New Lace Knitting — all errata

If you like knitting lace, then you'll love New Lace Knitting that includes 19 lace garment and accessory designs using classic stitch patterns in new ways!

Includes corrections to pages 22, 26, 35, 42, 44, 62-63, and 115-116.

Corrections in PDF files are usually highlighted in or in bold font. Your edition of this book may already include some, or all, of these corrections because corrections are made before each reprinting.

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    New Lace Knitting

    A 20 project collection of inspiring lace shawls and garments you'll want to cast on for ...

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Kathleen Cubley

About Kathleen Cubley

Hello daily knitters! I'm the editor of Knitting Daily. I've been obsessed with knitting for about ten years now and my favorite projects are sweaters. I like the occasional smaller project, but there's nothing like yards of stockinette with a well-placed cable or a subtle stitch pattern here and there. I crochet a bit now and then—especially when I need to produce a baby blanket in time for the baby shower. I've been in publishing for 20 years and I'm finally exactly where I want to be: at the crossroads of knitting and communication. I live in Spokane, Washington and when I'm not knitting I enjoy gardening, snuggling with my dogs, swimming, reading, and playing in the snow in the winter. But, really, I'm pretty much always knitting!

5 thoughts on “New Lace Knitting — all errata

  1. I’ve just download errata on 8 Interweave books but am unable to open the zip file on “New Lace Knitting” by Rosemary Hill. Unfortunately, the errata for Rosemary Hill’s book was the main reason I visited your web site for corrections on Interweave books. I’ve tried downloading the file several times but my computer says it cannot open the file. Please help. I have a couple
    of projects planned for patterns in that book.


      1. May I please get the errata file for New Lace Knitting as well? I cannot unzip the zip file that I downloaded. I have a review of the book coming out in a few days, so would very much appreciate getting the corrections.

        Many thanks,

  2. I, too, am unable to open the zip file of corrections for New Lace Knitting. I’m working on a review to post on my blog site, and would like to make sure my readers will be able to download and open the correction file. Is it possible to put the corrections in a pdf rather than zip file maybe?
    Thank you for your help with this.