So much in each issue !!!

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AndreaW wrote
on Nov 5, 2008 12:54 AM

 Hi all...

   Just got my latest issue of Piecework on Monday + once again I'm all smiles!!!

   I'm always amazed @ how much info/ articles/ patterns/ etc are packed into what seems like such a thin magazine. Once you open just seems to expand.

   The baby soaker pattern to knit in this issue almost makes me wish I had a baby again in my life. Oh well, I'll just have to look around for one that wears cloth diapers to try out the pattern. The model in the pics certainly seems happy to wear them!!!

   While the only hats I make are gifts or to sell, the one here made w/ quivet/ merino/ silk yarn is tempting even me to try wearing one for a change. Even the color is beautiful !!!

  The articles are always interesting even when it's about a technique I don't do. Though there is a very nice mix in this magazine. Have also seen nice web-only stuff online on the Piecework site.  And really beautiful photography.

  I've renewed recently for 2 yrs...very happy w/ this magazine!!!


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