Howdy from Oklahoma!

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AnnieS wrote
on May 23, 2008 2:04 PM

I'm an avid knitter living in Tulsa, OK. I grew up here, moved away for college, got married, started a family and moved back home for the free babysitting. I used to have an exciting career as a research scientist and worked on all sorts of interesting projects. Now, I am a stay at home mama to two little girls, aged three years and the other is 4 months--also interesting projects. I knit as a brain break. I am also a glass beadmaker/ jewelry artist and knitting helps keep my hands flexible for when I can't get to the studio (which is laying dormant since the arrival of the newest daughter). My husband happily feeds the yarn stash when it growls. 

I learned to knit over 20 years ago at my mom's knee. Then she felt it was a dying art and it was up to my sister and I to carry the knitting flame to the next generation. I was a serious flunky. It wasn't until 5 years ago a friend cajoled me into trying a knit class with her that it all clicked. After the class, my next project was a sweater! Using Noro! And thus started my love of self striping yarns. My poor friend took the class and retired her needles. 

I can't wait to teach my girls. My older girl is keenly interested. 

On my needles: socks, a shrug, and a mindless knitting scarf. Yes, I like to work on multiple projects at once :-)


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Natshell wrote
on May 23, 2008 2:22 PM

Hi!!  I'm from Oklahoma too!  I'm in Bristow now but will be moving closer to Tulsa this summer.  Glad to know there are other Okies here.


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