New Product Launches at One Love Garden Supply

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on Sep 26, 2012 9:15 AM

One Love Garden Supply is the leading supplier of indoor and outdoor garden equipment in Colorado. They are proud of their growth and ability to supply Boulder Colorado with all of their indoor and outdoor supplies and is pleased to announce some exciting new product lines which will add to the ability for their customers to grow healthy and vibrant plants.

According to Mike, the owner at One Love Garden Supply, “We offer only the best quality garden supplies, so that our customers are always satisfied and keep coming back to us. We strive to offer gardening supplies where we don’t engage in a one-time sale, but where we make customers for life.”

He further adds that “We have taken the level of garden supply business to the next level by offering a wide range of products along with information and guidance on procedures to help everyone establish only the highest quality of plants with vibrant and healthy yields. Our grow shop also provides live demos so that novice or amateur gardeners can know what is right and what is not for their gardens, with live examples of how to use these products for healthy growing.”

A number of customers were interviewed at the One Love Garden Supply store, and all of them seemed to be more than satisfied. Many of them were return customers and they claimed that they found the product lines which One Love is now introducing were excellent in terms of quality and price in comparison to other local supply shops. The new products helped nourish the plants with nutrients and other important constitutes they didn’t know of before.

The owner adds, “We have recently added a new list of products to our inventory. We have chosen products in a way to ensure that your plants get what is best for them.”

He states, “One Love Garden Supply has recently launched Cycos Nutrient Line of products which helps give plants every nutrient required for complete growth and overall well-being. Bio Bizz Organic Liquids make one of the leading products that has helped our customers with the proper growth and health of their plants. This range of liquids consists of Bio Bloom and Bio Grow which have been recognized as one of the leading nutrient products for plants.”

One Love Garden Supply has also introduced DutchMaster Fertilizers along with other Growth Enhancers which have been included to meet the ever-growing needs of their customers demands.

As the leading organic and hydroponic supply shops in Colorado, One Love is happy to also announce the release of Nectar Of The Gods. This is another new product line being offered, and as the name suggests, it is the send all for any serious gardener. This nutrient line is self-explanatory. It contains a superior mixture of minerals and nutrients have been used for improving all types of plants in your garden, from their root to the tip. Mike states “The Nectar of Gods provides all the necessary food to the plants so that they can thrive in the harshest conditions.” About his shops new cutting edge gardening products, he says, “Our new cutting edge gardening products will help gardeners improve the complete outlook of their garden while making the plants healthier.”

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