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KasiaW wrote
on Oct 8, 2008 1:52 PM

I have a friend who has been trying to find a copy of the "Sunrise Circle Jacket" that was published in Interweave Knits as one of their "webknits" articles.  When she couldn't find it on the magazine website, she posted a message on knittingdaily.com asking for it.  The moderator of the site locked up the thread, saying that distributing the pattern was against the designer's wishes. 

I have to say that I disagree with that approach.  This pattern was only available to magazine subscribers by going to the website and downloading it.  In addition, as a "Readers Choice" pattern, there is still obviously demand for it.  I have subscribed for many years, and went back to look at this issue.  I didn't see anywhere that is was only going to be available for a certain amount of time, and I would still expect it to be available.  I don't see how the designer can complain at this date about people still wanting the pattern! 

Interweave, please make the pattern available again!



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AndreaW wrote
on Oct 8, 2008 7:07 PM

Hi Kasia....I just wanted to add that I quite agree with you here. I recently sent Interweave a note. The first part was inquiries re my subscriptions. That was answered. The 2nd part was on this subject + it wasn't answered @ all. I will post in that 2nd part here as it says how I feel about all this.:

#2: I just saw a couple days ago on the forums that the "Miniature Cowichan Cardigan" was no longer free. I was startled to say the least + checked my issue of Holiday Gifts/2007. No where in that issue that I can find, does it give a time limit on that pattern. I'm not real happy w/ the way Knitting Daily offers time limits on some of their free patts...but @ least they come w/ a warning date. That you took away the bear sweater w/o saying you would, I think is very unfair. I never dreamed I had to print now...my magazine doesn't say so!!!  While it certainly isn't my decision, I would like to comment that I feel the way some of the free patterns offered in Knitting Daily have an "expiry date" encourages people not to respect copyrights. There is a feeling of "well, it was free once..." As someone who puts a fair bit of time into my own designs...I would like to see copyrights respected.
  I do very much enjoy both the magazines I receive fr Interweave...they are my favorites!!! As well, I may give in + try  Spin-Off someday. All I need is a new "hobby" !!!
Thanks,  Andrea

It's not that I need that pattern right now...I don't. In fact I could put something similiar tog myself. That's not the point!  Fairness is !!!!

Before I got too upset w/ a designer I would want to know more about the "deal" w/ Interweave. Perhaps the designer only agreed to + was paid for a "limited run" by Interweave???

Take Care,   Andrea

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PattiB wrote
on Oct 9, 2008 8:59 AM

I just learned recently that if you want that free pattern that you need to save it to your own files quickly because it doesn't stay free for long.  Before you kknow it you will want to use that "free" pattern and you will go to download it and find that it now costs you somethin.  I learned the hard way, mine was free and now is $6.00??  well I figured I would just look around for another that I could like just as or almost as much.... but the principal of the matter is... if it was a free web thing, one day .... why not remain freee or a warning? I don't know I just seen on knittingdaily a cute christmas ornament miniature stockings and hat that are offered for free and a knitted Aran christmas globe ornament, both offered for free on HALLOWEEN... 10-31-08--  if you rmember, download it whether you need it NOW or not.. you may think about it in december and it wont be free then I'm sure......  take care...

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Rockofangels wrote
on Aug 20, 2009 10:58 AM


Excuse me for jumping in.....Are you talking about free downloads?  In any event... yes, quite frustrating....sometimes.........and that's a big word .........if you remember the yarn manufacturer AND if it's old enough, you can find it on the manufacturer's website.  Berrocco (sp?) has a circular pullover/jacket in their free patterns. And then of course, there's the one on the cover in purple a few years back that I have..   And I've never seen anything quite like it ....before or after.

good luck...I'm so obsessive that I'll go on search missions that last for days!





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