

  • Casting on for the round: long tail cast-on
  • Working in the round on double pointed needles
  • Joining the round
  • Turning the heel: including a  review of how to work SSK
  • Picking up the gusset stitches
  • Working gusset decreases
  • How to measure for the foot length
  • Working the toe decreases and closing the toe
  • Types of socks and what makes a good sock yarn
  • Understanding three types of needles used double point needles, Magic Loop, 2 circulars
  • How to measure your foot for a sock and how to choose a size
  • More information on finding and choosing sock patterns.



Lesson One:

  • The basics of construction, and how they are made
  • Working on Double Pointed Needles – how and why
  • The cuff
  • The leg
  • The full size sock – materials required; how to choose the size

Lesson Two:

  • Flap – what it is, how to work it
  • Heel turn – what it is, how to work it
  • More information on heels & turn – Heel Stitch & reinforcement

Lesson Three:

  • Gusset- what it is and why it's important to fit
  • Picking up stitches-how many, how & where
  • Gusset decreases
  • Foot: how far to work before the toe

Lesson Four:

  • Working the toe decrease
  • Closing the no-graft toe

Lesson Five:

  • More on closing the toe – the role of Kitchener stitch & a demonstration
  • Where to go for good patterns; what to look for in a sock pattern
  • How to choose a size
  • How to choose good sock yarn
  • Where to go next: patterns socks – colorwork, cables, lace - try toe-up
  • Magic Loop/2 circulars