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Free Knitting Patterns for Knitting Accessories

Accessories Knitting Patterns

Whether you're a veteran at knitting accessories, or simply want some universal designs to keep in your stash, this free knitted accessories collection is one you'll turn to again and again. From scarves and knitted jewelry patterns to bags, mittens, and a knitting pattern for slippers, this downloadable collection of small knitting patterns is perfect for knit novices and experts alike. Plus, this stylish and fun collection of accessory patterns will help you use up your yarn stash in no time. Download these FREE patterns today!

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Baby Knitting Patterns

Baby Knitting Patterns

Knitters around the world would agree that one set of patterns that really tugs at our heartstrings is baby patterns! That's why the experts at Knitting Daily have compiled this eBook of nine delightful baby patterns - from adorable knit baby hats (including a preemie cap), to baby socks, booties, blankets, and a stunning cabled cardigan. This collection has a little bit of everything for that favorite little one in your life. Whether you make one of these delightful baby patterns or all nine, this FREE eBook contains knitted baby designs you'll cherish for years to come.

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Knitting Bags: 6 Free Knitting Bag Patterns

Bag Knitting Patterns

If you have been searching for the perfect knitted bag pattern, Knitting Daily has the answer for you. No matter what your style, you are sure to find the perfect knitted bag, tote, or purse pattern in this exciting free eBook. From small to large, there is a bag that's sure to please even the most selective fashion aficionado. After seeing this fabulous collection of patterns, you'll want to knit a bag for yourself and a bag for a friend. Download this FREE eBook and knit one or knit them all!

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How to Knit for Beginners

Beginner Knitting/How to Knit

There's no longer a need to wait to cast on! Learning how to knit can be fun and easy when you have the experts at Knitting Daily providing you with step-by-step knitting instructions. This free eBook contains a collection of three easy patterns that will help you master the basics of knitting in no time. You'll not only learn about the tools you need to get started, you'll also learn about knitting stitches. Once you've conquered the knit stitch, also known as the garter stitch, you'll be able to move on to master it's counterpart, the purl stitch. Whether you're seeking knitting instructions for for yourself, or are an experienced knitter who has been called upon to teach knitting basics, this FREE eBook is sure to be a valued resource you'll want to keep handy in your knitting bag. Download today to get started!

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Cozy Knitted Blanket Patterns

Blanket and Afghan Knitting Patterns

There is nothing that warms the soul more than hand-knitted afghans! Here at Knitting Daily we love to get cozy in our favorite afghans and knitted blankets. In this free eBook you'll discover a variety of styles and patterns for knit blankets to spark your creativity. You'll find a stunning counterpane bedspread, a beautiful lacy afghan with an easy-to-memorize repeat, a classic Aran blanket, and a colorful mosaic afghan. Plus, along with these four free patterns, you'll find helpful tips and notes to ensure your success from afghan start to finish. The entire collection of knitted blanket patterns and knitting instructions is completely free to download! So grab your yarn and needles and cast-on one of these knit blankets today.

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7  Free Patterns for a Cable Knit Sweater, Scarf, Pullover, and More Cable Knitting Patterns

The simple technique of crossing one group of stitches over another is commonly known as cable knitting. Knitting cables is a fun, yet challenging, technique that is loved and celebrated by knitters around the world. The beautiful textures and designs are completely unique to cable knitting stitches. To celebrate the truly endless possibilities of knitting cables, our experts at Knitting Daily have gathered seven of our favorite cable knitting patterns. Download the entire collection to get cable knit sweaters, a cable scarf, a stunning cabled cowl, a cable vest, and a versatile cable shrug.

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7 Free Knit Cardigan Patterns

Cardigan Knitting Patterns

If you're looking for that perfect cardigan sweater to add to your wardrobe, then you'll want to check out the seven versatile cardigan patterns presented in this free eBook from our experts at Knitting Daily. From a cozy cable knit to luminous lace, each of these beautiful cardigan designs will inspire you to pick up your knitting needles. These knitted cardigans are perfect for cool mornings, chilly nights and blustery winter days. Whether you imagine cables twining up the sleeves, or a simple lace bordered collar, you're sure to find a favorite in this wonderful cardigan collection. Whether you make one or make them all, these knitted cardigan patterns are sure to keep you coming back again and again. Download this free eBook today and get started!

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Cast-ons and Bind-offs

Never get stuck again with a standard cast-on or bind-off. When you want a more decorative edge, or need something with a bit more stretch, you'll want to go beyond the basics. This guide to the essentials of casting-on and binding-off provides you with 13 options in all to explore.

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8 Free Knitting Patterns for Children

Children's Knitting Patterns

If you've been searching the internet for fun free knitting patterns for children, then you'll love the timeless pieces presented in this free eBook. The experts at Knitting Daily have put together a collection of eight wonderful knitting patterns for toddlers and children to help you capture the joy of creating something special for the little tikes in your life. How proud you'll be, and how special they'll feel as they try on the sweater you made, slip on those hand knit mittens, or admire their new earflap hat in the mirror. In one easy download, you'll have access to eight fabulous children's knitting patterns for the little ones in your life!

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Exploring Color Knitting

Color Knitting Patterns

There is nothing like adding a pop of color or design to a hand knitted project to make it extra special. To celebrate the variety of color knitting patterns available, the experts at Knitting Daily have gathered seven colorful free patterns for you to try. Four of our projects explore knitting Fair Isle, including designs for a vest, sweater, mitts, and bag. But our color knitting explorations don't end there! In this collection you'll also want to explore a simple mitered technique and intarsia knitting, the perfect technique for adding more complex designs to your projects. Whatever your knitting ability, this eBook of stranded colorwork, Fair Isle, and intarsia knitting patterns is one that will inspire you to take color to the next level!

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6 Free Easy Knitting Patterns

Easy Knitting Patterns

Easy knits are a fabulous way to get started knitting or the perfect solution for a quick afternoon project. Beginners and advanced knitters alike will appreciate the six easy knitting patterns included in this free eBook. Whether your knitting a wrap jacket for yourself, or making a pair of chunky slipper socks for a friend, you can't go wrong with any of these easy knitting patterns. You'll find a Barrymore slouch hat pattern to make for cold winter days and an easy raglan sweater for a stylish easy no-fuss project for beginners. Download these simple and fresh free knitting patterns and get started today!

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6 Free Felted Knitting Patterns

Felted Knitting Patterns

Felt making is a process that results in a fabric that is not only dense and sturdy, but also flexible. Here in lies the beauty of felt! From felted bags to slippers and gloves, the experts at Knitting Daily have compiled a fun and colorful collection of six free felt projects that are sure to put a smile on your face. All you need to get started is your washing machine, some yarn, and a downloaded copy of this FREE eBook! From beginner to experienced, these felted patterns are sure to keep you busy creating fun and stylish felt projects for the entire family.

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Knitting Gifts: 4 One-Skein Knitting Patterns plus 3 Bonus Holiday Projects

Gift Knitting Plus Bonus Holiday Projects

Knitting and gift giving can be an especially satisfying part of the holiday season! The one skein knitting projects in this special collection of free knitting patterns from Knitting Daily, will make timeless treasures for all ages. From a jolly red and white Father Christmas, to ornaments, a tree topper, and a knit Christmas stocking pattern, you're sure to find a pattern that will be the perfect fit. Whether you're looking to whip up a last minute knitted Merry Mouse or would like to fill your tree with beautiful knitted snowflakes and poinsettias, you're sure to turn to these free seven holiday knitting patterns again and again. Get started knitting your special holiday memories by downloading this FREE eBook today!

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Free Patterns for Knit Gloves.

Glove Knitting Patterns

Today's gloves are as much a decorative accessory as they are a utility for warmth on a cold blustery day. To celebrate the style and function of knitted gloves today, the experts at Knitting Daily have gathered seven of our favorite knitting patterns for gloves and mittens. Whether your looking for a knitting pattern for scrumptious knit mittens, lovely lace gloves, or are hoping to find a more functional pattern for garden gloves, you're sure to find a pattern to fit your needs in this free eBook. Whether you're looking for fun, fashion, or function, download your FREE glove knitting patterns today and get started!

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Make Knitted Hats: 7 Free Knitted Hat Patterns

Hat Knitting Patterns

If you have been searching for fabulous, free knitting patterns, hats are a great place to start! Knitted hats are more popular than ever and with the wide range of hats presented in this special collection of seven free patterns from Knitting Daily, you're sure to find a knitted hat to suit your style. "Ryan's Hat" by Pam Allen is the perfect gift for that special man in your life. The five knitted earflap hat patterns offer something for everybody; knit a traditional earflap hat or add a braided tassel or flash of neon to brighten things up! And if you've been searching for a more formal hat pattern to wear for a dressy occasion, then the "Enchanted Evening" ear covering is your answer. No need to wait! Download these seven FREE amazing patterns and start knitting hats today!

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Free Sock Patterns and Instructions to Learn How to Knit a Sock

How to Knit Socks

If you've ever hesitated casting on a pair of socks, or just haven't given them a try yet, then we've got news for you. We collected the best tips, instructions and simple patterns to help even the most beginner learn how to knit socks. Start by learning the terminology and parts of a sock, then knit your very first pair using a top-down method. Next, dig into the guide to knitting socks from the toe-up before taking on this second sock pattern. Fun enough for experienced knitters while still geared towards the beginner, this is one sock eBook you don't want to be without.

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Knitting Copyright 101 Knitting Copyright 101

Whether you are a designer or simply knitting a gift for a friend, or even yourself, you have touched the world of knitting copyright. For those who make a living with their craft, copyright is an essential tool in ensuring they can keep their business profitable and continue designing for you. Know Your Rights: Copyright 101 for Knitters will help you answer questions such as whether changing a certain percentage of an original copyrighted work allows you to copyright your own piece and what is "fair use."

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Free Guide to Knitting Needles Knitting Needles

When it comes to knitting needles, the selection available today is almost as diverse as the knitters using them. But now, finding the best knitting needles for your needs and style of knitting no longer is an impossible feat! Knitting Daily has teamed up with Interweave Knits to bring you a comprehensive, useful guide to help you find needles without buying every pair and trying them out. This FREE eBook contains a handy visual guide to all types of knitting needles along with a useful knitting needle size chart too. Download today to get helpful knitting needle tips and pages of expert knitting instructions!

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Knit & Crochet Projects

Knit and Crochet

Wonderful fiber delights await knitters of all skill levels in this exciting collection of 5 knitting and crochet patterns for the experts at Knitting Daily. Combine the best of both worlds by blending knit stitches and crochet chains to create beautiful one-of-a-kind design ideas. You'll find patterns for a lacy cable scarf, a snow queen hat, two amazing sweaters, and an adorable topsy-turvy doll. Each project was hand-selected for its style, appeal, and delightful representation of both knitting/crochet. Get started with one pattern or download all five FREE crochet and knitting patterns today!

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Knitting Lace: 7 Free Knitted Lace Patterns

Lace Knitting Patterns

If you like to knit lace or would like to learn how to knit lace, then this FREE eBook is a great place to start! Whether you are a first time lace knitter, or a seasoned expert, you'll enjoy the timeless beauty of the seven patterns contained in this FREE eBook. The easy knitted lace Spectrum scarf pattern by Eunny Lang teaches the basics of a simple one-row lace repeat. Once mastered, you may want to move on to the beautiful lace scarf or the Lace Fountain hat pattern which will show you how to alternate several lace repeats. For a more challenging project, you are sure to appreciate the step-by-step knitting instructions for the Lacey Icelandic Shawl and beautiful Tailored Scallops Cardigan. It's up to you - knit one lace pattern or knit them all. Download your FREE lace knitting patterns today to get started!

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7 Free Knitting Patterns for Men

Men's Knitting Patterns

Did you know that the first knitting guild was made up of men? It's true... when the first knitting trade guild was formed in Paris, knitting was considered a male-only occupation. Today knitting is shared and enjoyed by both men and women. The collection of men's knitting patterns contained in this wonderful eBook includes a variety of functional and fashionable knit sweaters for men, a pair of functional men's fingerless gloves, and a beautiful basketweave men's knit scarf. There is something for everybody - whether you are knitting for yourself or for a special friend. From beginner to experienced, each of these FREE knitting patterns for men can be both a delight and challenge. Download today and get started!

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3 Free Prayer Shawl Patterns

Prayer Shawl Patterns

Prayer shawls serve many purposes, but most importantly, are a simple way to show someone that you care. No matter what the reason, prayer shawls can be knitted for anyone in need - whether they have lost a loved one or are facing a scary medical procedure. The purpose of this type of pattern is for the knitter to pour compassion and well-wishes into every stitch. Since the focus is to weave thoughts and prayers into your knitting, shawl knitting patterns are often simplistic yet beautiful. To honor this heart-felt tradition, the experts as Knitting Daily have compiled three easy prayer shawl patterns that are sure to inspire you. Whether you are looking for simple shawl pattern or looking for added embellishment, you'll want to download this FREE eBook today to to get your well wishes started!

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 7 Knitted Scarf Patterns

Scarf Patterns

Knitted scarves have become a favorite fashion accessory! With this collection of 7 free scarf patterns, you'll find the perfect variety of patterns - from a feminine lace scarf and modern color block quilt scarf, to a reversible cable knit scarf. If you like the look of waves, be sure to check out the popular feather and fan stitch in the Wavy Orange Scarf by Rebecca Daniels. It's the perfect pattern for a mother-daughter teaching project. Whatever your level of expertise, you're sure to find a must-have scarf on the pages of this FREE eBook. Get started with one pattern or make them all by downloading this incredible collection of knitted scarves today!

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7 Free Sock Knitting Patterns

Sock Knitting Patterns

Slipping on a hand knit sock is an amazingly satisfying feeling. Whether you want to knit warm comfy socks for yourself or fun and fuzzy socks for a friend, this free eBook is sure to become one of your favorites! The experts at Knitting Daily have gathered seven versatile sock patterns which offer something for everybody. You'll learn how to work from the top to the bottom when knitting On-Your-Toes socks from Ann Budd and Meema Spadola shows you how to knit a beautiful cabled twist into her Genome socks. And who wouldn't love to wear the bright red Comfy socks by the Knitscene Design Team. Start filling up your sock drawer and download these seven amazing FREE knit sock patterns today!

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Techniques for Knitting Stitch Patterns

Stitch Guide

When you are ready to go beyond the basics of knit and purl, this is the perfect place to start. These basic knitting stitches can be combined to make all sorts of new designs, including cables, ribs, lace and more. We've pulled together 13 favorite knitting stitch patterns and put them all in one eBook to offer you for free. So whether you're looking to expand your skills, add a little something extra to a pattern, or just explore the possibilities, this is the eBook for you.

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7 Free Sweater Knitting Patterns

Sweater Patterns

Nothing gets me more compliments than a colorful handknitted sweater or a classic cardigan! Are you ready to dazzle your co-workers and friends with your knitting talent and fashion expertise? You'll find that each of the 7 FREE knitted sweater patterns included in this fantastic collection is as inspiring as the next. And best of all, they've been designed to accommodate every level of knitting expertise. Download this exclusive free eBook of knitting patterns for sweaters now. It's our gift to you, because we love knitting sweaters as much as you do!

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Knitting Techniques for More Successful Knitting

Techniques for More Successful Knitting

Knitting not only puts us at ease, it also challenges us while allowing us to express our creativity. This free eBook offers the tips and techniques that every knitter needs to become a more successful knitter. No matter what drives you to pick up your knitting needles and no matter what your skill level, this free download eBook is a must-have guide for all knitters to keep as a quick reference guide in their knitting bags. You'll discover simple blocking tips, fantastic felting ideas, hints for easier cable knitting, important finishing techniques, and much much more. Knitting help is always nice to have, and best of all, this guide is FREE. Download a copy today to keep on hand for your special knitting projects!

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Knitting Toys: 5 Free Knitted Toy Patterns

Toy Knitting Patterns

Besides bringing back wonderful childhood memories, hand knitted toys make wonderful gifts for kids of all ages. Toy knitting patterns can also be a fun and exciting way to expand your knitting skills while using up your yarn stash. Our experts at Knitting Daily have compiled a collection of seven cute and nostalgic knitted toy patterns that are certain to become some of your most treasured keepsakes. Knit a snuggly toy animal, a striped nordic ball with knitted spheres, or a tiny knitted Father Christmas to adorn a package or hang on your tree. Whether you knit one or knit them all, the patterns in this FREE eBook are ones that you'll turn to again and again. Download today to start creating your own special knitted cuddlies and toys!

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Make a Knit Vest: 5 Free Knitted Vest Patterns

Vest Knitting Patterns

Knitted vests are a fashionable and practical part of every wardrobe. This collection of knitted vests from Knitting Daily will give you a chance to show off your knitting skills by knitting one of the five free vests included on the pages of this eBook. Knitted vests are not only great for layering, they can also add interest, color, and texture to your wardrobe. Whether you are looking for vest patterns for men, women, or children, you'll find just what you need in the vest patterns included in this FREE eBook. Download the step-by-step instructions to get started knitting your vest fashion statement today!

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5 Free Knitting Patterns for Women: Knitted Skirt, Shawl, and Tops

Women's Knitting Patterns

Here at Knitting Daily, we love to explore all sorts of knitting patterns for women, so we are offering you a collection of a few of our hand-picked favorite patterns. From a flirty fun skirt to a knitted lace shawl to a tweed cardigan perfect for weekend wear, there's a little bit of everything in this wonderful collection of women's patterns. Celebrate the beautiful form and shape of women with these five FREE fashionable designs. Download today and start adding these feminine pieces to your wardrobe!

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