"A Traveler in the Land of Knitting"

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MimsyKells wrote
on Nov 1, 2012 6:29 PM

For those of you who caught the reference in my post's subject header, I am a HUGE Stephanie Pearl McPhee fan! I've been knitting off and on about a decade now and find it the absolute most effective, least expensive therapy I can participate in that doesn't involve my boyfriend's and my X-rate exploits;) What I love most about having been introduced to Knitting Daily is that the site makes my knitting therapy even more cost effective, 'cause now I can get a lot of knitted goodies (and therefore my "wool-fix") for FREE! I love free stuff:)

So, if any of you out there are "travelers in the land of knitting" (even if you're not devout "Yarn Harlot" zealots, like yours truly) I'm seldom opposed to additional adventurers to share the Road with me (and yes, if you're still paying attention I am more than a little daffy about all things Tolkien).

In fact, the more the merrier--so I truly believe--and I've been a solitary "ranger" long enough. Besides, the boss-man of the Rangers is more than a little bit of a stick in the mud; and every now and again, rules NEED to be broken. Life's just more fun that way;)

No, in all seriousness, my interests (as varied as they are) fall primarily into these categories--in no particular order--knitting/ crafting, all things Tolkien, role-playing, writing/ poetry/ reading, cooking and inventing recipes. If you find a similarity amongst all or one of those, please do strike up a conversation with me. Toil is more easily endured when shared (to paraphrase a once well-known proverb). And I am all too much of a "workaholic."

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