Winter Twilight Mitts - possible errata?

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Shawn wrote
on Jan 13, 2009 12:47 PM

Thank you for publishing the Winter Twilight Mitts pattern: it’s beautiful. I’m doing a sunset sky with Panda Silk Cranberry Tones. This is the first stranded color work I actually expect to finish, and I’ve ripped it out twice all ready =)
I have a question about the chart: it’s drawn as if the thumb portion is right aligned. IE, the new stitches go into the first pre-existing column, and push all the existing stitches one column over to the left.  For the pattern to look the same on the knitting as it does on the chart, the increases would have to be at the end of the chart instead of in the middle, as indicated.
In actual working, with the increases in the middle, the block is left aligned: the new stitches start a brand new column, and the black slanty line up the left of the chart is actually a column.  But it looks like the pattern of branches is drawn so it looks pretty on the chart, rather than looking pretty when knit. I charted it out, and there are indeed floating black portions that don’t connect up.  Here's my chart so you can see what I mean (click for larger size):

From Knitting

So, am I doing this wrong? I interpreted the pattern as calling for a single increase in each box marked M1 (one while reading right to left, and the second while coming back). This puts two increase lines straight up along the edge of the hand, dividing the thumb fabric from the hand fabric. Is that incorrect? Maybe I’m doing something else wrong entirely?
Thank you for your help!

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