Swallowtail pattern help?

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Rocky wrote
on Jan 12, 2009 1:37 PM


I've started knitting the Evelyn Clark Swallowtail pattern but have found a bit of an issue with the pattern instructions.


I've completed the first round of the Budding Lace Repeat, which ends with a total of 39 sts.  After completing the first round your supposed to repeat the Budding Lace 14 more times to end up with a total of 195 sts.


Starting with Row 1 of the Budding Lace Repeat, working the 39 sts., I always end up with 1 extra stitch.

In the pattern Row 1 it calls for:

K2 *YO K3 [K2TOG YO K1 YO SSK K1] 1 time K2 YO* K1 repeat between *s K2

Instructions say to work 1 additional time of the instructions inside the brackets [ ]

Well I've tried Row 1 with the 39 sts I have, and I've tried every variation possible fom knitting the entire row through, then repeating only the bracket instructions and then I tried doing the instructions all the way to the end of the brackets, then repeating the brackets again, then moving on to the remainder of the row, but still I end up with 1 extra stitch?

Anyone know at what point we work the repeat of the [ ]'s and if anyone has encountered this?

I hope it's ok that I posted the Row 1 instructions, please excuse me if that's not allowed.


Any help would be appreciated.


Raquel (Rockymoreno on Ravelry)

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Audrey S. wrote
on Jan 19, 2009 11:14 PM

I'm having a similar problem; on the third repeat, I either wind up with too many stitches or not enough.  Where I am running into trouble, it would appear, is with the "center" stitch, which seems to work out just fine if I do the repeats as written, but then I wind up with too many stitches at the end!  If I don't include that "center" stitch (as written on the chart), it looks as though you do a double yo, which also does not sound right to me.

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AndreaW wrote
on Jan 23, 2009 8:37 PM


This caught my eye as I have the pattern + intend to make it @ some point. I'm a bit confused however as to what your pattern is saying. I have 2 "copies" of this patt. I have the original magazine (Fall 2006) + I also have the "pkg" of "the top 5 Readers Choice Awards". Neither says anything about 39 sts. Nor do I see: " Instructions say to work 1 additional time of the instructions inside the brackets [ ]". What version of the pattern do you have? I also looked to see if there were any corrections listed under the magazine issue...none.

Your Row 1 above seems to match the row 1 on the Budding Lace 2 chart that I'm looking @ right now. That looks like 31 sts to me though ???  Oh...I think maybe I just figured out the hiccup...do you realize that the dk grey sqs are "no st" ???  Look @ the list of symbol meanings by the charts. If I include those dk grey sqs in my count I do get 39. But they do not exist !!!

Think I just figured out the other hiccup too. The patt wants you to work " K2, YO" once...not what's in the [ ]'s. The following "K1" is the center st. Then you go back + rep fr the *.   I don't have your directions written out in my patt. Did you write them out yourself?  Anyway...what you have in brackets + I have in a red box on my charts...is the rep to use as the shawl gets bigger. The "K2, YO" part is just what is beside the center st. What's in the red box will be repeated more + more times each patt rep as the shawl grows.

If this isn't clear enough I can write out the entire 1st row for you...let me know. I'll post this so I don't lose it...then see if I can figure out the trouble in post #2.

    Take Care...Andrea


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AndreaW wrote
on Jan 23, 2009 8:46 PM

 Hi Audrey...

W/O doing a test piece ( I can tomorrow if need be) I'm just guessing here.

My guess is that you have somewhere lost a st. Maybe a missed yo on the prev (?) row.

2 things to check. Do you still have an uneven # of sts on your N ?  If you can clearly see which is your center st...count the sts to either side of it. If my guess is right...one side will have one less st...the missing one. If I'm wrong...let me know + I will try the patt myself.

I hope you both let me know either way so I will know when I make it.

   Good luck....Andrea

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