Almost Double Knit Scarf

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noris_o wrote
on Jan 19, 2010 7:49 AM

I'm not been able to get this pattern going. The yarn its not where it is supposed to be after row 2. I like this scarf and would like to knit it but after trying several times I have not been able to figure it out. 

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JoelleKnits wrote
on Jan 19, 2010 10:11 AM

Can you post a link to the pattern so we can see what you're working on?

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AndreaW wrote
on Jan 20, 2010 2:11 AM


I think you are talking about the scarf pattern in IK Holiday Gifts 2009 right? The directions are on p 32.

I haven't made the if I'm wrong you can throw yarn @ me...OK?...please!!!

After reading over the pattern my guess is that you simply go to whichever end of the scarf has your next color ready to go. After are making this on dpns so you can work from either side. I have frequently set up knitting this way so I'de be able to carry one color up each side rather than have  2 on one side.  If you do not have dpns this sz you could also use a circular needle. Any length would work...but the shorter the better for convenience.

Hope this helps...if back saying why not.

      Take Care ..... Andrea

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