It's almost summer in Australia

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on Sep 19, 2012 4:54 PM

Hi I'm Kerri and I love knitting. I read a post from Kathleen a while back about her changeover from English knitting style to continental method and I was so inspired I am trying it too. I used to knit for the process, but I ended up with lots of half done items because the process lost meaning. Now each item I knit I try a new technique and my stash of knitted completed stuff is growing. but so is my other stash.....oh dear.


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on Nov 20, 2012 2:52 PM

I still have many unfinished crochet projects and I'm determined to FINISH them in between learning to knit! So far I have finished only one thing in knitting, an I-PAD cover and that took awhile because there were some stitches I had never seen before. I've spent alot of time on youtube and knitting daily TV. I have this habit now of comparing knitting to crocheting, saw the similarities and it really helped being able to crochet. I started out holding my yarn with my right hand for knitting and it's hard to knit the opposite way. So the experts say there's no right or wrong long as you're comfortable. I also go to when I need to see a particular stitch. They have some short videos that help me so much!  

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