Help with a newborn carigain, first project (except from scarfs) eager to get done!!

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Knitter92 wrote
on Nov 14, 2013 6:25 AM

Knitting a newborn cardigain for when I find out the gender of my baby, got a pink and blue one to make in my king cole pattern booklet! 

Only knitted scarfs before so finding pattern slightly hard. Stuck on the neck shaping part. so far I have 41 stitches on my needle working in st-st and the last row ended in purl

Pattern reads:


Shape back neck

Next row: K13, turn

complete first side as follows: **dec 1st st a neck edge on next two rows. 11 sts


cast off knitwise

sl center 15 sts onto a thread

with right side facing rejoin yarn at edge of rem 13 sts and k to end.

Complete second side to match.


Can any lovely person just explain because I cant visualize what I am knitting? is it in three parts? and does put onto a thread mean stitch holder? Thanks for reading? really want to get this done! xxxxx


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padmaK wrote
on Nov 14, 2013 8:47 AM

I am assuming you have 41 stitches on the needles.

So, you work the first 13 stitches as knit 13 turn, reduce 2 stitches one on each row.  now you purl one row for the remaining 11 stitches. Then you cast off the 11.(5 rows from K13)

While you are doing all that you still have rest of the stitches 15 + 13 on your needles. you just don't work them.

Now (after casting off and cutting the yarn )put 15 stitches on a stitch holder (or a thread if you don't have a holder). And then knit the next 13 by joining the yarn and work by reducing 2 stitches on 2 rows and then purl one row, cast-off knit wise (5 rows). 


The stitches on the holder you probably work as a collar when you work the front left- right and after attaching the shoulders.


Hope fully I was able to help.

Have fun,




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