Knitting and purling from the knit side

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relokaty wrote
on Dec 26, 2012 10:26 AM

Years ago I took a class in color work where we never turned the work from the knit side.  We carried a second yarn in the left hand, I believe, and worked with both yarns across the knit side of the work.  When a knit row was completed, we "purled"  from left to right without turning, always keeping the knit side up.  The benefit was that the different yarns never twisted as they do when the work it turned.  I put knitting down for many years and have rediscovered it's joy but can't remember this technique.  Can anyone help?  Thanks a million!

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ZassZ wrote
on Dec 26, 2012 1:27 PM

I think from the way you are explaining you already have the technique pretty much down.  When knitting flat or when knitting in the round on circular needles, you can hold the primary color in your right hand from the back knitting this strand english style; the secondary color in left hand using continental style, this way your yarn never twists or pull nor will your stitches pucker. 

If you refresh your memory perhaps by viewing some videos on the dif knit websites or youtube, i am sure it will all come back to you clearly.  Here is one to get you started. 

Glad you are back to knitting.   What are you planning to make? 

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relokaty wrote
on Dec 27, 2012 7:54 AM

Thank you so much, ZassZ!  This is very helpful and it's all coming back now.  I remember it felt natural once I got the hang of it!  I have just finished an entrelac scarf (so fun!) and am now working on an oversized cardigan of Tahki "Juno."  Next project may be fair isle.  Some of the new patterns are very pretty which got me thinking about this technique.  Thank you again! 



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