Baby Blankets for Knitting Newbies

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brandie wrote
on Apr 22, 2009 2:35 PM

 hello! Smile

I am new to kniting (some of you may have already read my introduction) and I'm looking for baby blanket patterns.  I'm being kinda picky and I'm sure I'm reaching too high for a knitting newbie but I'm trying to find something that;

1)  Looks lacey and light is "pretty" enough to be a family heirloom

2)  but at the same time it has to be warm and "sturdy" enough if the mommies-to-be wanted to use it for thier babies (I have two friends that are expecting).

3)  I would like be able to run some pretty ribbons along two (or all four) of the edges.

4)  and that wouldn't be too hard (or take too long) for a knitting newbie (I'm up for something that is at least a little bit difficult, but not so much that I get worked into knots over it)


I have found many patterns and photos online but; some sites do not have pictures of the finished product, but the pattern looks like one I can handle. While others have a picture, but no pattren for me to see. Huh?Confused So all of this is making it hard for me to decide which pattrens will work and give me everything that I want (the four points that I listed above).

If anybody has any suggestions for me I would greatly appreciate it!  Links to pattrens that might work, tips, advice... anything.

Thanks for you help!


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reikisat wrote
on Apr 22, 2009 5:21 PM

 Brandie, this is one of the easiest and prettiest I have found anywhere, and it's free online...

I made a few changes, I narrowed the edge stitches to 5 on each side, and I have seven cables going up the blanket. I don't know how large a blanket you wish to make, but I am wondering now if nine wouldn't have been a bit better. It turns out the four skeins of Cotton Tot yarn from Bernat is more than enough for a largish baby blanket. However my grandson turns out to be very large already (3 mos!) and so perhaps the way I did it is very appropriate after all!

Good luck to you!




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brandie wrote
on Apr 25, 2009 9:09 AM


Thank you so much! Smile I do like that one and I have not seen that one yet (I've been looking at alot of blankets lately). I've already put the link in my favorites so that I'll have it.

I would like it to be about the size of a "standard" receiving blanket, but I think that because I want my friends to be able to really use it if they wanted too that something "larger" might be better.

I love hearing others' ideas so if you (or anybody else reading this) have anymore suggestions I would enjoy reading those too. 

Thank you agian Gina!

Smile Brandie

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