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xteech37 wrote
on Jul 27, 2009 6:46 PM


My yarn just arrived & I am ready to swatch, but can't decide which lace pattern to use, the large one or the small one, as I can't decide what size I should make. My foot was 8.5" yesterday and is 8 3/4"today (lots of standing yesterday), but my calf is about 10 1/2".  I have never made a sock that wasn't a size medium, but maybe for this pattern I need to be open-minded.  I know how to do decreases, but am afraid I will mess up the lace pattern when I do them. Not that this has anything to do with swatching, of course. Any advice?


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JanieW@4 wrote
on Jul 28, 2009 12:01 PM

I have been working on the small lace pattern.  So far it looks great.  The only thing that I changed on the patters was.  I have 16 st on needle #1, 32 st on neddle #2, and 16 st on needle #3.  After knitting all of the lace pattern repeat 6x,  I am now ready for the heel flap. This is where I made my changes for the heel flapBig Smile. I knitted the 16 sts on needle #1 onto needle #3.  I left all of the 32 sts on needle #2  (lace pattern) and just left the sts on that needle as a holder.  Of course I am on the wrong side. So row two becomes my row 1 and row 1 becomes my row 2.  I hope this all makes sense. I continue doing the heel turn as it is on the pattern. Then I pick up sts on the left side, knit across the 32 sts, then pick up sts on the right side.  I keep knitting half (may have to fudge a little) sts that are left on the heel flap and the other half I slip onto the needle that I picked up on the left side.  Now I have three needles to work with.  Sometimes I may pick up more sts on one side or the other but I will decrease until I have the correct about of sts on needle 1 and 2.  Then I begin my round of decreses and the round of knitting until I have 16 st on needle 1 and 16 st on needle 3. Then I proceed on as the pattern says.  The 32 sts that Ieft on is the lace pattern and I never have to worry about getting my lace pattern messed up.   I am not very good at explaining how I did all of these steps, but it works for me.  It was the way I was taught on double points.Smile

Happy Knitting, JJSmile


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