hello from wisconsin...um am i the only guy here?

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bluenights wrote
on Oct 3, 2012 9:26 PM

hello new to knitting mom crocheted as i grew up and dad always wore a scarf so i spose thats why this interests me not to mention alpaca are really cute (love animals).1st scarf is in the works..ok 2nd scarf couldn't finish my real 1st scarf new baby german shepherd puppy wouldn't let me ,whats yours is mine, whats mine is mine and thats my ball of yarn.....GOT IT CHASE ME CHASE ME CHASE ME. so i put it off for a while and started a new one now that he's a year old and knows the yarn isnt a toy , tho id like to make a toy for him 

anyway are there more men here if not i still look forward to to read the many threads and learn more about knitting 


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