Resizing from 18 inch to 12 inch doll patterns

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JanD@10 wrote
on Nov 29, 2010 10:04 AM

I see many patterns for 18 inch dolls but I only work with 12 inch baby dolls.  These are not Barbie-type dolls but chubby baby dolls. Is there a formula to convert or is this too much of a size change? These dolls (approx. 12,000) are dressed and distributed annually in the Detroit Goodfellow charity drives and most are sewn but I would like to knit a few outfits. I have 10 months  to knit or crochet a few outfits if I can get them to fit. Thanks for your help.

Jan De

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amandawayne4 wrote
on Nov 29, 2010 1:31 PM

With things like this, gauge is the most important part.  On the original pattern, find out what the gauge measurements are.  Measure the baby dolls that you are knitting for, then calculate how many stitches per inch and rows per inch that you would need.  Make sure to read the original pattern thoroughly, and mark out where all the shaping elements would be.  Plug in the appropriate numbers from your 12" baby measurements.  Your modified garments are going to be narrower and shorter than the originals, which means you may need to try things a couple of times to make sure that the shaping happens in the right spots. 


The other option is that you could just go freestyle and design your own baby doll clothing!  The freestyle is definitely more fun... :-)  Good luck , and I hoped this helped/made sense.  It works in my mind but putting it in words is harder! :-)

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JanD@10 wrote
on Nov 29, 2010 4:33 PM

At least this is more info than I've found anywhere else. Thank you  so much and I will give it a try.  I have done freestyle but only very basic, nothing like some of the beautiful patterns I've found, ie designs by Malfrid Gausel. And she doesn't design for less than 18 inch dolls. Thanks again.

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Tephra wrote
on Nov 30, 2010 11:04 AM

To expand on the idea of adjusting the gauge, consider also knitting at a finer gauge. For instance, if the original pattern uses worsted (category 4) try using DK or sport weight (categories 3 and 2) or even sock/fingering weight (category 1).

Most of my doll clothing is for 16 or 12 inch fashion dolls and I adapt human patterns for them. I use mostly sock weight for adapting chunky knits and lace weight and threads for adapting worsted and finer patterns. I still end up having to reduce stitch counts but by knitting with a finer gauge I preserve some of the scale of the pattern and have more room for adjusting the fit.

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