wasabi peas socks

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BarbaraH wrote
on Mar 22, 2010 9:22 PM

I love these socks, but I'm having trouble with the instep decreases.  Is the pattern supposed to work out so that the P5tog at the end of row 2 always comes where the regular pattern would call for p3tog followed by the stitch that would be k1fbf?  If not, what should I do with the odd stitches at the end of the pattern sequence?  If so, what am I doing wrong with following the pattern ?  I keep coming up with an odd stitch or two so my p5tog stitches do not lie neatly at the edge of the pattern.  I just frogged back to the beginning of the instep pattern and I'm ready to work it again if anyone has a suggestion

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Zoe wrote
on Mar 23, 2010 9:47 AM

Hi BarbaraH,

We have a sock thread going where knitters can share their sock experiences or problems.  It is just titled SOCKS.  I haven't done these socks but perhaps someone else has.


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AndreaW wrote
on Mar 23, 2010 10:43 PM

Hi Barbara...

    Like Zoe...I haven't made these socks either. I did read your ? last nite + spent a bit of time reading over the patt then. Must have dreamed about it too...I woke up thinking about these socks!!! Not sure if I can help you w/o actually making them....but I'll try if you want. Bear w/ me as I make sure I'm understanding how the patt is set up please. If I've got something wrong...please say what so I can re-think it. In the meantime...maybe someone else will post who has made them. I did check for errata...but nothing on this site yet.

    There seems to be a panel of lace ... 28 sts wide....along the front side of the leg.

    Within this lace panel there are 7 reps of  4 sts in each rep.

   Using a ssk @ the end of the lace + a M1R @ the beg of the lace....the whole lace panel is gradually shifted towards the outer (?) edge of the foot.

    Using the center 30 sts of the st st panel...you work the heel flap + turn....18 sts remain here.

    Pick up the appropriate sts along the sides of the heel flap. I'm sure you have checked carefully to make sure all the Markers + st #'s are where/ what  they should be @ this point?  84 sts total.

    From here you will continue to work the lace panel over the same 28 sts. The difference I see is that starting here you will dec 4 sts every rnd #2 by the following method. You work the lace patt as established across until only 1 rep (4 sts) rem. Then you work "p5 tog" over these 4 sts plus the one after the M (Marker). You need to temporarily remove the M until after you do this, then replace it (where???) ...I'm suspecting this may be where you are having trouble. If I had the sock in my hands I could point where to put the M. I'm a bit confused by the directions w/o actually having a sock here. I CAN tell you this. Starting @ the beginning  of the lace patt...count across it in multiples of 4. You should have an even # of them....6 reps =  24 sts now. Place the M @ the end of these 24 sts. 

    I started looking @ the sock in the pic below these directions...then realized it was the left sock so not helpful working the right one!!!

    As you continue down the foot working the instep dec's...every time you work a rnd #2....you should be decreasing 4 sts fr the lace patt...on the inside of the foot. One less 4 st patt rep...each time.  I'm thinking this will look like the lace patt is curving one way or the other???  And eventually the lace panel should come to a point @ the front.

   Hopefully I'm right about this + it helps!?!?   Do let me know...I like these socks too + might make them sometime. Good to know any potential troubles.

     To second Zoe....we are talking SOCKS in another thread....feel free to come share if you want!!!!

         Good Luck ...Take Care ..... Andrea




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