Whisper Cardigan (Spring 2009) Sizing

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MayaN wrote
on Feb 27, 2009 1:44 PM

Hello All,

I want to make the Whisper Cardigan from the newest issue however I am not quite sure sure what size to make. I measured my back and it is 20" however my bust is 46" because I am a fuller figured kind of gal.


I guess my question is should I still make the small, or should I go with a larger size to accommodate my bust?

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AndreaW wrote
on Feb 28, 2009 11:37 PM

Hi Maya...

I admit I haven't really looked very hard @ this pattern but just checked it out now so I could answer you.

The first thing I looked for was that the shrug in the pic is the 22" (or middle size). But they go on to say that it's being "modeled on  34" actual bust circumference". That's smaller than both of us I'm afraid.

I got out the tape measure. It is cold here so...no...I'm not taking off my cotton ribbed turtleneck sweater!!!   With that on my bust is 40" Not sure about back measurement as my husband went to bed. I tried... If I measure my mid underarm...across my back...to mid underarm I think it's about 17/ 18"?  (with arms straight down) If I were making this based on their model + sz..I would go w/ the 24" for me.

If you stand + put your arms forward...the measurement across your back will get considerably larger. Get someone to measure you both ways: standing straight/ arms @ your side + reaching forward. I don't like clothes that dig in when I try to move. While I do have some curves...I tend to be wider in the body rather than being "excessively endowed" in the front. This sweater wouldn't be my first choice in style for me because of my build. I know I look better in cardigans that meet in the front w/ 1-4 buttons starting below the bustline...going down. Though the "Silk Cocoon Cardigan" on page 28 would also work well for me...or the red one on the next page if I undid a few more buttons!!!

If you know this style works for you...I'de suggest measuring something similar that fits to see what that back measurement is. If you haven't tried this style before...then my suggestion is go to a store + try some on. When you find a fit you like...measure it.  If you love this then it makes sense to be sure it will fit well before you put all the work into it.

Not sure if this helped or confused?!?  Sometimes it's good to get feedback fr someone to help figure out what works for US!!!  Maybe someone else fr here will post who is actually making/ made one. I'de be interested too now you've gotten my interest. I can definately see this sweater over a pretty rayon summer dress  using the cardigan as almost a shawlette w/ sleeves....hmmmm!!!

   Let us know how you decide/ make out.....Andrea

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HeidiW wrote
on Mar 11, 2009 2:07 PM

Maya -  I'm working on that one right now, and I went through the same thought process as you. I have really broad shoulders and strong biceps (and I measured me!)  so I mixed and matched through the three size breakdowns (listed above the actual pattern). So far so good, the only other thing I thought about after really looking at the pictures of the model is that the piece is really more of a shrug than a cardigan.

When i'm done with this version, I might experiment with adding more of a 'front' to the piece.

Let me know how it goes with you!



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