Help on Knitting Yoke and Neckline of Sweater

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on Jan 12, 2013 10:32 AM

Please help- I am a beginner at knitting a sweater. I have knitted my sweater bottom up- i've knitted the torso, and sleeves together which is called the yoke? ( I knitted this on circular needles ) And I am having trouble understanding how to work my yoke and shaping my neckline at the same time. I learned these steps by watching knitpick's lessons on How to Knit a Sweater and looking at the pdf file. On the pdf file it says that I have to knit flat on the yoke/neckline but how would I transfer my stitches from circular needle to straight needle since i'm assuming knitting flat means knitting on straight needles. Also in the pdf file ( since I am working a crewneck neckline ) it says that I have to BO (bindoff) the center on a plain round with no yoke shaping- on each subsequent RS row, decrease 1 stitch on either sind of the BO, but at the same time it says to work the yoke and neckline at the same time. How would I BO the center on a plain round with NO YOKE SHAPING and work the yoke? And what does it mean by on each subsequent  RS row, decrease 1 stitch? What is a subsequent RS row? I am doing this with circular needles. Please help, I am very confused. And i've asked knitpicks but this tutorial was about 2 years ago so they could not reply. So if you could, I would very apprectiate it. Thank you so much.

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