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k1drop1 wrote
on Feb 3, 2012 7:00 AM

Hallo to all of you knitters.  I am in England, and knit only occasionally as I am very slow (always was, but now have nodes like blackberry stitches in my knuckles) plus I like to do too many other things - artwork, musicwork, patchwork, readingwork, keeping up with familywork, fitting in odd bits of housework where necessary.

I am hoping someone can help me find a pattern I accidentally found last autumn (end October, early November?) and then accidentally lost!  Started with a knitted rosette enquiry on the web and came up with a Louisa Harding rosette (very nice on hat).  continued looking for hat patterns, going from site to site, as one does, and found one which I loved - it was like music to me!  Hats pictured on two girls, a beautiful yarn (possibly Noro Silk Garden, possibly a Louisa Harding - Thistle?) in two different colour-change combinations, blue/green and red/pink maybe, openwork-leafy-lacy sort of beanie or headhugger.  Pattern for sale, computer upstairs but c/card downstairs, lost the thread completely while I knitted a v. simple beret and wrist-warmers for a granddaughter.

Am grieving for this pattern!  Have searched for it like a wandering minstrel far from home. Can anyone restore my inner knitter's harmony please?





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