Hi from Houston!

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on May 23, 2008 3:49 PM

This is so great!  I really like the Knitting Daily emails.  I have subscribed to IK for several years now and the good news is don't have to buy the patterns: I just have to go look them up- the bad news is: I have to get up and go find them!!!  LOL! Not such bad news after all, I guess. 

I taught myself to knit in my early 20's and had to take a break when arthritis took my hands away for several decades.  But I got them back a few years ago and I've been going breakneck ever since.  I just love the new yarns, patterns, colors, fibers, you name it, I love it!  There's no city to which I've traveled that I haven't checked the online sources for yarn shops! 

The wild thing is that my DD is a knitter extrodinaire.  She's been knitting for maybe, oh, 3 years?, and she has completed the  Something of the Wave? shawl?  It's just gorgeous!  She's done socks, and a Brooklyn Tweed sweater for her brother and she's just so talented at knitting.  I'm ok, but she's gifted.  Luckily, I can look over at her and she'll sigh and hold out her hand and take my knitting and fix whatever I've messed up and give it back and off I go again.  Whew.  

I'm surely glad to see this forum.  It'll be fun to share thoughts and stories.  I enjoy Clara Parke's and Ravelry, too.  I'm looking forward to meeting and greeting!

Margaret beginning to sweat in Houston

 So little time, so much to knit!!

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