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Dr.M wrote
on May 23, 2008 2:06 PM

 Hello all,  I'm DrMolly, the BeanQueen; been doing fiber & fabric arts for over 40 years - when I've time free from my occupation.  In 5 years I'll retire & then........................................"off to the races", as it were, LOL.

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MarilouM wrote
on May 23, 2008 2:10 PM

Hello from Canda:  My name is Marilou and I have just recently retired from a teaching career. Now I will have lots of time to spend on my true passions...knitting and quilting.  With my first grandchild on the way, I also have lots of reason to indulge.

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Quiara wrote
on May 23, 2008 3:46 PM


I'm a transplant to the South, as it were.  I was born in CA and reared in Nevada, but I've been in the South so long now that I guess it's home.  I'm currently in Arkansas after spending the last 4 years in Memphis, TN (which I LOVED).  

I knit, crochet, paint, write, sing, play 13 different instruments and am proudly owned by a red and white parti-color cocker spaniel named Chai.  

I've been a part of various knitting forums in the past, most notably KH and Ravelry.  I'm an autodidact for the most part, so many of my skills are self-taught.  I've got a BA in English, most of an MA in Old Testament and I'm working on a MS in Clinical Psych.

Great to be here!

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