Help on Knitting Yoke and Neckline of Sweater

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on Jan 12, 2013 10:33 AM

Please help- I am a beginner at knitting a sweater. I have knitted my sweater bottom up- i've knitted the torso, and sleeves together which is called the yoke? ( I knitted this on circular needles ) And I am having trouble understanding how to work my yoke and shaping my neckline at the same time. I learned these steps by watching knitpick's lessons on How to Knit a Sweater and looking at the pdf file. On the pdf file it says that I have to knit flat on the yoke/neckline but how would I transfer my stitches from circular needle to straight needle since i'm assuming knitting flat means knitting on straight needles. Also in the pdf file ( since I am working a crewneck neckline ) it says that I have to BO (bindoff) the center on a plain round with no yoke shaping- on each subsequent RS row, decrease 1 stitch on either sind of the BO, but at the same time it says to work the yoke and neckline at the same time. How would I BO the center on a plain round with NO YOKE SHAPING and work the yoke? And what does it mean by on each subsequent  RS row, decrease 1 stitch? What is a subsequent RS row? I am doing this with circular needles. Please help, I am very confused. And i've asked knitpicks but this tutorial was about 2 years ago so they could not reply. So if you could, I would very apprectiate it. Thank you so much.

Here is the link to the pdf file:

and the tutorials are on this site:

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salmonmac wrote
on Jan 19, 2013 6:42 AM

You can continue knitting the yoke on the circular needles without having to transfer to straights. Usually there are rounds for the yoke that don't have decreases and the pattern is asking for the center neck bind off on one of these rounds. Once you bind off the sts, you'll have to knit back and forth on the rest of the yoke. Just knit to the gap at the bound off sts and then turn as you normally would at the end of a row. Then work back on the same sts (you may be purling on this side in order to maintain stockinette stitch). This is the WS (wrong side) row. At the end, turn and work the knit sts on the RS row. Once you've turned onto the RS row you can do the decrease at one side of the neck and when you knit almost to the end, do the decrease on the other side of the neck.

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