Jane Austen Knits pattern problem

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wildknits wrote
on Feb 15, 2012 7:01 PM

   I'm in the middle of knitting Short Stays from Jane Austen Knits and I'm doing it in the smallest size, size 32.

   The pattern, at the neck decreasing (the first one) had me at 144 sts (as far as I can tell after reading it 20 times). After shaping bust darts and doing the dart row, at the second neck dec row it has me dec 4sts (that puts me at 140 sts), it then says: Sizes 32 (36,-,-) only:  repeat neck dec row. work 1 row even. repeat the last row 0 more times (for the size I'm knitting) 128 sts should remain.  

   Does it mean repeat the first neck dec row or the second?  Either way will not get me to 128 sts. I will have 136 or 132 sts not 128. Am I reading the pattern wrong or is there something wrong with the pattern.

   Please help.

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