Hello ...Help and a Happy New Year

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DebraL@5 wrote
on Dec 25, 2010 6:42 AM

I love to knit ....have tons of yarn and am looking for simple projects to do both for charity as well as small gifts. I have lots of different types of yarn which I must admit is not organized well.

So.....could you give me some advice on new patterns for charity and more

and are there any great baskets or organizing systems that I could purchase.

Thanks !!!!  Hope to hear from you soon!

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Zoe wrote
on Dec 25, 2010 9:14 AM

could you give me some advice on new patterns for charity and more


Hi DebraL,

One big misconception most people have, is that all charities need/want the same things.  Because the charities are so many and of different types, my suggestion would be to contact the charity you are interested in and ask them what things you can do/make/knit to benefit them.  This also goes for the churches as well.  Perhaps they need some knitted toys to go in the nursery or preschool classes.  The knitted toys can be tossed into the washing machine to be cleaned.  Many churches also give away prayer shawls and blankets and knitted toys.  The cancer society likes knitted hats.  The childrens' aid society likes socks, mittens, hats, etc.

So there are many things that various charities are in need of having.  Please do contact a charity and see what they would like you to do for them.  Some of them may even want you to organize a get together with some of their charity people and teach them to knit!  How about a grade 6 class? teach them to knit as part of after school activities?

The lists are endless and you know which charities are in your area, as the charities differ from one place to the next.

Happy New Year, Zoe Smile

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sabrinahoke wrote
on Jan 13, 2012 12:01 PM

Right now I am working on teaching young teens my age to knit and croquette and they are catching on fast on thing i learned in the 7 years ive learned and been practicing is you got to  just experiment with the yarn and see how a certain stich will look with diffrent needles and i perfure the honey comb sticth and it basicaly looks like the inside of a bee hive.

now if you have looked at my profile it saids im in residental and yes i have issues my goal is to open up my shop and show how little things like knitting can help change the world and i am teaching a group here to shop the residents here how to be creative and cope with there issues the way i do now and it is in a positive way and we do donate to the homeless shelter in cleveland ohioBroken Heartnever loose hope dear friends sabrina hoke

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