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evie wrote
on Dec 5, 2008 8:41 AM

 I recently saw a sweater in an AZ shop. No pattern was available.  I was wondering if anyone has a pattern for knitting a cardigan from sleeve to sleeve all in one piece.

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AndreaW wrote
on Dec 8, 2008 10:11 PM

 Hi evie...

 I know I've seen several but only 2 come to mind right now. The 1st is free:  on the right under "free patterns" choose "Dancing With the Devil" . It looks like it would become the default sweater for @ home comfort.


This one is available fr Webs as a download for only $1.99. It's kind of like a cargigan/shawl combo.  It's a rectangle that you cast on @ one front edge...knit to the first sleeve opening...make that...knit across the back...make 2nd sleeve opening...knit to 2nd front edge. Then you come back + pu sts for the sleeves. Looks quite easy/ pretty + the price is certainly reasonable.


Just thought of another one: I borrowed a Shannon Okey book fr the library called Knitgrrl 2. It had a short/ snug sideways cardigan in garter st. Done in a self striping yarn + knit sideways. Probably more a young persons style unless you were very slim.

Not sure what style you were looking for?  Will keep this in mind if any others turn up.

     Take Care,   Andrea

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Lois wrote
on Jan 15, 2009 3:30 PM

I have a pattern using Chanson yarn by Grignasco.  I have ripped the knitting out

3 times.  I will e-mail you the pattern.   


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