Fearless Knitting (better late than never)

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on Mar 18, 2009 9:53 AM


Awhile back you were talking about fearless knitting and I had been doing things that were pretty much un-fearless except for some multidirectional knitting from Iris Schreier's book of the same name.  I've been getting your magazines for a couple of years and sometimes I look at them and think they're too complicated for me to do as I am a self taught knitter who just picked up the needles again after 25-30 years of not knitting or chrocheting.  I never had anyone to show me how to do these things as no one in my family knitted my mom just showed me how to cast on, do the knit and purl stitches and bind off.  The rest I had to learn myself and since I'm 62 there weren't computers to show you on video how to do these stitches.  I don't do as well with just pictures and explanations.  I saw one of the sweaters from the 2006 Interweave Knits mag called the Refined Raglan.  I really hadn't noticed it so much because of the bright orange colored yarn they had it pictured in on the magazine page, but the advertisement for it had it in a beautiful aqua/teal color and they had copies of the magazine to sell if you didn't have it for the pattern.  I really fell in love with it and bought the alpaca yarn (already had the magazine, never throw them away).  I had to do this one right, alpaca isn't cheap, so I knew I must be successful.

On this sweater I:

Did it in the round, had never done a sweater in the round before, even added the sleeves and yoke on leaving a small underarm area open that was then grafted together with the kitchener stitch, hadn't done that before, had to find a video on that one.

I made the hems on the bottom and sleeves that are 5-7 rows knitted with a purl row for turning and then you knit them to the body of the sweater, that was a new one too.

Then there was a graph/chart for the cable that goes up each raglan seam, it's all done with yo's, k2tog and ssk there aren't any cable needles involved, it's a flat cable.  But before I've tried charts and had a terrible time with them.  I couldn't get them to work.

I haven't blocked it yet or gotten all of the little threads tied off inside but the sweater is finished and I just had to telll you about my accomplishment.  I'm just pleased as punch to have finished it and have it fit and look so pretty.  When it's blocked it will really look nice.  I took on something that was so much more complicated than anything I've done since I started back knitting.  I had to quit work because of health problems and one of the things that happens to me is I get very nervous and shaky and just can't think clearly when stressed, but it didn't happen once during this, so that's even better. 

Now I'm a fearless knitter!!

Sue Sayne

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AndreaW wrote
on Mar 20, 2009 11:58 PM

 Hi Sue...

Congratulations on finishing your sweater along w/ all the new accomplishments. It's such a nice feeling to be able to look @ it now I'll bet!!! Just wait till you start wearing it.

This will remind you of how calming knitting can be...it's certainly gotten me through some stressful times. To me...knitting is part of who I am...not just something I do. It's a bonus that it also provides nice, useful things for me + my family. As well as gifts that perhaps I might not be able to afford to go out + buy. Even earn a bit of money with it @ times!!!  What more could I ask for?!?!

The sky's the limit now for your next project....

      Take Care...Andrea

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