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Wildfirev wrote
on Oct 1, 2010 11:14 PM

Who wants to have combination projects in their knitting magazine?

I mean absolutely no offence, I'm just hoping to make a point about something.

In the Fall Issue of Interweave Crochet, there were 7 combination patterns, and most of them had crochet as a simple adornment (no matter what the editor says). That's all well and good that they're trying to promote harmony between the two crafts... However I would like to know how the people who buy IK would feel if they had 7 combination patterns where crochet was an absolute must have skill in order to produce the wonderful pattern.

I crochet. I can't knit, but am slowly learning how to knook (knitting with a hook) so, I might be able to one day make those combination patterns, however, at this point in time. I can't.

Would you as avid knitters feel the same way if you were faced with a bunch of patterns that were crochet heavy in your knitting magazine?


If so...would you be so kind as to support your fellow yarn crafters and help make Interweave see a bit of reason and not force patterns one crafters who can't make them?


A lot of crocheters would have been happy to have seem the combination patterns as a special edition magazine, instead of it being put in with or instead of other crochet patterns.



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Zoe wrote
on Oct 2, 2010 9:54 AM

Hi Wildfirev,

I think it is good to have suggested patterns that use both knitting and crochet to acheive the finished project.  There are lots of knitting/crochet magazines that use a knowledge of sewing, embroidery, spinning, etc.  I think it is all good.  There are a lot of crafters who do many crafts.

One must remember that the editors of the magazines are not just catering to one person, but to thousands of crafters.  They are trying to please a variety of people who purchase their magazine.  This is good business sense.

Just my opinion, Zoe Smile

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AndreaW wrote
on Oct 2, 2010 3:40 PM

Hi Wildfirev....

I just went + dbl checked my copy of that issue. According to the editorial (p4) this was the "theme" for this issue...not a beginning trend, necessarily.  This isn't much different from an issue deciding to have a "lace theme" or "novelty yarns theme". None of us will want to do many or perhaps ANY patt fr one of these issues...unless it's of particular interest to us personally. However it is good to keep an open mind so we can learn new things. For eg: I'de never heard of  "knook" before your post. Now I will know what it is if I run across the term again.  Thanks!!!

Zoe makes several good points...among them that magazines are geared towards 100,000's rather than individuals. That said, it's a good thing for you to let Interweave know how you feel. If enough others share your outlook...it should affect Interweave's future decisions.

For me...I'm very happy to see "mixes"...I use them all the time!!!  Both knitting + crocheting have their strong points as well as their drawbacks. Why not have + use the best of both worlds?  Personally, I don't really see them as that different. After all both include many different sts/ techniques/ tools/ etc....and YARN!!!

If you look @ the "combination projects"....most could easily be converted back to all crochet if desired...or used as a good (knit) beginner's project to add to one's fiber skills. "Pink Asters Scarf" for eg. The patt gives the measurements for length. I'm sure that 90% of crocheters could work a crochet version of those 2 knit strips 80" long + desired width. Then revert back to the patt + continue as given. The vest could be a good one to learn knitting on...it's garter st...all knit sts. Alternately: sc worked BLO should give a reasonable substitute if "crochet only" is desired. The hat...pretty basic for either a combo or crochet version. Make the motifs for the brim + start working up in a tube using a basic crochet st of your choice.  The Snowflake Sweater is the only one that might be harder...but it isn't exactly a beginner's project for either a knitter or a crocheter.

I NEVER expect to like or use ALL the patts in any magazine...not possible. There are many other patts in that magazine that are all crochet.

Wishing you much yarn joy..... Andrea

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Wildfirev wrote
on Oct 2, 2010 7:06 PM

Andrea, Zoe,

Thank you for replying.

You both have very good points. 

Zoe, I know they can't please everyone all the time, which is why I wanted the opinions of the people "on the other side of the fence" so to speak.  At the same time, there are many, many knitting magazines, and very few crochet magazines. I think a good portion of the crocheters were a bit hurt that one of the magazines that is suppose to cater to their crafting abilities would put patterns in that not all of them could use.


Andrea, it may have been the theme, but I don't think it was executed properly.  If both IC and IK had had mixed patterns I think a lot of the IC subscribers would have been fine with having mixes in their magazine. As it was... there wasn't. If it's a theme and concerns both crafts, then I think both magazines should have shared the theme for those particular magazines or there should have been a special so subscribers wouldn't feel like they were being forced to have patterns they couldn't use.

 I know the patterns could be translated to crochet, but not every crocheter know how to convert patterns, and I'm sure there are a few who would rather not bother. I'm happy you can make use of those patterns and in fact enjoy them. More power to you.

I never expect to like all the patterns in a mag either. I rarely make many of the patterns, but that's mostly do to lack of yarn options.... Wal-mart is a den of evil for yarn. :p


I'm glad I could introduce you to knooking... it's about the only way I can knit and keep tension.

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