Free pattern : Nicholas's Fingerless Gloves

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on Jul 3, 2010 4:21 PM

Dear Sandi Wiseheart or whom it concerns,

I really like Nicholas's Fingerless Gloves.  But, I came to a part in the pattern where I'm a little muttled.  When doing the right hand glove, I've come to the "RIng Finger:" portion -- It says: "Rnd 1:  P1, sl 1, k2, psso, p1, put next 25 sts on waste yarn, pick up and knit 2 sts to cover gap bet ring and middle fingers, knit last 6 sts, CO 2 sts to cover gap bet pinkie and ring fingers " --  the part that bothers me is - didn't I already cover the gap bet the pinkie and ring finger in the "Upper Hand:" section? and where it says to "pick up and knit 2 sts to cover gap bet ring and middle fingers" - shouldn't this be - CO 2 sts to cover gap bet ring and middle fingers?  Please let me know what to do.  Maybe I'm not understanding the instructions here, but, everything seemed correct up to this point.



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Fenixfyre9 wrote
on Nov 30, 2012 12:47 PM

Did you ever figure this out? I'm stuck at the same place. 

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mrsfroitz wrote
on May 23, 2013 11:00 PM

Hi, I wanted to chime in here because fingerless or half-fingered gloves are my favorite thing to make and sell. When making gloves or half-fingered gloves, the middle finger, ring finger and pinky fingers need to each be "attached" to the previous finger. While you will follow the pattern at the beginning of each finger, then cast on sts to bridge the gap, slip sts onto waste yarn or a holder, then knit the other half of the finger, you will also need to pick up and knit stitches to connect to the previous finger.  Because I can't see the part of the pattern that says "Upper Hand" I don't know what was knit there. However, because you knit first the pointer finger, then the middle finger, you would have done the same thing between these two fingers to close the gap. 

Pattern says knit the number of sts for half the pointer finger, then CO a couple sts to make the divide for the middle finger, then slip however many onto waste yarn, then knit the last sts and you have your pointer finger. Knit however many rows. BO. Then pick up an knit however many sts for half the middle finger, CO to divide for the ring finger, slip however many sts for the last two fingers onto waste yarn, knit however many sts for the middle finger and pick up and knit 2 sts to close the gap between the pointer finger and middle finger. 


My suggestion is to twist these sts that are picked up from the previous finger so that they do not allow holes to form when stretched. 

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